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Custom Vortex Field - FLIP Whirlpool

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Hey Houdini Gurus! I am trying to do some RnD on creating a massive whirlpool using flip fluids. Although I am aware of how to create custom forces in Houdini, I am pretty much clueless on how to create a tangential vortex force in order to achieve this effect. In my head, here is how I think I would do it. Correct me if I am wrong.


- Create a geometry where whirlpool would swirl on including the middle whole.

- Create custom tangential vectors on that geometry with some noise patterns on it to break the uniformity.

- Plug the field into the flip.


Can anyone help me with this? What would be the maths behind it? I searched here and people have done it using Houdini Ocean Toolkit before but that's not the approach I am looking for. I want to achieve it in flip.

Something like this


Thanks a lot for the help. :)





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56 minutes ago, Atom said:

There are quite a few examples floating around. Try searching on Vortex, Tornado or Whirlpool. A few are already located if you visit the links page in my signature.


Thanks a lot Atom! That's a great link page you have there. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any custom vortex field example in there. There are a couple of tornado ones but their approach is very different that what I want.

Also, your file looks great. I will look into it. :)



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