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  3. Could also come in really handy for creating objects covered in snow.
  4. Particles avoiding objects

    Pop metaballs? pop_metaball_forces.hipnc
  5. debris issue

    hi guys, i was following this tutorial but my debris pieces are vibrating on this area. i have just used test pig for volume collision.any idea? thanks. od_debrs.hipnc
  6. @davpe thanks again for looking into this, really appreciate it. I will give it a try.
  7. i looked into your file and this is gotcha everybody bums into at some point if you're assigning materials like you did, you have to indicate that there are materials embedded in packed prims (normally, mantra doesnt look into it to save resources - this can make a difference for large scenes). so all you have to do is to set Declare Materials option to Save All Materials. It's in Mantra ROP>Rendering>Render tab all the way at the bottom. anyways, more up to date way to handle materials on instances is Material stylesheet which i suggest you to explore. there are several pretty good tutorials covering this on sidefx website.
  8. Sure, thanks for looking into this. instance_for_loop.hiplc
  9. @Andrea, No those are the raw renders.
  10. not sure, it works fine for me. might be the way you assign materials... hard to say. can you post a scene file?
  11. Yesterday
  12. Particles avoiding objects

    Thank you karanjaura, this is exactly the effect I needed. Works perfectly. But I am just wondering...is there an easier way to achieve something like this? I was assuming Houdini would have some built in tools to make particles avoid objects...Surely a beginner would not come up with a solution like in that video. Really appreciate the help!
  13. Agent interacting with Pop Grains

    You know I actually had it working after I rebuilt it and it just stopped working all of a sudden. I'll try to redo all the steps again to see if I can post a working version and maybe you guys can tell me what im doing wrong or if there is a method that you have used in the past that you works.
  14. there is no limitation in modeling, VOPs, animation or L-systems. really just DOP nodes aren't there.
  15. Problems with Upres and pyro cluster

    anyone ever figure this out? I have the same issue.
  16. guided ocean from animated geometry

    Hello this question was originally asked here (and I hav https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/46028/ "I am wondering if it's possible to simulate a thin layer of ocean from any given geometry mesh in houdini?" Or from my input mesh that is a deforming animated plane? It is basically wave previs anim from Maya -- I am looking to drive a flip sim with this animation similarly to bifrost guided parameters: In the sidefx forum I linked someone mentioned "- detect position of flip particle if it is below or above the surface if below the surface but the distance with the surface is below a certain threshold advect it by the point velocity. if the distance is more than the treshold it get deleted every frame." I was wondering if someone can headstart me with how to go about this implementation, does this process need to be done within the solver? Thank you all for your time! -Shane
  17. Hi Did a quick google search but couldn't find anything. Anyone know how to modify the default New Project template? Where is this file located on Linux?
  18. Again, thank you guys, for the advice. @davpe The attribute randomization works very well with the "for each loop" method. Unfortunately, when I try to render the packed copies, the material sometimes renders fine and sometimes renders completely gray, as if there where no material assigned (renders fine with unpacked copies though), a bug maybe? Has anyone encountered the same problem? I am using Houdini Indie 16.5.405 under Windows 10 OS.
  19. Agent interacting with Pop Grains

    I actually rebuilt it and its working now. Is there a way to have the animated character exert a velocity value? I would like to be able to control how much its movements make the grains move etc. Any help would be sick. Thanks!
  20. Introduction to FX using Houdini - workshop

    Hey what's up guys, Only 1 week left to sign up for my fast-track Houdini workshop "Introduction to FX using Houdini". Limited student capacity! Over the course of 9 weeks and 33+ hours of tutorial content students learn how to do procedural modeling, particle-, RBD-, pyro-, FLIP- and whitewater simulations. On top of that we're going to talk about lighting, shading, rendering and we're going to dive deep into VEX scripting. I would love to answer any questions that you might have!!! Cheers, Manu Find the complete course syllabus here: https://www.cgmasteracademy.com/courses/16-intro-to-fx-using-houdini Also for more detailed information on the workshop, check out an interview that was done on 80.lv recently: https://80.lv/articles/making-first-steps-in-vfx-with-procedural-tools/ Here's a quick teaser:
  21. Alright, that's nice to know, thanks for the quick answer. So procedural modeling and animated VOP-setups are possible? What about L-systems? Best, Florian.
  22. Particle Dancer

    Part of a series exploring mocap. Wish I knew a way to reduce Vimeo's yucky compression artifacts. Not even close to the quality of the uploaded file.
  23. I would like out to export out a Smoke Trail simulation as a VDB sequence so I can import it in a different package. Because the smoke is clustered I can't figure out how to export it out. It only seems to export out one cluster. Setting $CLUSTER in the Rop Output path doesn't do anything. I think that variable is used if you distribute the sim on different machines. I only have 1 machine. Redshift displays there are multiple density channels and the file size of each frame get larger even though the displayed cluster is empty on further frames. I'm using the Smoke Trail shelf preset as a starting point. Eventually I'd like to simulate a long smoke trail along a moving object. Unfortunately I couldn't find any information about this. I'm using Houdini Indie. Thank you for your time.
  24. Houdini Core doesn't include DOP nodes so you can't do any simulations. other than that there are no restrictions. Solver SOP is there too.
  25. Metra, mysterious objects scattered on the planet, represent the last legacy of an ancient civilization extinct for centuries. By harnessing the power of one of them, a new race has managed to rise among the others, yet the energy available to them is going to finish. To face the impending danger, a special type of automaton is entrusted with the task of exploring the outside world, looking for a new Metra as an energy source. NEST 05 is a 3D Animated Short that was rendered through Redshift by 6 visual arts students as their Bachelor's thesis. We hope that you can appreciate our work, good vision! PS: Any feedback are welcome! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/vLLVO
  26. Volleyball

    Quite straight forward! You could also try copying your grid to an octahedron from platonic solids. However, this requires to handle the orient attribute on the platonic first. vector up = v@N.zxy; // assign swizzled normal vectors to up matrix3 rot = maketransform(v@N, up); // rotation matrix based on normals and up p@orient = quaternion(rot); // convert rotation matrix to quaternion (vector4) copy_grid_to_platonic.hiplc
  27. Particles avoiding objects

    Hi, Have a look at this, if you haven't,it might solve your purpose. Cheers !!
  28. problem with Mosaic Node

    Ran into the same issue that OP had. After a couple of hours of trouble shooting, the only way I could get it to work was to hit the play button and let it run through the whole frame range.
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