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Small scale tyre burnout

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Hi all,

I'm trying to create the effect of a tyre burnout, like in this topic; customise pyro emitter. However, I'm trying to achieve the effect on a much smaller scale, and with 4 wheels instead of just one. I'm finding a few issues at the moment. The first issue is with the fluid source for the pyro sim. I can't seem to get the fluid source to accurately represent the shape of the wheels, unless I reduce the "Out Feather Length" to a near zero value. I also need to decrease the division size massively, which is obviously slowing down the sim. Is there a more memory/time efficient way of representing the wheel shapes in the fluid source?

Secondly, when I run the pyro sim (with the best fluid source result I could get), the velocity from the wheels don't seem to be effectively moving the density in the sim. The fluid seems to be just randomly emitting from the wheels and floating about. I have a feeling that these issues are going to probably boil down to reducing the sim resolution, however, it just seems to be running far too slowly for me to effectively iterate on the sim. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Scene file attached.


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Here is my re-work of your scene. I think it would be ok to scale up by 10, conduct the sim then scale down by 10 before outputting your final .bgeo.sc sequence.

I basically started with one tire and prepared the white points without a FOREACH. Once I have the white points I delete the rest of the tire and add a polyextrude to create a thick patch. This tire patch is what gets fed into the fluid source, not the entire tire. I know it is not exactly the same but maybe it can help you out.

You can still play with the wind tunnel, buoyancy as well as add curl noise to the velocity field.



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