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Procedural UV and texture map tool

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Hello all,

I just completed my procedural UV+Texturing tool:



Orbolt page:


The UV's generated are suitable for the use in video games, alternatively, they can be used as a base to manually edit. The process is almost completely automatic, with various settings to suit particular needs.

Apart from UVs, the generator is also capable of creating base-textures, to speed up the texturing process.

UVing Features:

- 6 axis UV projection.

- Projection based on Smooth groups (or vertex normals).

- Automatic detection and mapping of cylinders.

- UV mirroring across a plane of symmetry.

- Limited support for UV relaxation.

- Automatic detection and overlapping of identical shapes (wheels for instance).

- Automatic UV welding to limit the amount small shapes.

- Automatic UV layout.

- Automatic UV compressing.

- Support for Non-Commercial Houdini licences (UVs can avoid watermarked areas)

- Support for manual tweaking of the UVs.

Texturing Features:

- Reference map, to see which texture area's correspond to the model.

- Limited support for Tangent/Object space normal maps and Bump maps.

- Ambient occlusion map, tries to prevent texture overlapping automatically.

- Highlights/weathering map, tries to prevent texture overlapping automatically.

- Plate map, uses a given angle to divide the model up into plates. (texture changeable)

- Rivet map, uses the same angle to create rivets. (texture changeable)

- Automatic rendering setup.

- Automatic rendering and saving of the layers as separate textures.

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This tool is now featured on CMIVFX :)

Short Description

This series will show you how to create UV maps efficiently in Houdini by using a readymade procedural UV plug-in or digital asset. After that you will use the digital asset to create some basic textures and composite them in Photoshop. This series also deals with using the Orbolt Smart 3D Asset Store.


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