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affect rbd object by pop wind in dops?

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Hi guys!


I have a scene where I want to control an attribute at sop level to control a pop wind inside dops. Here there's a description of my setup:

First, I am using an attribute transfer to set my attribute called "popforce" to my packed geo from 0 to 1 over time.

after that, in a dop network I am using a wind pop force in conjunction with a bullet solver and a multisolver.

In the rbd object I have activated the option "create deforming active object" to transfer the attribute inside the dop net, so far so good, now I can see my attribute getting changed in the "Geometry" inside dops.

 At this point I thought I could use an point expression inside the activation field of my pop wind in this way (the attribute name is "popforce") : `point("../rbdpackedobject1/geometry/",$PT,"popforce",0)` 

But it's not working

is there any typo or am I doing something wrong?


Thank you!




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