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Parametric and Procedural Design with Houdini (Houdini Tutorial FB page)

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I've recently started using Houdini coming from a Grasshopper/Rhinoceros + Architectural background and quickly I realized it's such a great tool for parametric & procedural design for modeling some geometrical shapes which sometimes GH is not good at. I'm planning to post tutorials for Houdini to following Facebook page and Youtube channel as my note how to make geometries I'm interested in.


[Facebook Page]



[Youtube Playlist (Fast ver.)]



[Youtube Playlist (Slow ver.)]



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Exact same thing here, after four solid years of trying to turn Grasshopper into my geometry engine, I learned Python and suddenly realized that I had become a generalist and that Grasshopper and its forum were limiting me when I wanted access to serious algorithms but they were all in animation software, not Rhino!

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