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spawning new geometry within the solver

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I am trying to figure out how to spawn new wire geometry within DOPs as it simulates.
I create the full wire shape at sop level and I then I animate the deletion of its points backwards, from a couple of points to the full set.
Of course just by importing this changing geometry, the wiresolver won't re-import it on on every frame.

I looked into combining a SOP solver and tried various approaches, but none worked so far. Deleting points in the sop solver didn't work. Then I tried deleting the primitive, adding or even copy (to aquire all the wire attributes) one point at a time and connecting them all with a new line primitive. 
But that didn't work either.

Any ideas?

thank you


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Nice one, thank you for this example.

I still can't make mine work though. The difference is that you already have a wire object in simulation's initialization, where I want to start with nothing and keep adding point to a single wire piece.

I tried keeping a copy of DOPs output to have a the object in its initial state with all the attributes needed by the solver, so I can gradually add them into the sim. Attatched is the closest I've got it working.

thanks again


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