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Ubuntu 18.04 LTS "Bionic Beaver"

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Upgraded to 18.04 LTS but wondering if its a good idea.

Anyone encounter any issues with 18.04?


Thinking about reinstalling 16.04 LTS...

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I had updated 2 workstations 2 weeks ago aprox! And no problems so far!



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I get small graphic issues sometimes on the button icons. Buttons on the parameters and some other buttons on the UI gets distorted with overlay of colorful noisy pattern and becomes not readable. It doesnt happen often and not a big issue but annoying one. I am not sure if my gpu is dying or not. I didnt have this with 16.04 and 14.04. Also I had same issue with Mint 18.04 "sara".

Also I have experience some crashes when computer went down to sleep mode. 

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I'm getting a crash an errors with the new install of 16.5.496.

My 16.5.378 still launches on Ubuntu 18.04 but the .496 is dead in the water.

Does anyone know how to fix a "HOM_OperationFailed" error?



My issue was a 3rd party render system, Redshift, was not compatible with the .496 release. Once I upgraded my Redshift to the latest version, which is matched to the H16.5.496 API, and altered my houdini.env to point to the new plug-in Houdini launched just fine.

This API mis-match could be an issue for Arnold users as well.

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I'm running 16.5.439 + Nvidia driver 396.24.02 + latest Redshift 2.6.10 on Ubuntu mate 18.04 LTS without issues. (knock on wood)


I see that RS 2.6.10 is built for 16.5.268. Curious which version RS you're running that targets 16.5.496?

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Last weekend, i installed Kubuntu18.04, Houdini 16.5.496 and Redshift 2.6.11 and everything is working fine so far. Even though, the ALT+LMB function in Houdini like rotating the viewport while changing camera position with gizmo on doesn't quite work. That is because the ALT+LMB key combo is used globally by the OS to move app windows anywhere you want without having to click on the top bar first, which is cool and it is not. Other than that, i also noticed that once i have Houdini and Redshift running on the background and start jumping around apps like firefox, dolphin, calculator etc. the system freezes. Not all the time but it happens once in a while.

After 2 days of research, a posslble reason for this OS behaviour could be the fact that if there is only one GPU card installed in the machine, which is my case, the card gets overloaded with CUDA calculations (Redshift) and OpenGL renderization of Houdini viewport and OS environment. This type of situation has been observed across OSs, not only Linux. So the recommendation to solve this problem is to install at least 2 GPU cards in the machine if the intention is to use GPU renderers. Lucky you Mantra users.

My system config is:

i7 8700K (4.6ghz OC)

64gb RAM

1 250gb SSD / 1 1TB SATA

nVidia GTX1080ti

Kubuntu 18.04 and Win10

I also had an issue while licensing Redshift in Kubuntu18.04 due to a library package that didn't come with the OS (libpng12). Without this license, the Redshift licensing tool doesn't work. It took me a good day of cursing to figure out how to solve the problem, download the library manually from the Ubuntu website and then install it in Linux.

Hope this info helps. Good luck explorers.

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