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Power Shot

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hey houdinaughts

i am trying to do a full project from scratch all made by me, including the shooting on chroma of the players that will be composited directly in houdini.

The concept is simple, a player does a power shot and the goal catch it, it is basically a power trip.

-The scene include smoke, rbd, fur, particles

i am still working and undecided on the lighting.

anyway here is some renders i did today.

here is the preview animation:


criticism is very welcome :)

PS: thanks to people who are helping on the forum for your great tips








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Oh, like from Shaolin Soccer. Very nice! Check this video out for more inspiration:

Spinning debris, flying players, ball afterburner, different camera angles, stretched time, there's a lot of good stuff to steal in there.

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hehe thanks for the video, i actually watch it many time before starting my project.

i love that movie btw, really really funny.

There are definitely amazing stuff...but this is out of my league.

I am new to houdini so i do just as much as i can

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here is a new shot, i added pyro to my project.

Big thanks to Peter quint for his pyro tutorial!

I am noticing a lot of little white dot caused by the fire emitting light in complete dark areas, how can i reduce those artifact?

Should i instead attach a light instead of emitting directly from the pyro?



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here is the answer from: http://forums.odforce.net/index.php?/topic/18184-technic-for-fur-on-rbd-project/

Just add some flip from the larger chuncks either emitting those or by advecting the flip fluid. That together with the others elements you have already added will give a "muddy" feel to the ground as a soccerfield should be if it was destroyed like that.

An example of mixing flip with rbd with dust and debris to achieve that you can see here. The artillery hit is an effect a friend of mine did in school. https://vimeo.com/67941797

at 0:17 you can see his breakdown with all elements.

At the same time it might give some more realism in the effect but it might require more time to set-up

Although your shot is looking really cool. I like it :D

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On 2/9/2017 at 5:05 AM, Diego A Grimaldi said:

@FR3D what happened to this project? It looked so cool :D

Thank you Diego!

Well it pretty much died for budget reasons,sadly...

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