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Spring constraint networks

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Finding it hard to find examples or information about spring constraint networks. As  an eternal novice in Houdini trying to find information and decipher the information given is a challenge.

Followed the tutorial from Peter (the legend) Quint - Houdini Spring follow. Attached the Hip file


But I want to use Packed prims for something like this. Seeing the effect here by Stefan Sietzen

Packed Prims are just points, so how can I assign them a position that changes over time? Do I use a SOP geometry to bring the moving points in? Cant seem to find much info about spring constraint relationship which makes me think people dont use it?

Any advice or starting points (other odforce posts or other sites) would be much appreciated.


Kind regards,




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Spring constraint networks are amazing and ace. Here's an example of how they work. There's a hip file in videos description.


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THIS IS GOLD! How come I didnt find it on my searches on vimeo, odforce, Google etc!?

Now I have a ton of stuff to watch, learn and get confused about hahaha

Thank you, looking forward to getting stuck in.

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