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  2. Let me asked differently as well: one geo node for all grids and materials or one geo node for each material? What is best practice / what would you do? Plenty of surfaces (some grids and boxes) each has a material (Megascans surface). Not all surfaces have the same displacement scale, so the displacement scale I need for each megascans surface will be different, because the surfaces are different. Fair enough, I can change the value for each in the material displacement scale. But there is under obj node a displacement scale as well. Would you: (1) have all walls and floors and ceilings inside one obj node (e.g. geo1) and tweak the displcement scale in the material node for each material or (2) have an obj node for each material e.g. floor and ceiling share the same material, so floor and ceiling will be both inside a geo node, and other geo nodes are driven by materials, 1 geo node <-> 1 material.
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  4. help for bubble split effect

    how to sim this effect, someone who have any ideas? many thanks! 1f05dd2ba2fe79a9e7d4cbe3d93039e1.mp4
  5. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    crazy powerful tool I'm Addicted..
  6. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    I also did some experiments with MJ, it's a crazy powerful tool:
  7. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    More Invites 24 Hours /exp https://discord.gg/C6AWXQwQ
  8. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    You can use this invite: https://discord.com/invite/7TJ5vx2GA3
  9. Random link of interest

    might try to tackle this next, lots of micro detail and layers!
  10. Change orientation copied object

    Well thanks for that. I must have missed it. This is clearly written haha. So what I learned: The copy will always orient its Z axis with the normal of the point. THEN it will rotate according to the up value. Of course this only happens if there is no orient (or transform) attribute first. Lets gooo! Thanks everyone.
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  12. Combination MidJourney with Houdini

    ai generated images become very interested these days. I've also apply for an invite some day's ago, but nothin fot now.
  13. Hi, We plan to build a custom modular rop network for exporting assets, we plan to have dedicated nodes to be responsible for setting asset info, component info, etc. Currently the idea is to link those values to the final export node via expressions, but I'd prefer to be able to pass the information down the stream in a similar way as we pass detail attributes in SOP networks. I dont have much experience with ROP nodes, but so far I didnt find any way to pass information down the tree. Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  14. Flip Collison with thin layer

    Maybe you can reverse the collision direction with the invert sign?
  15. Flip Collison with thin layer

    I have a collision geometry inside the flip. So collision is like a core. And flip goes inside the geo, thought I ve played around with collision separation
  16. Imagine / "Its offer really fast bowling for Ideas" I think nothing more ... homework for today to Build in Houdini..
  17. Particles Swirling Around Surface

    @Librarian Thanks, that looks interesting. Any chance for a hip file though? It's kinda hard to figure out what's going on without diving into some of those nodes.
  18. pyro and volume rasterize attribute

    try scattering more points or post files?
  19. "vdb deactive" always detects voxels whose value equals background value currently and get them deactive or "removed" the value of voxels you expanded equal background value,so qualified, and for SDF is in the the same way hope i helps vdb activate and deactivate_v2_od.hiplc
  20. Thank you. I didnt know about that Stop condition in the sop loop. You assumed correctly, that the "current" point group is assigned to a single point. But here is the full setup for those who are interested. (without the stop condition. Im working on that) maze_generator.hipnc
  21. Particles Swirling Around Surface

    Try This Set
  22. Change orientation copied object

    Houdini help? https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/copy/instanceattrs.html
  23. Maze Generator: Recursive VEX code

