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Controlling Noise animation and start position

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Good Morning,

Currently trying to work with animated noise that moves across an object. My issue is controlling the direction of the noise generation.
The idea is the object will appear from this noise pattern. Forming slowly from bottom to top. I have the noise working but cant control its position and isolate just the direction instead its just random all over.

Image and Hip attached

I tried another method using points them converting to VDB but I don't like the look as the noise has a subtle gradient that really works well.

Would love some help on this, I come from a C4D background but Houdini is way more powerful that I want to continue working with it.



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Hi Mestela,


Awesome, that solves it! I need to get my head around all the VOP nodes, so much to learn. So much power if you have a decent understanding of these.. and math hahaha should have paid attention in school.


Thanks again.

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