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using crowd system to create spaceships flying ?

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hey guys got a good un for you I attended a thingy in london some time ago and basically there was a vfx guy who was demonstrating how they setup the spaceship battles in the first guardians of the galaxy.

So it got me thinking if i can use a spaceship as a little crowd agent and maybe transition from one ship pose to another as its affected by velocities.

Are there any good workflows in houdini? I'm currently using a crowd/agent setup. I've got a little spaceship model with a basic idle on the spot and thats exported as a .fbx from maya. and wanted to have it so it transitions to another state (wings back when accelerating) when they move forward (another exported clip).

Ideally it would be better to have say 100 points that move in space and on each point is a spaceship thats aligned by the points movement. anyone tried this in the past or got any good suggestions? cheers ant

@Farmfield @mestela  any good thoughts on this one?  I'm guessing i can use points and a popnet possibly to control the flight of my spaceships - the idea of using the crowd is to get them to 'animate' based on what they are doing

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Yep, having four forums to reply to is becoming a bit much.

@anthonymcgrath: I did post some suggestions on your discord post, however.

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