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flip reseed group new particles

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Hi all,

I was wondering if there is a simple way to group newly seeded particles during a flip sim. 

The reason I would like this option is that I have a sim where I'm not meshing the particles but rendering them directly and the seeded particles pop into existence in an unpleasing way, so I was hoping to somehow scale them up gradually over a few frames.

Thanks in advance


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For post simulation task you can use @ID at current frame to distinguish new (resided or emitted) particles by simply grouping all @IDs greater than MaxId from previous frame. Generally same should apply for detection during sim but you have to take care of exact place inside solver that comparison is possible. And if your solver runs over sub-steps you have to decide does that should take into account. Also if you turn on @age attribute, just emitted particles will have zero age attribute, I'm not sure does that apply to reseeded particles too or they inherit age from particles they are reborn.  

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Thanks that sounds promising! 

the seeded points inherit the nearest particle age from what I've encountered but now that I might have grouping of newly added points that shouldn't be a problem to reset.

Thanks again!


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