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Maya Paint Effects To Houdini

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Script export Paint Effects from Maya to Houdini.

It wasn't widely tested so it might be imperfect;)


Unpack and copy it to a current Maya project to "mel" directory.

When Maya is running write "petoh" in the console.

Make a paint effect and press GO!

In the output directory there should appear a geo file.

Open this file through the node "file" in Houdini.


If you need to divide the paint effect into groups use node "partition" and write "$TUBETYPE" in rule.

The attribute Tubetype means: 0 branch, 1 twig, 2 leaf, 3 flower.

Script is slow when there is a lot of elements of the same type in one shape, like grass for example.

For Windows users!

You have to install Python: http://www.python.org/download/

When it's done go to Control Panel/system/Advanced and set Environment Variables

and add "C:\Python24;" to the path.

If you need Python source code please conntact me by e-mail.

Have fun :afro:



Example pictures (mantra):



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Hey there,

Thank you very much from odforce for this contribution! Very much appreciated!


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