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grow solver problem + attribute copy

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Hi guys!

I am uploading a scene file where I have a solver that makes grow some hexagons by pscale (driven by grow attribute). 

I have also a pcfind radius running, so that when the pscale attribute radius match, the grow is set to 0.


at the very bottom you can see a switch with three examples. the first is working.

the second and the third are not. the second example is just a reduced version of the third one.

The third differs from the second because I would like to stop the grow attribute when pscale matches its right pscale size (perimeter).


I think I am doing something wrong not deleting previous points?


thank you



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So, the logic that you've setup means that every frame you are merging the previous frames scattered points and the current frame. In the first example this works fine as the chances that two points will be on top of each other is fairly slim but not impossible. But for switch 2 and 3 the points never change their position so your point cloud function in the solver will always find points that are nearby (aka they are on top of each other) and the hexes will never grow. The simple, but super costly at scale, solution is to put a fuse sop after your merge... But after a couple seconds the simulation chugs... so not recommended. 

Also, what kind of look are you going for with the second/third examples? Do you just want them to grow after being activated or do a wave where they grow and then shrink as the wave passes?

I'll try and whip up a file to show. Hope this helps!

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