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Python::Finde all nodes of one type, all versions


let's say I have a node called io::caching::2.1, where 2.1 is the version, and io is the namespace. but the scene has many nodes of this type, but with different versions, is there a way to get all the nodes with all versions, without looping over the complete scene?



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If your objects are just thrown all over the entire /obj root, then yes, you have to loop over all of them. But if you organize them into subnets you can loop over only the children of a subnet, or any object. Like all nodes inside a geo for instance.

In this example code I am filtering by .type() but you could alter the IF/THEN statement to examine the .name() instead.

def childrenOfNode(node, filter):
    # Return child nodes of type matching the filter (i.e. geo etc...).
    result = []
    if node != None:
        for n in node.children():
            t = str(n.type())
            if t != None:
                for filter_item in filter:
                    if (t.find(filter_item) != -1):
                        # Filter nodes based upon passed list of strings.
                        result.append('%s~%s' % (n.name(), t))                          # name~type.
                    result += childrenOfNode(n, filter)
    return result
nodes = childrenOfNode(hou.node("/obj/my_subnet/),["Object null"])                     # Fetch any null object nodes inside this subnet.


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The best way is to find the corresponding node types you want to search for and check for all instances of those types.  For example, if your node is a SOP:

key = ("io", "caching")

all_instances = []

for node_type in hou.sopNodeTypeCategory().nodeTypes().values():
    components = node_type.nameComponents()

    if components[1:3] == key:


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