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sticky slime

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Hello guys.

i was trying to make sticky glue, that 100% sticks to two objects (never peals of).

I have two boards, each with piece of slime, as they touch, slime should join and as they move apart, the slime should stretch and break apart (but never peal off from board).

I did spend some time, investigating, but im having hard time to force the slime to stick without pealing.


anyone can point me in better direction?



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There are several tricks you can use for the sticking, like forcing it by raying the closest particles to it, but the stringiness I suspect you are looking for might be tricky to get without diving a bit deeper into the solver crap and play with stuff like gas elasticity - though you might be able to tweak it into existence balancing surface tension and viscosity, or at least that's what my instincts are telling me, hehe... ;)

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