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Setting particle attributes in a pop vop

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Hi Everyone,
I have a question regarding setting particle attributes.  I believe I'm overlooking something simple but I cant figure out what it is.  I've created a particle mass attribute using a pop property, then in the pop vop I try to multiply that value using a ramp. I then bind export the attribute.  When I do this, my mass is set to 0, and I'm unsure why.  Could someone take a look and let me know what I have done incorrectly?  The goal is to drive the mass of the particles through a ramp so I can control the amount of heavy particles to lighter ones.





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Hi skyros! I think the sipliest way to import an attribute is to use "bind". Anyway it should work the way you made it, pay attention in the popvop1 node, in the "input" folder you must define what are your inputs. In your case "input 1" must be set as "Myself".

I hope this helps.


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