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[SOLVED]Array Of Unique Pyro Sims At Impact Points?

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Hi All,

I am wondering if this is even possible. I have a series of points that appear over time. When a point appears I would like to use that point as the location for a pyro simulation. I would also like the start time of the pyro simulation to begin when the point appears. I can't use a pre-cooked pyro sequence because I want each pyro sim to collide uniquely with the surface where the point appears.

The end goal is a crowd simulation with multiple dragons breathing fire where ever they land. The collision terrain might be complex with building and other obstacles as collision items.

I thought if I could work out the generation of these pyro sims procedurally I might be able to say yes to this concept.



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here's how to do it with pyro instancing.  I rarely use this method though, because I can't push the res of each instance as high as if each were an individual sim. And if one cluster needs tweaking, you have to redo the whole thing.  Most of the time, I'll make a similar setup, but wedge through each container on the farm, as individual sims.   Couple things:

Each instance point can only be on for 1 timestep, otherwise you'll get mutiple containers on top of themselves.

view the dop details view during the sim, to verify the new smoke objects are getting created

you need 1 sop volume w/ different name, going into dops for each instance container. The fluid source sop will create and partition using the "cluster" attrib

"continuous" needs to be on in smoke object instance tab to have new containers birth mid-sim

you can control containers size on the instance points with the "scale" 3fv attrib.  I think theres info in the help card too


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Thanks for the explanation and the setup. I got some help on discord as well and was able to produce this kind of effect.



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