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Trying to create some laval bubbles

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Hey guys , 


I'm a new houdini user  and i was trying to create a sim like this : 


I tried different ways but can't seem to get to this result.



first , i tried to create a plane which i emited some particules from. Then i use copy with a  sphere  and converted everything into VDB 

everything was going well till i try to add some viscosity on the flipfluid and then nothing move anymore i don't know why :(  (check  lavaremake file



I then try to do the bubbles manualy by animating some sphere , but then i'm not able to make them have the same look :(  . Here the exemple of what i did so far (lavalmanual + video-both)


Last , I try to play with the mesh ( in the particlefluidsurface) but then it does a very weird reaction :( (  video Splash) .



E xcuse my english not my first language , sorry about that guys , i hope i explained it well.....


, if anyone can help me will be much appriciated .


Thank you 





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