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Abc obj name houdini to maya

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I have a rigid body simulation of a few thousend parts. I export the geometry from maya, simulate in Houdini and bring it back to maya. Of course all shaders are gone and I have to reassign the shaders to the simulated geometry. Unfortunately the imported parts are all named with the pattern:

<rop alembic input node>_packed<somenumber> e.g. attributeDelete1_packed1618

It would help a lot if I could keep the object names because with valid names I could simply reassign the shaders. Does anyone know a way to keep the names if I import an alembic from Houdini back into maya?


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The geo should have a 'path' attribute when you first import it into houdini (if you are using alembic). Make sure they have the same when you export it back, and use the "build hierarchy from attr" on the alembic rop.

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