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  2. hey everyone! I'm trying to copy and orient those parts correctly: first I create a polyframe and make tangent normals and an up vector and things are great! but then I notice that my rotation is wrong for the start and end parts. they should just point up along up vector. I can just transform before I copy but now I also want to change the height of the thing dynamically so the pre-rotation doesn't work. the two ways to fix that I could think of were either factor in the distance into my transform or somehow lock/orient the parts to/along the upvec (better option I think?). Can I use orient for that? I watched and read quite a bit about but can't quite figure out if it really applies and how to use it. scene attached orientation_copy.hiplc
  3. metal_deform plasticity

    Here is the your scene with the MOPs setup shown in the video. I cross faded the original simulation with the dampened one to bring the simulation to a stop. ap_metal_transform_2.hiplc
  4. metal_deform plasticity

    Try playing around with the sleeping time and breaking threshold of the RBD Solver, under the Advanced tab. You may want to deactivate the simulation after the sphere has passed through. Also, you might want to take a look at the MOPs tool kit. In this video, at 37:00 minutes, Henry covers a situation that is similar to your own. You can use a MOPs fall off to blend away RBD jitter.
  5. metal_deform plasticity

    cant solve the problem to stop the red primitive from moving (also the others,,,). Should stop with the other. Think its self explanatory. want to solve it WITH chipping in the rbdmaterialfracture. Btw: is there a way to give the "chipped" pieces an attribute? Thanks in advance for any idea :-) metal_transform_2.hip
  6. Hello, I am wondering if it's possible to interact with the main menu via script (File, Edit, Assets, etc)? Such as returning a list of the current menu items at runtime. I say at runtime in case there are custom menu items which are not default, such as the RenderMan menu that shows up when it's installed, etc. Then if it is also possible to open specific menu items, or trigger their functionality via script? I have been searching all day in the help docs and github for examples but the closest things I can find have to do with what looks like simply creating new menu items with MenuParmTemplate(). I have found that there are menu items within MainMenuCommon.xml, but as an example, is there some way to get this info via something like menuList = hou.ui.getMenuNames() and then use hou.ui.openMenu(“h.Asset_Manager”)? I also was trying to see if there was a way to a list of all current hotkeys. I see there are ways to get specific ones if you have the context code or vice versa, but I was trying to see if there was a way to just get all of them that there are currently? Thanks,
  7. Clouds

    Hi guys, I would love to show you few of my works creating scape clouds scenes with Houdini. All scenes has several seconds of animation rendered out but since I am based in China I can't upload the videos to Vimeo or YouTube so for now only this pictures are available. All clouds are procedural and animated, even the clouds in the background. The scenes contains several thousands of clouds. Done in Houdini 17 and the sunset scene with Houdini 18. Rendered with Mantra. -MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016) -Processor 2.7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 -Memory 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 -Graphics Radeon Pro 455 2 GB Intel HD Graphics 530 1536 MB Thank you!
  8. Houdini 18 Vellum Cache Issue

    Hi All, I am unable to receive the same output when I cache my cloth file, Cache simulation appears way different from my playblast result. Can Anyone guide me why I am getting such different outputs and How can I resolve this issue? I am using Vellum I/O for cacheing and I have 6 substeps in my simulation.
  9. I see. I've noticed tho that the comment doesn't pop up when I render with the Render View and click 'Save Render' right from there, but it does work when I choose 'Render to Disk'. Does anyone know if there's a way to also save the exr comment with the snapshots saved from the Render View? (Btw you see the 'comment' when you open with an app like Pdplayer or DVJ image viewer)
  10. Yesterday
  11. Setting up VS Code for Houdini Python

    Not sure if you got this working yet or not, but I am using the following and it works well for me. "python.autoComplete.extraPaths": [ "C:\\Program Files\\SideFX\\Houdini18.0.356\\houdini\\python2.7libs", "E:\\_unity\\_projects\\Python_Unity\\Library\\PackageCache\\com.unity.scripting.python@2.0.0-preview.6\\Python\\site-packages" ], "python.autoComplete.preloadModules": [ "hou", "unity_python" ], "terminal.integrated.env.windows": { "PYTHONPATH": "C:\\Program Files\\Side Effects Software\\Houdini18.0.356\\houdini\\python2.7libs;E:\\_unity\\_projects\\Python_Unity\\Library\\PackageCache\\com.unity.scripting.python@2.0.0-preview.6\\Python\\site-packages", "PATH": "${env:PATH};C:\\Program Files\\Side Effects Software\\Houdini18.0.356\\bin" }, "python.pythonPath": "C:\\Python27\\python.exe", "[python]": {}, "terminal.integrated.shell.windows": "C:\\WINDOWS\\System32\\wsl.exe",
  12. Modeler 1.0

    The overall usability is a big part of deciding what tools to use. Ex. I could not stand Blender 1.7x or earlier, but love 1.8x because of the changes. Is there any possibility of creating some sort of lightweight reduced feature demo of the modeling tools, just to get a feel of the workflow?
  13. Senior Houdini Artist (Remote)

