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Promoting parameters from custom VOP context

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I'm having problems with promoting parameters and inputs from a custom VOP node. So far I haven't been able to find any info on what is needed for the default mechanism(middle click ->Promote parameter) in houdini to work.

To be more specific I have a shop network where only my custom VOP nodes are allowed plus the houdini's "Parameter" VOP. I would like to be able to promote the parameters/inputs from any VOP inside as parameter to the parent shop node as you can do when using material builder, but can't get my head around this. So far my attempts are failing with houdini crashing with:


Crash report from milagrigorova; Houdini FX Version [linux-x86_64-gcc4.8]
Uptime 42 seconds
Mon Nov  2 17:03:51 2015
Caught signal 11

Traceback from 7371 ThreadId=0x7f7821b37240
_ZN12AP_Interface14coreDumpChaserE18UTsignalHandlerArg <libHoudiniUI.so>
_ZN12AP_Interface15si_CrashHandler6chaserE18UTsignalHandlerArg <libHoudiniUI.so>
_ZL14signalCallback18UTsignalHandlerArg <libHoudiniUT.so>
_ZNK9UT_Signal21UT_ComboSignalHandlerclEiP7siginfoPv <libHoudiniUT.so>
_ZN9UT_Signal13processSignalEiP7siginfoPv <libHoudiniUT.so>
_L_unlock_13 <libpthread.so.0>
_ZN17VOP_ParmGenerator9opChangedE12OP_EventTypePv <libHoudiniOP1.so>
_ZN8VOP_Node10insertNodeEiPKcbS1_ <libHoudiniOP1.so>
_ZN8VOP_Node19insertParmGeneratorEiNS_16InputParmGenTypeE <libHoudiniOP1.so>
_ZN11PSI2_Dialog20handleVopEffectsMenuEP8UI_Event <libHoudiniAPPS2.so>
_ZN15FUSE_ShaderTile20handleVopEffectsMenuEP8UI_Event <libHoudiniAPPS3.so>
_ZN8UI_Queue16processNextEventEv <libHoudiniUI.so>
_ZN8UI_Queue5drainEv <libHoudiniUI.so>
_ZN8UI_Queue9eventLoopEv <libHoudiniUI.so>
main <libHoudiniUI.so>
__libc_start_main (libc-start.c:287)
_start <houdini-bin>

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Hi, thank you for the reply.

I did submit a bug report about this. Hopefully it's something I'm not doing correctly when implementing my VOPs.



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