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Mixing animations from Mixamo.com

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Hey what's up guys?

I discovered this amazing website https://www.mixamo.com/ where you can download free animated characters as .fbx files.
Because the animations clips in Mixamo are pretty short, I'd like to combine several animations in order to get a longer sequence, but I have no idea how to approach this.

The FBX comes in with a bone hierarchy, as well as a Geometry OBJ which contains a locked file SOP connected to a locked Bone Capture SOP, which is then connected to a Capture Override SOP which again is connected to a Bone Deform SOP.
I assume that this is pretty standard.
So if I now import a second animation, I get a new OBJ containing the same Bone OBJ hierarchy but with a different animation.
What is the approach to blend the 2 different animations together? And how would I offset such an animation? In CHOPs?

Again, this is not my comfort zone in Houdini, I'd appreciate some pointers on how to get this done!



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Here is how I do it, and it is a lot of fun to blend clips together.

Drop down an Agent node inside a SOP network and browse to your FBX. The Agent node acts kind of like a File node in this case. Then follow it up with a TimeWarp and an Unpack. The unpack is only needed if you plan on using the blendshapes node to blend two agents together. Use a transform for the second blended agent to get it as close to the first agent for the most seamless blend possible. When the shapes crossover try to have the end pose as close the new start pose as possible. Often a series of FBX animations will start and end with the same pose making it easy to pick up where you left off from clip to clip.


You can also just animate a Switch between two agents whose start and end frames are very similar.


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Hey man, 

Thanks a lot for the detailed screenshot, I'll have a play first thing tomorrow!
Kinda off topic, how are you liking those Ryzens? Better than Xeon or I7?




I rebuilt your setup and it works like a charm, thanks a lot for pointing me towards the right direction!!

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Any way to do this on bone level? I need to mix or rather append different fbx animations, but I would like to keep the bones.

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