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  3. creating condensation or water droplets

    great scene!!! Thank you Tushar
  4. Hi everyone, this is my first time writing tools , I'm creating a tool to import camera from Maya with python. I use hou.hipFile.importFBX function but it's not return about imported nodes , so I couldn't connect null node for worldscale. How do I get the imported nodes info? Thanks.
  5. Hi @violalyu You can get some good idea from this reference links http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=MayaToHoudini
  6. Choosing between Coat & ZBrush ?

    Hi guys, I would say that in any case, there is always a learning curve to every complex software. Indeed, ZBrush is not always intuitive, but having spent some time looking at great tuts (game art institute, and other ryan kingslien stuffs), I have discovered the any possibilities you can sculpt things, and I believe that it is what’s count : the ressources to help you learn whatever the software is. I would really go to zbrush, having tested other packages (3D COat and Mudbox). But, it’s because I have invested in it, and now it gives me results :-) So I would say, choose the one where you find learning matrials easily. That being said, depending on what your final goal is, this may also influence you : shall chose one to make a sculpting / modeling portfolio in order to find job, go for the most used soft in the industry, that would give confidence to your future employer; if you are just a hobbyist, price and what gives you more pleasure to use is what should drive you... on top of how easily you can find help (tutorials, forums etc.). In both cases, ZBrush is quite a good choice ;-)
  7. Collision surface for VDB advection

    ok, just to follow up on this topic for anyone wondering. I figured that the resolution of the velocity field needed to be higher (smaller divisions) if you want to reduce the sample distance... which those changes you can have a might tighter tolerance to the collision geometry! pretty happy with this setup after making those changes.
  8. I'm trying to use a wire capture and wire deform to add some sway to a feather. However, it doesn't seem like there's a way to smooth the "weights" of the capture? It seems each feather point only obeys one point from the animated wire?... I did a simple test w/ an animated wire (via chops/lag) consisting of 4 points so the effect would be very noticeable. when wire-deformed, there's a very noticeable kink in the feather where points on one side follow one wire point w/ the other side following the next point, like some kind of invisible barrier Is thought maybe I could use point deform instead, but it seems like point deform doesn't do orientations properly (so my feather just skews left/right without actually bending properly) Is there a way to smooth out the capture so each feather point grabs more than 1 wire point but the effect is weighted based on distance to that wire point?
  9. Yesterday
  10. Air Incompressibility Surfacing

    Yes there is its in the same spot as described also you will need to turn on both smooth toggles in filtering otherwise with spherical surfacing method you will get clumpy fluid look and that looks terrible
  11. Air Incompressibility Surfacing

    Yes there is its in the same spot as described
  12. Hi Mark, Thank you so much for the reply! The first part for setting env variables via hou.putenv(), I thought about that at first, then I realized that this would not work for multiple MPlay sessions parented under the same Houdini session( for example, user flipbooked from one angle, and then want to decide if they want to save/publish later, and they flipbooked from another angle/viewport, then we have 2 MPlay parented to this Houdini process,), unless we have a way in Mplay context to know which session it is in, we cannot distinguish which information is associated to which even if we serialized a dictionary and save it to Houdini env, or maybe you know how that could be achieved? Because as far as I know, the MPlay python exec seems to be running as a hython process? and doesn't have any context of the houdini session (nodes etc.) not even hou.ui is availble at that level... AND, I think you are absolutely right about the lock file part, it did created a lock file when it launched, before any flipbook call. I guess that is the mark of the socket connection finished? But thank you soooooooooooo much Mark, I think this is enough to confirm that the mplay session exists! This is really really helpful for me! Best, Viola Lyu
  13. My RTX 2080 experience

    Do you have a power supply that's in the 800W+ range? Usually if things are shutting down without warning it's a power supply issue.
  14. Choosing between Coat & ZBrush ?

    You really emphasize the maddening word, therefore I'm going to take this as a yellow flag And as you suggest look into the 3D coat forums, as I'm leaning more towards 3D coat
  15. Yep, that sounds like a race condition. Have you tried just setting the env variables in python (putenv)? When Houdini spawns MPlay, MPlay inherits all the environment variables that were set. Otherwise I suppose you could wait until the .flipbook_lock file appears, and then run the flipbook, as it's MPlay that creates the lockfile.
  16. I've currently got a wetmap that I've got built into a principal shader based off a point cloud texture I wrote out for an entire model. How to I overlay the shader I’ve built on top of several existing materials so the wetmap shows on top of it? It works independently - but I've got no clue how to layer this on top of geo with several currently assigned materials. Any type of guidance would be very helpful. I’ve done a lot of research but I seem to not be on the right track for finding a solution to this. Ideally, I'd like to use the point cloud data as an alpha, to merge two different shaders together... but I'm a bit lost on the method here. Scene File: WetMapHelp.hipnc PointCloudTexture.zip
  17. Basic RBD Vehicle/Truck/Car Rig

