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A Dust Storm question

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Hi Kevin,

When rendering smoke-related stuff, raytracing shadows isn't your best bet.

You will most likely get better and faster results using Depth map shadows.

I deleted your environment light and just used your spotlight, setting it to depth map shadows (1024x1024).

The results were much crispier already.

Also, hide your LowRes, it's not called LowRes for nothing.

There might be plenty of other things that could use some love but to be honest i didn't really feel like digging in too deep.

Two pyrosolvers in one dopnetwork, 3 OUT_density nulls in the dustEmitter and those kind of things do not give me the impression the file is optimised for performance and i'm being friendly now :-)

I got the feeling you are in a bit over your head with this, no offence, but i think you might want to check out the basics on the pyro workflow. If i'm not mistaken, Peter Quint has just put up a couple of videos on his vimeo that might cover the basics. (haven't seen them yet but PQ in general has top notch videos)

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Hi Rudinie,

Thank you so much for your suggestions. AND please do provide me as many critics as possible... I am very happy to have you to reply my post and pinpoint many of my mistakes.

I will try the shadow options and will practice more with pyro simulation.

Once again, thank you for your Tough Love and please do not hesitate to point out my mistakes. I really appreciated your help with my projects.


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