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Copy stamp for Chops

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Hi there.


I have a sphere. I have put several points on there with scatter points. I have copy stamped a sphere onto those points.


I would like to have those sphere change in scale on rare occasion. Kind of like vibrating but in scale. How can I go about setting up a "vibrating" animation and then have that animation randomly execute on a random sphere from time to time?


If I am not mistaken I need to use copy in chops. But I cant seem to find a good tutorial on this. Any idea where I can find one. Unless I am heading in the wrong direction on this.



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I don't think you need to use chops you could use chops 

With chops I particularly find it a bit roundabout, but it goes like this:

Initial setup with a transform sop that will control the scale:



A simple chops noise makes it go like this


But now you want to modulate by the pointnumber, afaik you need a single channel for every ball which calls for a copy node. Here I'm using a expression to create a channel for each point from 0 to the number of points in the pointsfrmovolume1 node. Then I'm using a simple stamp function to vary the seed of the noise (it's hard to see but each curve is different)


Now, using a chop expression you can bring it into sops. Note the $PT


After this a simple stamp function in the transform node and that's it. Each sphere has its own curve, which means you can do whatever you want with it.


This might be a old work flow, I'm not sure




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