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How can I split and save a 4k sequence into an array of smaller ones

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I want to split (not in terms of time but area) a high resolution image sequence that I have in Cops into an an array of smaller images.

I want to print each frame it as an 3x4 array of A4 pages (210mm*297mm). Animating the Offset of the Crop node but I don't know how to save each cropped area into a different file.

Or in the case of of a video wall, how can I split my sequence so that I have smaller ones? (one for each screen)



I guess I could do that in Photoshop using the Slice tool and doing "Divide slice" for each frame but is repetitive.

Is there a way to that in Cops so that I can avoid Photoshop?

Any ideas?



edit: A silly idea just occurred to me. I could set up 12 different ROP outputs ! I know it's not the brightest idea.. Is there an alternative using a single ROP?

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hey dim.

no expert here, but the multiple render node seems to me to be the easiest route (for animated sequence). Maybe using the crop option of the camera nodes, one cam with appropriate crop for each render node, then you link then render node together (output to input) and just hit render on the last (it will render all connected nodes.).

for still image, photoshop got a simple macro creation tool or even easier, use a compositing software (fusion, nuke...).

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