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FLIP - Slip on Collision Control Field

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Hey guys,

What is the best way to use the slip on collision control field, to avoid viscous fluid of sticking on objects?

I managed to do it with the help of a friend, using the gas match field + a source volume. it works fine for static objects but not at all for moving ones. I have a project with an alembic animation and I really need to use it on the animated surface. Can someone help me?

Here's the setup in dops:

Here's it working fine with a static object. It's a top view and the red box is the sliping object:

and here the red box is animated, not working:

Not sure if this is the best way to approach it so any other ideas would reeaally help me ;)

scene file is attached




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Sup dudes, I got some pretty awesome answers on facebook. Didn't got the time to check it properly but I know that the scene file is working.

Thx to Jason Slabber for the file. It uses a SOP Scalar Field and looks much simpler than what I was doin' ;)

Also Myke Mendes said: 

"one good very efficient way is also creating a gasmatchfield in dops using surface as reference and name it slip... then create a gasvop and create some noise there... you can also animate it, bring geo and do magic tricks"

"it will be very efficient because just creates the field where you have flip... and it's resolution will always match your surface field resolution"

I didn't got the time to try this last one but looks really cool

from Jason's Setup



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