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Raspberry Modeling

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Hi Manuel!

You can try this :


Pipe your geo into : vdbfrompolygons  SOP - have the 'voxel size' setting low enough to give you good detail, and set it to 'DistanceVDB'

Then use a convertvdb with 'Convert To' set to Polygons. 


See if that gives you usable results!




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hi manuel,


try to tackle the geometrically most complex tasks as early as possible. extrusions or thickening can mostly be done afterwards as well. once you have bubbles (or any other three-dimensional structure) in your scene, correcting or deforming it in a clever way may be much harder.




please check the attached file. a solution for seperate bubbles is also included.


number of bubbles: scatter -> force total count

gaps sharpness: peak -> distance





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