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  2. Change HDA file version with Python

    that all being said, you need to think twice if this is the workflow you want all nodes of the same type are sourced only from your preferred library per hip file so if you change the path to the type definition, it will switch this to all the nodes of that type (as they all share the same definition) this can be dangerous and is not suitable for versioning tools that you want to keep multiple versions of in the same hip file however it can be beneficial for the utility tools that you want to keep up to date all the time and don't really care that they may break backward compatibility (as it will change all existing nodes to preferred definition) on the other hand, versioning by namespacing the type, will allow you to have multiple versions in the same hip file and even if you open the old scene with an older type it will be intact, so it's much safer workflow for that
  3. Change HDA file version with Python

    you can set it using hou.HDADefinition.setIsPreferred() to get the list of all installed definitions for certain type do hou.NodeType.allInstalledDefinitions() so overall you would do something like this: import hou node = hou.node('/obj/path/to/my/node') type = node.type() defs = type.allInstalledDefinitions() # and then set whichever one you want defs[1].setIsPreferred(True) obviously you can use the list of definitions to find desired path in there by library path and if found then set it as preferred, or whatever you plan the logic to be
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  5. VEX selecting border edges

    Set a normal node to 'points' and put this in an attribute wrangle: if( max( abs(v@N) ) < 0.9 ){ int nbs[] = neighbours(0, @ptnum); foreach(int nb; nbs){ if(nb > @ptnum){ vector nml = point(0, 'N', nb); setedgegroup(0, 'outer_edges', @ptnum, nb, max(abs(nml)) < 0.9); } } } box_edges.hiplc
  6. Whitewater houdini 17

    Was having exact same problem, when it gets real big, it just crashes houdini I need much more particles as well (using windows 10)
  7. Parent local axis constraint?

    Was able to solve this in the end. Had to modify the constraint CHOP a bit; Use constraint get local space, blend the parent movement, then add in world space position at the end. Seems to be working!
  8. Hi, How can I set conditional string ( hide when ) on folder parameter by python ? Thanks G
  9. on your generator CHOPs you can set Channel Range to be Use Current Frame Some CHOPs have also the Time Slice checkbox but it ultimately depends on your CHOP net and what's happening in there, if you are grabbing Geometry, channels, how you are exporting it back to your scene, etc.
  10. Displace Ocean Spectrum on Deformed Mesh

    they are showing because your geo is way denser long Y axis than along the horizontal Z so it receives much more detail from the spectrum in Y and therefore it looks like horizontal lines try to have more or less uniform density on your mesh resolution, so for example set your subdivide2/Depth parameter to 1 and convert2/V to 7 however this should not be a problem once you use the spectrum at rendertime as a displacement as the mesh will be rediced currently you have only N on your mesh, inherited to points, and the reference frame is computed using up of {0,1,0} for all the points, which especially in this scenario may cause points X axis to flip when N aligns with up vector and passes to the other side you can see the point reference frames when you put display flag on oceanSpectrum node
  11. Change HDA file version with Python

    Does this workflow have no sense? Does nobody ever use file versioning with HDA (only namespaces)?
  12. Particle Setup Question - New To Houdini

    Awesome.. i will try to follow this.. i only have like 2 weeks of work in houdini under my belt lol so im not exactly understanding how it all breaks down but ill do my best and hit you back.
  13. How create a peak snowdrift - snow/sand blowing setup

    Some year ago I made the same effect and I used a smoke sim: the emission was from the terrain itself (maybe you can scatter points over it and apply some noise to give him some variation over the emission) and the smoke solver take care of the rest (with a wind force + noise). Then you can mix it with some particles advected by the volume itself.
  14. Deforming Internal Points Using a Surface Mesh

