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DT Tutorial help. Custom Pyro VOP issue

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Good evening,


Started learning Houdini and trying to get hold of any tutorials possible to get up to speed. Keep hitting walls left right and centre due to Houdini version changes that have changed how processes work... frustrating when you are learning but I just have to put up with that.


So I am going through the Digital Tutors custom Pyro tutorial where attributes are created and then passed to the scattered points via a VopSop, oh hang on that's not possible anymore as VOPS are all different.


The original uses a point cloud node to bring in attributes that are hooked into the Vop Index ports. I tried to attach the file but doesn't seem to want to play ball so I have attached two images to show the node layout.


Is there a better way to achieve this is H14?


Thank you,





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Use an Attribute VOP instead of a VOPSOP ; when you dive inside, at the bottom of the global variables block there are 4 brown file inputs that point to the inputs of your AttribVop node. In other words - it's easier - you don't need to promote the file parameters on your PC Open VOPS - you just hook them to the corresponding file input on the global variables.

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