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motion vector pass for Nuke

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I have been researching for a while how to export motion vectors from houdini mantra to nuke... and it wasn't easy....

For starters Nuke seems to swap the R and G values for some reason.... which did not make easy the to troubleshoot 

And I am still a bit confuse between the diference of camera space and ndc space though I kind of understand why I need to use ndc space.

this is what I got so far I hope it helps anyone that uses this. And if by any chance someone knows a better workflow it would be much appreciated.


test_MV - Newandimproved.hip

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You don't have to do conversion from space to space for getblurP nodes. Check documentation about that node.

You have also example in documentation with this


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@djiki Are you sure about not needing to transform to screen space?

I really haven't have the time to test in deep but the test that I made seem to work fine.

The original set up from the helpfile did not give me proper results in neither nuke or AE.

just FYI. I got my setup form here (Japanese, sorry):


The post is in japanese but the author also got help here at the forums on:


And after testing I only flipped the channels as Nuke seems to like it the other way (not really an issue, but more of a lack of implementation into nuke).

But my question is sincere... are you sure is not needed the change to screen space? because as I said I haven't have the time to test the set up without the transform but it does make sense to me as if Pblur is in world or camera space the x value will differ from screen right?


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