    Artist Michelle Lopez is seeking a part-time temporary mid-senior level animator to modify an existing 360 degree animation of an explosion depicting moving debris. Seeking artist with 3-5 years production Houdini experience and 1-2 years Nuke experience for 1-3 weeks of remote work, freelance flexible schedule. The video will be one aspect of an immersive video and sound installation to be presented at the Franklin Institute Planetarium in Philadelphia. The video brings together natural disasters, cultural iconography, the aftermath of violence and visualizations of entropy. Please reach out with reel/resume to michellelopez@me.com Low_Res_Joplin_Snip.mov
  14. This seems to still be a problem in 18.0.338! I see my saved gallery in the Gallery Manager window but can't get any to appear in the Material Palette. Can someone else confirm? Thanks. EDIT: Just found this same issue on the SideFX forum. The fix posted there (that worked for me as well) was making sure "Mantra" is in my material's keywords. I was able to make that change in the Gallery Manager Window and my materials immediately appeared in the palette. Note, this fix works despite the Palette window showing All Renderers not just Mantra renderers.
  15. Thanks you Tesan. I found this implementation in C on gibhub yesterday, credit to YuanhaoGongmade in cmake, apparently for mac os. Apparently you could run it without matlab installed but a minor edit. Are you using matlab for your houdini work Tesan? Is it the12m 18 or 25 years old Chivas you want? :)) i bet we are a few here to follow amazing @petz researches, and i indeed for creating such an interesting sharp content. After yes, it also reminds me when i was young, my neighbour cook amazing cakes who smell delicious all around, looks gorgeous an will make hungry a 100 years ol deadman but so far she never let us try a part
  16. Install Anaconda ..You have a link.. Read and learn ..maybe Petz gonna upload a file for Houdini. Install trial Matlab. Send me a Chivas Whiskey and you gonna get a converter for C++ to python or vex or Basic .. But soon @petz gonna upload a file DevelopabilityOfTriangleMeshes-master.zip course-master.zip paper.pdf
  17. Modeler 1.0

    Oh. My bet. I thought it was advertised as $70 For new users, but that's upgrade pricing.
  18. Export Crowd Agent to FBX

    Hi Alain To my knowledge there is no such option, You have to hack such yourself. I have made a set-up which requires re-rigging in houdini. It's cumbersome but it opens a whole range of possibilities. If you're interested i can elaborate further on it.
  19. Python from Gplay?

    Is there a way to run python inside a gplay session? I'm exploring an idea that requires UI events in gplay to generate simple viewport transform information in order to automate some tasks in Houdini(e.g. using python to recook a pdg network). It doesn't even have to be gplay, I'm just looking for a way to launch the houdini viewer port to view a scene file and for example upon closing the viewer it would force recook a PDG or run a script in houdini passing on the last viewport transform information.
  20. No dop object specified ?

    I've supplied only the dop object name, same issue ?
  21. No dop object specified ?

    DOP network - can be a path. Object Mask - Should be just the name of the dopobject. Not a path.
  22. No dop object specified ?

    When using the DOP Import node, I specified the DOP Object as a relative path, as well as the Import Style is set to; Fetch Geometry from DOPNetwork but the DOP Import node is returning; no dop object specified ?
  23. Last week
  24. It seems to me you have a very poor understanding of Houdini/Python basics which is Ok for a beginner. Houdini Docs are pretty good these days, go ahead read it and create a few tools for practice. Then read this on how to tell Houdini where to find your scripts.
  25. Hey all, I am just getting started trying to make tools for Houdini and I had a few fairly basic questions. Can Should additional packages be used outside of whatever ones Houdini includes? I mean, I am sure they *can* be used, at least locally, but if I wanted to make a tool using additional packages and then release it down the road, how exactly does that work? Does it have the ability to download required packages from a requirements file? I noticed that there are separate folders for scripts and HDAs. At first I thought HDA's were just sets of scripts that were exported in a Houdini native format, but it seems that is probably not the case if they are separated out. Do HDA's include scripts, or are they just sets of nodes configured in predefined ways? If it includes Python, does it have to be written within Houdini's editor instead of being in external files? Thanks all, -MH
  26. Hi guys Found this really interesting algorithm from the genious Keenan a while ago , wanted to share with you for those who don't know it.. I have seen Petz manage to get one, didn't commented how, and I was wondering if some of you had a chance to implement it in houdini an maybe an external python script i could use ? https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~kmcrane/Projects/DiscreteDevelopable/paper.pdf Cheers, Vincent* ________________________________________________________________ Vincent Thomas (VFX and Art since 1998) Senior Env artist & Lighting & MattePainter & Creative Concepts http://fr.linkedin.com/in/vincentthomas ~ ~ Available in Febrary 2020 ~ ~
  27. Ocean Extended problem

    Here is the result with a mantra rendering. There are also holes in the oceans and as I said earlier, the ocean is masking in the simulation zone and does not continue indefinitely
  28. River

    ....i think its not the stones textures, more the composition. its in nearly center of the image. and there is no movement happening, like big water interaction. either move it out of the center or make it regarding movement more a „rock star“....lower it, so more water could interact and splashing with the stone. maybe, you could also let the shader look more wet.
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