    @Atom thanks for the tip. I was having some issues with point deform originally but subdividing the mesh seems to have fixed the issue. As a follow up, while it seems to work fine so far for walks and runs and general animations, I've found it seems to struggle for things with lots of local deformation. For example I did a quick softbody vellum sim on the pighead, and then I tried to deform an eroded version of the pig (convert to vdb->erode->convert to polys) and I get some intersecting around areas with a lot deformation. The sim mesh itself doesn't intersect at all, and subdividing the sim mesh doesn't help either. Do you have any ideas on how to get around a problem like this?
  15. I found this hip file somewhere on vimeo. If it is possible, can someone please replace the for each subnetworks , with for each loops. Also, if it is possible to add an option to be able to paint (a path for example) on the divided grid first, so you can later apply extrusion everywhere except on the painted path. Cheers! divide_grid.hipnc
  16. VEX selecting border edges

    Yes I mean edges
  17. Displace Ocean Spectrum on Deformed Mesh

    thanks for the pointers,its def.getting somewhere but still the deformations are not proper having these weird horizontal lines which are showing up in the mesh not sure what is causing that. is that because Im not able to understand your 4th pointer ? or its a uv issue ? as the ocean spectrum motion is not smooth,but I followed the thread and I guess the axes are pointing in the right direction. "- also make sure the point reference frames are stable during your deformation " ...could you pls throw some light on this ? waveDisplace_RnD_ODFORCE_v02.hip
  18. VEX selecting border edges

    What do you mean with border edges? In my opinion a cube doesnt have border-edges, while a grid has. The edges that isnt connected to any other geometry. But if you mean border edges like the hard angle, thats something different. Both are doable in vex, but different aproaches.
  19. VEX selecting border edges

    Is there a way in vex to select border edges of a cube ? Thanks
  20. Show Texture in Viewport

    Hi, Maybe this OGL technic can help you?.. taging your parameter with diffuse ogl. OGL_texture.hip
  21. I am working grooming some curves/hairs and all the way below the chain is a chop node with noise inside a subnet, even do I bypass the subnet, every time I change something takes forever since the chops cook even do that I think they are off/bypass, all the frames =( is there a way to really by pass chops or just let them cook by frame so the scene??? is kinda annoying =(
  22. Help with custom smoke velocities

    Thanks Atom, managed to get great results using a variation of this technique! I ditched the separation idea in the end anyway and just had the smoke morph straight into the target.
  23. make a parm use python instead hscript

    yes, the colors may be confusing - it all depends on what is the node's default scripting language (shown top-right next to cog icon) - if expression on the parameter is the same language, it is green, if it is other language then purple
  24. Displace Ocean Spectrum on Deformed Mesh

    it's just small tweaks: - delete N from your geo before applying Ocean Evaluate - increase Ocean Spectrum/Grid Size to maybe 5 - make sure you are not scattering points on deforming surface, scatter on single held frame, and use Attribute Interpolate to interpolate their positions and N - also make sure the point reference frames are stable during your deformation and that the axes point in directions as described in that thread or in the masterclass, to get wind in the correct direction
  25. make a parm use python instead hscript

    if I do something like exp = """ node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() prim0 = geo.prim(0) return len(prim0.points()) """ attribvop_node.parm("num_points_per_line").setExpression(exp, hou.exprLanguage.Python) now it works =) in the UI shows purple, and not green I think is because just that parm is python and the rest are hscript. thanks =)!!!! (go to sleep is 1 am)
  26. make a parm use python instead hscript

    it's grayed out, because you don't have any keyframe or existing expression there, if you had one, you can convert you can also set your node language to Python and then when your parm is in expression editing mode, you can just type it in and it will create expression keyframe for you but this should work too, what errors are you getting?: yourParm.setExpression("2+2", hou.exprLanguage.Python)
  27. Displace Ocean Spectrum on Deformed Mesh

    Hey Tomas I tried your method but its not working on my mesh Not sure whats the problem I am getting the same results I was getting before. Would really appreciate if you can have a look at the file waveDisplace_RnD_ODFORCE_v01.hip
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