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Infinite ocean animation not rendering.

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Hello guys,  

Here is my problem, I just finished building my shader for the ocean. 
When I watch the animation using the viewport everything is working like a charm, 
When I'm rendering the animation using the ocean_preview node in mantra, everything is working like a charm. 

However when I try to render using the ocean_render node or the ocean_render_export_maps, the animation is not rendering, only the frame 1 is rendering and it keeps the exact same frame for all the next. Can you tell me what is wrong ? 

The only way to make it work is by moving to the frame 2 and render the displacement from the current frame of the ocean_render_export_maps and then rendering the current frame using mantra. 
Should I render the whole animation using this process ? 

I need to render using the ocean_render1 to keep the infinite ocean which is connected to the grid1. 

Thank you guys, I really need help on this one :( 

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I found it, looks like I had to select " Specify Frame Range " instead of use node range setting in the mantra1 node. Why is that ? I dont know, but I've been able to get some animation rendering now. 

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