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VOP NOISE with Alembic

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Hi guys , 


I'm trying to add a simple noise color on a animated Alembic .

For some reason when the  abc move the noise move also even tho i didnt put no animation on it  ( almost as if it doesn't understand the abc is in the world ) 

I try to unpack the abc and convert aussi to poly but still no luck . 

The only time it work is when i connect the ptnum ( instead of the P )  to the factral noise Pos  in the attributeVOP   . But when i do so the noise looks very bad and it's not smooth anymore ( 2 pic)    

does anyone know how can i fix this  ?


thank you 




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The noise you create in the VOP exists in world space, and it does not move unless you animate it's offset. How ever, since your object is moving, it is constantly reading the noise from a different position, making it look like it is moving. You can easily fix it by instead of having the noise connected to the object's position, connect it to a rest position. Check this file:



In your second example the reason it is not working is because every noise needs to have a vector input, P is a vector, but ptnum is an integer and does not specify any position, so the noise does not know where to go.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH Jesus my savior !!!  That makes alot of sense!

Thx to you i will do an amazing sim!!!  




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