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Render out matte with volumelight

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I was wondering how I would go about rendering out a matte that also includes the volume light? I don't want be rendering the geometry in Houdini so I just need the flame and the volume light it emits onto the geometry.

Can't seem to find anything from a google search on it so any help would be great.


While i'm here I might as well ask another question.

I have a piece of geometry (see attached file) that I want to use to collide with smoke. Problem is when it creates the volume for the geometry it does'nt seem to detect much of it. Parts of the lamp are quite thin and creating a volume with rays high enough to notice it the poly count is ludicrous. My current solution is to create simple geometry for the most important sections but that isn't a great solution. Any advise on this matter would be great.


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it seems like the solution to your lighting problem would be to solo your volume light, and set your emissive effect object to phantom.  this would give you a pass with only the light cast by the effect. 



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