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VHUG call for presenters

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VHUG call for presenters


VHUG'ers - we're in need of presenters for our next VHUG gatherings. Six presenters would give us another year's worth of VHUG gatherings. Would you like to support your VHUG community, show off your Houdini chops and share your kung fu with others? Volunteer as a presenter!

It's fine if you don't have anything prepared right now - we try to book the full year all at once, so you'll have many months to come up with something. We're looking for Houdini tips, tricks and general cool Houdini applications and ideas that can be presented in about an hour.

To volunteer, just pm me!

Remember, no presentations = no VHUG gatherings. Like the lottery, we have to be in it to win it.

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