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Is this normal?

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Hey guys,

Help me understand something - I'm relatively new with Houdini and i'm tinkering around in my spare time.

I'm learning about Voronoi fracturing. I have a grid (10 rows by 10 columns).  Attached to that is a scatter node which is limited to only to a total count of 100. I'm looking to paint a colour onto the grid, so to the side, i've attached a  colour node, turned everything black (0,0,0) and then attached a paint node. When I do this, crash. I've reduced the size of the grid, but it seems crazy. It crashes with such a small sized grid. 


I'm running Houdini Apprentice 16.0.504.20 on a 2015 Macbook pro. I should upgrade to Houdini 16.5 Apprentice, but something just makes me feel like this will not solve the problem. 


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If you wish to paint where you want grid to fracture, I believe you should place the color1 and paint1 nodes before the scatter.

- I'm fairly new to houdini too so people please correct me if I'm wrong?

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