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Transform packed RBD pieces

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I'm trying to figure out the best way to transform packed RBD primitives.  I'm doing this by modifying the packed primitive intrinsic 'transform'.  The issue I'm wondering about, is that the collision hulls that bullet is creating (packed rbd object > bullet data > show guide geometry) change every frame, which seems weird.  I want to create the collision hulls on the first frame, and then transform those shapes.  

I've tried 2 different ways in the attached file.  One I set the 'initial object type' to 'create static objects', and then I transform them inside the sim using a Geo VOP DOP.  The other way, I'm setting 'initial object type' to 'create animated static objects' and feeding in the transformed pieces straight into the sim.  

Both produce the same result, and the collision hull seems to get updated each frame.  Is there a way to make sure the collision hulls not update each frame, but still give them rigid transforms?  Thanks!


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