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RBD export from Houdini to UE4 via vertex texture

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Hey Guys

Ive been trying to look into establishing a Houdini destruction pipeline for our game and we have started at looking at exporting to UE4 for testing. Ive followed most of what Luiz has posted in his videos online but Im getting not very far with my sim looking like a jumbled mess.. Im sorry if this has been asked before if it has please point me in the right direction :)


Here is the material I have in unreal and Ive attached the .hip file. Ive notices the export of the file is always coming out at 139x149 even when i do set it to 1024


I copied and pasted the shader code into UE4 and added the rot and pos textures and the bounding box values.


Thanks in advance


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Hey guys, I am experiencing an issue where I sim and export an rbd animation out of Houdini (vertex_animation_textures_beta1) and it is totally different in Unreal. Not what I expected. I have tried an older version of the beta and I have tried the one from the link above and I get the same results. I have attached gifs and the hip file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks!



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