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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I am creating some tutorials, mostly character and rig oriented (which is my favorite part of software) whatever I see it may be useful for others and I am good in it I record! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM_yYXvQrgbMFThS1RVzBnA See you.
  2. Hello, I am wondering how i can take an object that i have fractured with glue constraints and sim'd and have Houdini automatically create a bone for each fractured object and skin weight it and bake the sim animation into the bones. I tried searching this forum and the interwebs and i'm not finding what i want. thanks!
  3. Autorig/HDA Issue

    Hello, I was having trouble generating my autorig, getting the message “autorig failed to generate”. But what was worse was that if I opened my previous file and attempted to either; load autorig from current session, create new autorig from current session, or create new autorig from hda file on disk, the autorig was not aligned or labelled correctly.I'm attaching my file, any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you. ToastGuy_b_rig_asset ToastGuy_b.json ToastRig8.hip
  4. Maya Rig -> FEM

    Hi all, I have a rigged character from Maya from which I did a Ragdoll sim and all is good. However now I want to do it as a FEM sim instead, to get some bulging when the character gets hit by an object. How would you go about doing this? While still having constraints on arms, etc. Thank you very much in advance. Cheers, Jonas :-)
  5. Auto-Rig Quadruped

    Where can I find more information about the quadruped rig in Houdini 15.5? Simple things like, adjusting number of toes/tail segments/spine segments. Even basic things like simply positioning the seem troublesome! Using the universal manipulator on some nodes reveals translate and manipulate handles but positioning with translate seems a bit off (can translate in x/y/z but not on a single axis.) Edit: Interesting, it looks like the small scale is causing problems for some reason. If Setting the scale to 0.003 (The model is a small cat) the translate handles don't work. At 0.004 they work. Is this just an issue with my computer?
  6. Nail Board Rig

    Hi, This is my approach for Nailboard Rig. It´s very simple and maybe useless but I thought I will share it here so other houdini beginners can investigate/improve. I used ray sop to create a distance attribute and a little bit of vex to move the nails according to the distance. kind regards Jon Nailboard_Rig.hiplc
  7. Hi all, First of all let me introduce myself My name is Alex, and I'm a director and one of two vfx artists at, the small but awesome 5 man team at Helmet Films & Visual Effects You can check some of our work here: www.helmet.no We just switched from Softimage to Houdini (like a lot of people) and all ready we are loving it! I've been looking around this forum and you all seem tremendously helpful to eachother, so we're really excited to finally be joining you! Now, on to the issue! We're doing a project with some stone creatures, and I want to be able to control the creatures with simple rigs (i.e. just parenting the pieces to IK driven bones) and then do fracturing and simulation on some of the pieces. As long as I import a regular RBD object the RBD Keyframe Active works like expected, but as soon as I switch to the RBD Fractured Packed Object the world space positions are all messed up. This happens both when I check "Use OBJ Path" and link to another object, and also if I manually animate the position inside the RBD Keyfram Active node itself. It's kind of hard to understand why it's failing, so if anyone has any ideas I'd be very greatful! I've attached som screenshots and the HIP file. Cheers, Alex RiggedArm_RBD_v02.hip
  8. looking for more info

    Hello All! I am slowly getting to use Houdini, i come from Lightwave -> Modo/Messiah environment, as a generalist is been a very long way to get to use is specially since i am learning after my normal work hours, Finally ,after many many hours...years, (and tons of video tutorials) i reached the point feeling more and more comfortable with Houdini, yet struggling with some stuff, but in general getting to it. There are a few areas i am wondering if anyone of you know of any information that i have not yet reached, or been able to find, i got like 80% of cmivfx Houdini videotutorials, some side fx master clases too, but still i haven't found enough info in 2 subjects.. rigging (without autorigs), and UV mapping.( i normally would do it in modo, but would like to know more about UVs in houdini) i found this on youtube today: (the link to the site at description seems to be broken) wonder if any of you know a place i can find more info about this?? Thank you for taking time to read this. Cheers! Borrego
  9. rivet in chosen axes

    This should be extremely simple (as it would be in Maya), but I can't figure out how to parent constrain one object to another but only constraint certain axes, i.e. the x and z but not the y. I need to constrain something to an fbx with animation so I was using a rivet but I can't see many controls.. In Maya I could create a point constraint (which seems to be the equivalent of a rivet) and select the axes. Surely this is simple in Houdini? Cheers, Mike
  10. Curve based muscle deformation.

    Hi! Working with muscles, i found that the flexibility is not enough for me and the deformation of parts of the muscle can be done only with animating the scale parameters. So i decided to make some custom things to deform it in realtime, while moving control objects. This is example with IK on two bones and one muscle. The length of the curve controls the scale parameter to deform one(this can be all parameters with independent values) scale parameter. http://vimeo.com/97041744 I think will be good to make an asset from this. Hope on your feedback!
  11. Moving object with simple rig

    Hello I am new to rigging and i am trying to do a very simple rig for my model of the sheep. I want to move only four legs and the head. What i have done so far is this: 1. Make four IK bone chains (one for each leg) 2. Capture geometry (with closest region selected) and it works fine. picture: But now i want to be able to move the whole sheep. So what i have tried is to create a null object and just link the sheep and all of the bones to this object, but after i translate the sheep, the rig stops working. picture (this is now translated sheep): Is there a simple way to solve this, or am i doing this completely wrong? (i know that there is probably supposed to be only one bone chain, but i dont really know how to do more complicated chains) I also attached a zip file that contains the model and hip file: sheep.zip PS: if you know any good and simple guide or tutorial on basic rigging in houdini i would be happy too
  12. Hello, I know mocap have been talk several time on the forum, but I didn't found the answer to my question. I'm trying to map mocap to a character rig, but I cannot find the spine bones to link them to the mocap skeleton. Where are they, if they are any ? I cna see the controller, but I can't link them... I think it will be the same for the head ? I know it's probably a noob question, but that is what I am Thanks Doum