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Found 3 results

  1. Apologies in advance since pretty sure some variation has been asked before. A quick search didn't turn up anything though. When doing various wedge render setting tests on single frames it would be SO useful if the actual render time was comped, burned into the frame. Anyone know of a way to do this?
  2. Hey guys, trying to use the wedge rop to create multiple pyro wedges to then drive particles - i thought my setup was correct and cant find an error myself but all the wedges look identical, provided my file so have a look and would be great if anyone had any ideas Thanks as always Chris Ink_Water_v2_t1_introducewedge.hip
  3. Hi odforce I have this issue that i cant get "takes" to work with distributed rendering. I have tried with Deadline and HQserver and both get the same issue, they cant "modify" the parameters in the takes because they are locked. I have tried using wedge (telling the distributed renderer that i submit it with a wedge) and i have tried to submit it with just changing the take in the rop itself. Is the take system only meant for rendering on your local machine or am i missing something? As a sidenote, why do HQserver need $HIP or $JOB in the filename when the path is allready accesible to the rendermachines? And why do you have to install the repository on the same partition as the project itself? I hope someone out there knows a solution on this (or have any other clever idea on how to work with different sim settings), because its a bit cumbersome to not be able to use takes when siming. regards Thomas