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  2. POP stream/group in wrangle

    Hi everyone. I have a pop stream called "stream_main" and is written that its a pointgroup. Though when I refer to it in a wrangle, if doesn't work. I don't know why.
  3. Pyro sim with moving emitter

    Hey Marc, what you're facing is a common problem in doing FX on animated characters/geometry. As Atom suggests, increasing substeps and/or blurring your volume source will likely help track and blend with the simulation with the motion of your animated source geometry. If you haven't already seen it, check out this related tutorial and see how he ensures a steady emission stream as the character moves away
  4. Given that it involves detecting selected prims for attribute filtering, might want to shift this question to the scripting section of the forum
  5. I'm still looking for a way to check how a prim is in two groups at the same time.
  6. COP - TOPS Wedging

    i have a very simple cop2net that processes an input image and i have turned this small setup into an HDA with some parameters exposed. i want to run the cop2net for every image from my pc directory, have the HDA parameters wedged and export each time the generated image. So far i have linked the wedged parameters with my HDA parameters. 1) But how and where do i fetch my images? 2) and how do i export the result?
  7. TOPs and Deadline

    Has any one been able to get TOPs and deadline working together? I've tried to send a couple of jobs with deadline scheduler but I was not getting any output... Deadline was also not returning any errors.
  8. Hello, Any idea why the Redshift camera option 'enable photographic exposure' doesn't show in the Houdini default render view? It shows in the redshift render view, but is gone when I export. cheers
  9. Have you tried unpacking the Alembic and checking the attributes on the unpacked geometry?
  10. I'm having an issue getting rbd object to collide with a static object properly. I have 2 rbd's using a pin constraint like a warehouse crane. I'm trying to have the load swing over a rail and the back of the load hit the rail on the way down. I want it hang on it and then pull off creating a swing. The problem I'm having is that when they collide it acts like a tracker beam and it just pulls together. Any ideas how to fix this or is there a better way of handling this? I've tried taking off all the friction as well and it doesn't help. Thanks. Strap_Break_Top_2.hiplc
  11. Hi. I unpack and convert rdb sim to polygon. Applied attribute delete and when I checked the Cd attributes are still there. In my ROP_alembic, I left the geometry attributes with the default * However when I import that alembic file back in, the Cd isn't there. I'm curious if I am doing something wrong. Can anyone please give me some pointer? Thank you.
  12. Substance warp node - COP equivalent

    nice!! this way you distort an input image with a noise. Would this work the other way around? Distorting a noise with an image. What i am trying to do basically is conform a noise to flow somehow around a black and white image (no gray values)
  13. Collisions of scattered spheres

    Hi everyone, I simplified my problem into a smaller and simpler scene, in the hip attached, I have a sphere on which I scattered points, I would like to have collisions between those points caused by inertia. (because the object on which the sphere are scattered is moving) Any hints on how I can extract those points and generate physics on them ? Thanks in advance sc_spheres_01.hiplc
  14. appearing grains over time ?

    Hello everyone, I am making a grains simulation that has a very long object (red box) for particles. Is it possible to make grains appear during the sim time (while my ship is getting closer to the grains), instead of showing all particles at the same time? That way I could save some sim time and instead of 5mil points, simulate around 1mil that is needed at that moment. I'll attach a low res sim video of what I have for now, so that it would be easier to understand what I mean. LowRes_Sim.mp4
  15. Procedurally set bend capture region?

    Sorry, I didn’t see it was already solved
  16. TOPS PDG Imagemagick Sequences in Montage

    Heads up guys .. Jeff at SideFX was able to help me out .. I will post the solution later today for anyone curious about this.
  17. Pyro sim with moving emitter

    You could try increasing the substeps on the solver, or blurring the initial volume source.
  18. Procedurally set bend capture region?

    The easiest way to do it is set a loop to iterate over pieces and then inside the loop write the relevant attributes (bounds, direction, bend angle) to detail attributes. Then you can reference them inside the bend node with the detail(input, attrib, component) expression. Then delete the attributes at the end of the iteration.
  19. Hey there, Maybe this will help. These are the python methods that are available that do the job without having to wrap hscript. hou.putenv, hou.getenv, hou.unsetenv Cheers
  20. PC find vs PC find radius

    what's the difference between pc find and pc find radius in action ?
  21. POP collisions with large static object

    I have that sometimes too. Still got solace from being able to ask tho, Plus sometimes asking makes you suddenly think of answers you wouldn't think about if you didn't ask. Very strange. ,
  22. if i understand correctly, you've got like 1000 blueprints and you want to say - hey, blueprint number 568, set your height to 12. in that case, wrangle SOP is your friend: if(@primnum==568) @height = 12; if you want to edit a bunch of prims you can chain them: if(@primnum==568 || @primnum==654 || @primnum==33) @height = 12; i'm using @primnum in these examples (which refers to the particular primitive number) but you can use any attribute: if(@P.x>10) @height=12; (modifies all prims with X axis position value > 10) obviously this becomes cumbersome if you want to edit more than few values. in that case you can first group them and do the operation on groups (the group is called "abc" in this example): if(@group_abc) @height = 12; these are just some trivial examples of how to manipulate subsets of data but possibilities are endless. you can get very creative here with arrays and loops here, you can filter things by incomins attribute values (names), it's location or a distance from something, by it's size, by user defined tags, you name it.
  23. Nevermind! Sorted it custompaths = "path" hou.hscript("setenv VERSION=" + custompaths) hou.hscript("varchange VERSION")
  24. hello! I am trying to get a python Variable to be brought into Houdini under the "alias and Variables" windows. I was wondering if anyone else has solve this issue and would be able to assist [ cusompaths = test hou.hscript("setenv = $custompaths") hou.hscript("varchange $custompaths") ][/code] thanks josh
  25. you can modify attributes as you want on your footprints geo using Attribute Adjust nodes or Attribute Expression, Wrangle, ... just specify group, ideally in a procedural based on attributes they contain way like: @name=buildingA* also your extrude doesn't have to be in forloop it should pick up your height attribute per primitive if you want them to be independently regenerateable, you may need to do it in TOPs, where you'd have footprint for each building as a separate workitem as well as all the attributes you care about, then next step can be editing of some and next would be building generation, TOPs can be regenerated per workitem without affecting unchanged ones, it may be trckier to setup and manage though
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