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Controlling displacement via noise attribute

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Good morning,

I am sure this is a fairly simple one for you guys but has been frustrating me for hours. I am trying to control the mantra shader using attributes from my mesh. I have an animated noise that is exported via a bind export and it is driving emission and other attributes however I want to control the displacement close to the edges of this. Only option is to apply a texture instead of directly binding to an attribute.... waaaa!

Should I recreate the displacement nodes inside the current shader and if so could somebody provide some pointers towards this.

hip file attached

Pretty exciting how you can build anything in Houdini, love it! Just need helping figuring out these building blocks.





displacement issue.hiplc

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Ah so create a parameter and feed it into the displace, seems simple enough. Thank you very much, I need to get my head around these concepts. The forum is helping so much.


Thanks again.

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