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[SOLVED] Substeps Is What Makes Bullet Collision Work.

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Hi All,

I was playing around with trying to leverage bullet but I can't get even basic boxes to avoid each other. There are always a few that still find a way into their neighbors geometry.

Is this just normal?

Or is there a way to have bullet collision actually be more accurate and respect the boundaries of the nearby mesh?



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Not really "basic boxes" there. You're generating already interpenetrating boxes from the get go, strange would be if it worked properly

That aside 

Increasing the number of substeps in the bulletsolver drastically reduces the issue (try, 50, 100, 200...). Same for the substeps of the dopnet. At some point it starts exploding, which I suppose is the expected behavior since you're creating a mesh inside another mesh

Which is to say, avoid interpenetrating things to begin with




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