    If you could provide your scene so we know the setup that needs to go before the solver, then we could help better. I assume it's just a group where you set the "current" group to a single point, but I don't know for sure. Anyways, I would use a For Each Number loop, set to Feedback Each Iteration and Fetch Feedback. Iterations would be the max iteration amount. Basically, how long you are willing to wait for. There is a Stop Condition. That would be an expression to fetch a detail attribute, set with the wrangle. I'd make a "stop" detail attribute, and set it to 1 when you want to stop the loop. Then, just reference it directly with the detail() expression. What you can then do is just put a big number in Iterations (but not too large that if there's an issue, it doesn't take forever to stop), and check at each iteration if the maze is done. In the example, I just check visitedlist's length, and if it's bigger than 100, I stop. // Arbitrary stop condition, for testing int list[] = detail(0,"visitedlist"); if(len(list) > 100) setdetailattrib(0, "stop", 1); You can see that in this case, the loop ran 158 times before it stopped. The downside with this compared to a Solver is that you cannot see the path it takes through each iterations. To solve that, you could store the iteration number on the "current" point, so that it gives you the path to visualize after. Then, you could make a visualizer wrangle that sets the colors based on the "iteration" value on each point, based on the current frame. stop_condition.hipnc
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  25. Particles Swirling Around Surface

    If you view a Volume Trail SOP for your velocity field, your particles are moving like you're telling them to You can try using XYZDist (should be at least a few examples here or the SideFX forums), or try a Ray SOP for adhering them to the surface as they move I'd also suggest checking out Matt Estela's CGWiki for his POP Swirl example and others around that section and beyond: HoudiniDops - cgwiki (tokeru.com)
  26. Hi, im build a Maze generator with vex. But i went into an issue by setting up the right iterations. I developed the code in a solver sop because it was easy for me to understand whats happening. But now i want the code iterating till the maze is finished. So I want the iterations to be driven by a condition, for example (and not by frames). Does anybody know how to make a recursive version of the code, so i will be able to setup a condition? function int[] nunvisited(int inpoint){ int pushed[] = array(); foreach(int n; neighbours(0,inpoint)){ if(inpointgroup(0,"visited",n)!=1){ push(pushed,n); } } return pushed; } function void movefor(int cpoint){ int neighbours[] = nunvisited(cpoint); int randbour = int(rand(cpoint+25)*len(neighbours)); int npoint = neighbours[randbour]; //add point to visitedlist array int visitedlist[] = detail(0,"visitedlist"); push(visitedlist, npoint); setdetailattrib(0,"visitedlist",visitedlist,"set"); //enable visited group setpointgroup(0,"visited",npoint,1,"set"); //disable current group setpointgroup(0,"current",cpoint,0,"set"); //enable current group setpointgroup(0,"current",npoint,1,"set"); //color setpointattrib(0,"Cd",npoint, {0,0,1}, "set"); //add line int l = addprim(0,"polyline",cpoint,npoint); setprimgroup(0,"line",l,1,"set"); } function void moveback(int cpoint){ int list[] = detail(0,"visitedlist"); int lastindex = len(list)-2; int ppoint = list[lastindex]; //delete point from visitedlist array int visitedlist[] = detail(0,"visitedlist"); removeindex(visitedlist,len(list)-1); setdetailattrib(0,"visitedlist",visitedlist,"set"); //disable group setpointgroup(0,"current",cpoint,0,"set"); //enable group setpointgroup(0,"current",ppoint,1,"set"); setpointattrib(0,"Cd",ppoint, {1,0,0}, "set"); } if(len(nunvisited(@ptnum))<1){ moveback(@ptnum); }else{ movefor(@ptnum); }
  27. Particles Swirling Around Surface

    Hi, I'm trying to create an effect like the one here: https://player.vimeo.com/video/290076899 My approach so far is using a cross product of the point normals with a default up vector, and rasterizing that as a velocity field that the points are advected by. But this results in a simple rotating motion, rather than swirling around the mesh: The caption in the video says "POP VOP + Crowds", which is obviously not too informative. I don't think the Crowd part of it is too crucial if I'm not using animated agents, so it's mainly the POP sim that I'm trying to get right. Does anyone have some tips how to approach this? HIP file also attached. Thanks! POP_Letter.hip
  28. Add high frequency noise to tree branches

    You need use leveles on the tree and use noise multiply by this level to make more noise on small branches
  29. Change orientation copied object

    These seem perfect. Thanks a lot guys!
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