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point SOP, old vs new, stuck following tutorial

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Hi Everyone.

while following a simple tutorial from Sir, Rohan Dalvi, i got stuck at point SOP. where he put color in vertices via bounding box. attached image shows his settings ( old point operator ) vs my attempt. any ideas. huge thanks in advance


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$BB[X-Z] are local variables defined on old Point nodes. They evaluate to point positions relative to bounding box of the input. For $BBY case, lowest point is 0.0, highest is 1.0, in-between points got values between 0.0 and 1.0. Since Attribute Expression (aliased as Point node in Tab-menu) uses VEX, this will be VEXpression equivalent of $BBY:

relpointbbox(0, @P).y

There is no local variables on Attribute Expression node documented. Using local variables from old Point node will not work.


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