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AOVs, render time and Zdepth with follow focus

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so read this thread

but still couple questions 2 questions

1- Which if any AOV's increase render time? I've read different feedback on this elsewhere.  As long as you aren't encountering RAM bottlenecks and are rendering to a single EXR I assume that puzzlemattes WILL increase render time but other AOVs won't. Is this correct?

2- when creating a Z depth pass in a shot with a follow focus camera, how is it recommended to configure your depth pass, at the closest, furthest or somewhere in between camera distance?

I'm finding it very difficult getting a distinguishable range of Z depth grey levels at nearest and farthest camera distances. Would pgbokeh help in this regard?



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hi, i haven't read the thread above :) but:

1 - I noticed render time increase with very large number of aovs (dozens). Otherwise, in typical cases I don't think difference is large enough to really notice. 

2 - i don't think you are supposed to setup depth pass in any way. just allow depth in aov presets on mantra rop and it will do depth i think for a distance at which camera clipping planes are at. like world units. simple as that. then i comp multiply by whatever scale you need. see histogram to get min/max numbers.


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