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snow effects with POP grains

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hi, I try to make snow effect with grain solver, started from wet sand shell, wetness=1, and changed clump stiffness to 100.
After tweaking around parameters, I got 3 main problems.

1 – how to add friction to static object? I set friction 10, bounce 0 , but particle is still sliding a lot.
2 – When dynamic object collide grain particle, it pushes away too much, but should not influence to surrounding particles. I think constrain pushes away in order to keep space between particles.  
3 – particle motion is kind of springy or bouncy. Snow should damp velocity immediately.

I guess I need to figure out how to control compression or density of particles by grain's internal constraint?! 
If anyone knows solutions, it would be great, thanks!





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Yeah, I already tweaked a static threshold and scale kinetic. These parameters reduce particle's expansion and push-away. However, it causes more #3's problem, springy and rebounce motion. 

#2 and #3 problems conflict each other to fix the both. :(



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