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stitching cloth

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I have one cloth object which I have pre-cut in a certain way. I want to have it stitched when the simulation starts but at a given time I want to gradually break the stitches.
What kind of constraint can keep two points of the same cloth object together?

sbdpinconstraint pins points in space, which I don't want.

clothstitchconstraint is meant to work between two different objects right? It kind of works if I set my object to both constraint and goal object, but then how do I create the associations between specific points?

Is there something similar to constraintnetwork where I can explicitly specify the constants between points?


thank you


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I have been exploring stitching cloth in Houdini and created a video on the topic. You can stitch two seams on the same object using the constraint. You just have to make sure your points are in the correct order to prevent cross-stitching.

Around 35 minutes into the video I get to the part where I stitch a dart on the same piece of cloth together.


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