    This is mind blowing. Thanks for posting!
  18. Procedural Shells

    Really really cool, this should help spice up my underwater shipwreck sand.
  19. In my opinion explicitly typing your attributes is good practice; in particular, for not accidentally using floats when you can/should use integers(if you want to check against specific numbers) if(x==6) is way better than if(x==6.0) for example,
  20. My RTX 2080 experience

    Just a heads up for anyone with a hardware setup similar to mine. Asus Extreme X399 and AMD Threadripper. And also plan on mixing new RTX with older cards. You might be spending a lot of time fiddling with your hardware trying to make everything work properly! I have a TitanV which has been rock solid on my box for over a year in both Windows and Ubuntu (its dual boot). But spent half the weekend trying to get a 2nd RTX2080 running nicely in my setup. 1st kept getting a Code OE error without posting which I finally resolved by swapping card PCIE slots. Then was getting a Bad TLP followed by a Bad DLLP repeated error after getting past Ubuntu's grub menu. I grabbed the latest RTX compatible Nvidia driver 411.xx and booted into Windows to resolve this. Then when benchmarking experienced random power shutdown more than once. Was able to successfully reboot after waiting a minute or so but just added to my frustration. I am guessing these issues are related to my BIOS, the X399 is fairly new and may still have a few bugs and compatibility issues with new hardware. But have decided to return and save my pennies towards a 2nd TitanV. YMMV. Also consider watercooling these guys or having really good fans, they get quite warm! (The baseplate on my TitanV feels just warm to the touch under load, the baseplate on the 2080 feels well...hot!!) I will probably revisit RTX technology again in a year when the next gen cards come out.
  21. Choosing between Coat & ZBrush ?

    They may have apparently similar tool sets, but I'd insist that Zbrush is a more mature product. It's not necessarily a great factor though. There's trade offs. It will have a larger library of tutorials and plug-ins and forum posts to answer inevitable questions. But it will have a more entrenched interface. And for me some of the interface decisions in Zbrush are maddening. That said I've already bought myself a license and have sunk dozens of hours into learning it's bizarre ways. If I were you I'd check out 3D coat forums and look for major frustrations and watch a few tutorials to see how intuitive the tools seem to you personally.
  22. Hi Mark, Thank you so much for the reply! I didn't have the .mplay_lock files existing, .flipbook_lock files do exist. I think the situation here is a little bit different, where the actual scenario here is, I was trying to launch an MPlay session with a given env dict where I stored some information I need in the environment variable via a subprocess.Popen in a dialog I created, and then I was calling the sceneviewer.flipbook() but with the desired settings passes in, so the session label matches the one I brought up, so that I can do things in the MPlay menu item etc. What I've noticed is that, sometimes the MPlay session I brought up may not been connected to the main Houdini process when the flipbook() is executed, so the flipbook() created its own MPlay session and that got the priority so the original one (the one I created before hand) got deleted, and I don't have the desired environment variable anymore. I was trying to see if there's a way that we can avoid this racing situation, other than have a magic number of sleep before the flipbook() runs. Is the .mplay_lock file created after it starts to listen to a flipbook session? Thank you sooooooo much again for the reply!
  23. You can determine which mplay sessions Houdini is linked to for flipbooking and rendering by looking at $HOME/houdiniX.Y/.flipbook_lock.<hostname> and .mplay_lock.<hostname> (if they exist). The first number is the process ID of the connected mplay session.
  24. Hi Houdini friends, Does anyone tried or know, how to get a list of active MPlay sessions from the main Houdini process? Basically like a list of port - Mplay session pairs or the like, or even session labels. Thank you so much in advance! Best, Viola Lyu
  25. Playing with fluids. When simulating 'room scale' water and other liquids are there any suggested starting points for both viscosity and stick on collision values? Or is it simply a matter of trial and error to see what 'looks right'?
  26. Progress Bar in a User's Property Page

    What is a "user defined property page"?
  27. Hi guys, Stormborn Studios is currently looking for mid- to senior level Houdini FX TDs. If you're looking for work or know somebody who does, please shoot me a message! (Vancouver-based artists only!) Cheers, Manu
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