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  2. uv after boolean fracture

    You just need to click on "Copy Cutting Surface Attributes" on the Boolean fracture and put uv in the Vertex Attributes. I believe the Boolean Fracture sop tries to do its own uv jazz on the inside which is why you are getting distorted uvs like this. By clicking the copy on, it should just bypass all that and use the incoming from your cutting planes. Also, not quite sure why you have the extrude volume sop in there as it doesn't really do anything for cutting in this case.
  3. This is one of those times where you should email support@sidefx.com as this problem seems a bit more complex.
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  5. vellum grains not shaded

    hmmm...did you fiddle with your gamma ? Display>Scene>Gamma 2.2 ? (I just opened a blank scene and checked the default value)
  6. From what I've seen OpenCl 3.0 support begin with driver 465. Don't know for Atom, but since I run 456 It doesn't seem to be the cause of my problem, but yes while I update windows I also update nvidia drivers. At same time I can't rollback due to redshift version !
  7. Hello guys. i using an boolean fracture to divide an geometry. both of them have uv, but after the boolean sop the uvs of one of the objects gets messy. i not sure why it is happening. i tried to get around with this issue using copy uv(from original), even attribute transfer to new one. but its just getting worst. i lost ps: i will upload an simple .hip file boolean_fracture_uv.hip
  8. Was there not a opencl bump to ocl3.0 with the nvidia driver recently? might be worth a shot to roll back
  9. Simple Tree Tools 2.0

    Hi! I just released Simple Tree Tools 2.0. This is a huge update! Please enjoy https://gum.co/SimpleTreeTools
  10. and this file from @Nate... have nice tricks packing_boxes_v001.hiplc
  11. As I said, in my case all Houdini versions are affected. I've udated my first post and I suspect something with Windows updates. In wich specific node can I find pdb_constraint.h ? I try a grain sim but I get no error.
  12. That's interesting. I was poking around inside of pdb_constraint.h today to try and find out why OpenCL has all of a sudden quit working on the GPU. I got a message that about variables not being defined as double precision. I wonder if some type of compile switch has been janked on these recent Houdini builds? (using H18.5.532)
  13. Underwater Surface

    Hello... some nice underwater there. My only problem is getting the topside look with the proper lighting. Been playing with the ocean displacement and area lights here... maybe someone know a more advanced method?
  14. Debris From Object Issue , Rebelway

    Hey everyone i'm currently i'm watching and learning a Rebelway Intro to Houdini FX Week 06 - Debris Src and i'm stuck middle of training sorry my english is not good i'm facing a issue thought to share it here maybe someone face same issue as me and find a solution i going to make this simple as i can 1- here i have fractured & animated box , the moving pieces of the box going to emit points i used popnet popsolver for that , and everything works fine 2- now when the pieces moving they going to emit points as you see in picture 3- but here go problem , in rebelway training the teacher going to convert the moving object to vdb polygon so he can use it as collision for points and he going to add the vdb collision to system using static object "use deforming geometry" everything works fine for him but soon as i do something like this the points go crazy - i check boundary and normals str but still facing same issue
  15. That is a really interesting solution and I like it. I would like to figure out how to make it minimized though, so there is a minimum total gap space.
  16. VDB Advect inside another VBD

    No worries, have fun with vellum! Lots of fun examples to play with out there
  17. Masking wind velocity in Vellum

    Using the VEXpression in advectByVolume to multiply by an existing attribute does work (confirmed by enabling and disabling VEXpression to see difference), however hair is sitll hair - if you push an end of it, the rest will bend and twist accordingly unless you've adjusted the hair attributes otherwise - modifying the hair bend and stiffness attributes for the behavior rather than just the forces will likely help more in getting what you're after. odf_hairadvect.hiplc
  18. VDB Advect inside another VBD

    @ryew that kind of worked! And I'm pretty sure vellum is the way to go. I will look into it. Thank you so much!
  19. Hi Something strange happen. Ocean Evaluate doesn't work anymore no matter which version of houdini I try. I try H16, H17, H175, H18, H185 Even the old file that worked generates an error. Diving into the node it appears that the probleme come from the ocean.h include in the Volume Wrangle named calc_X_Y_Z. Here is the type of error it generates : C:/PROGRA~1/SIDEEF~1/HOUDIN~1.499/houdini/vex/include/ocean.h: Invalid declaration type for variable X: complex (404,37) C:/PROGRA~1/SIDEEF~1/HOUDIN~1.499/houdini/vex/include/ocean.h: Invalid declaration type for variable Z: complex (404,40). ..... long list Does anyone have an idea ? [edit] While continuing to search, I tried on another machine that has a version of houdini and it's the same thing. The only common thing between these two machines is the windows update done in december. Does this speak to anyone?
  20. Group particles into four parts

    This is magic! Thanks celd for this, looks so useful!
  21. Edgefracture with pressure contraint in vellum

    I was hoping to get a similar result as the version without additional pieces. Why is this weird movement happening?
  22. The scene is missing the wall geometry and your DOP Network, so you should include them to make it easier for others to help you. If you intend to just use particles, unfortunately copying to particles will not be able to make the balloons collide with each other - check out Vellum in order to do this, there is even a Balloon preset you can try and lots of tutorials out there
  23. VDB Advect inside another VBD

    Perhaps try using VDB Convert From Polygons on the pighead and set your VDB Combine to "SDF Intersection" instead. Having said that, if you are looking for the effect of small balloons, this is something Vellum should handle easily and convincingly, search for the "pressure" threads on here or check the SideFX Masterclasses on Vellum for examples (and I'm sure google will show plenty more videos)
  24. Hello friends Today I need particle advice. I would like to make a very simple balloon of hellium that comes out of a corridor and goes up to the sky. I did everything, color management etc but no way to find an easy way to make them react to each other. I join you my scene you can maybe help me :-) I look forward to learning and improving myself on this point. setup_v01t02.hiplc
  25. Hi peeps, I'm currently working on a project where I need to emerge a large object (3.5m) from a fluid surface. Everything works fine in my scene but for one thing I seem not to get in control of.. The issue I'm facing is that when the large object emerges from the surface it creates some kind of suction between the face of the object and the water surface. I know this is how fluids will work in real life but for creative purposes I need to get rid of this. When I go to my collision object and turn the velocity scale down I get rid of this suction velocity but this also has a lot of influence on the rest of my sim. Does some of you maybe have any tips on how I can direct this part of the simulation better? Any help would be amazing. Attached to this post is an image where I try to visualize my problem. The green arrows indicate the direction and movement of the large block. The red outline is the issue I'm facing. Also I've attached a Hip file. This is a re-creation of the problem (I cant share my actual file). Thanks in advance! example_scene.hip
  26. VDB Advect inside another VBD

    Hi! In the attached hip file there are a bunch of spheres generated using the pig head geo and connected to a solver with VDB advect. Is there a way I make these spheres grow inside the pig ahead so that when they grow to touch the surface of the pig ahead, they should just collide and deform? I tried converting the pig head to a vdb but I think it needs to be hollow from the inside for it work. Thank you so much for your help! VDB_advect.hiplc
  27. Hi How can I make UV's follow mesh curves, like the green line, instead of the red...
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