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  2. target position for particles

    Yea, I saw this, the problem is there are no dynamics : (
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  4. Check out this thread. There is a transfer list on the fluidcompress and the particlefluidsurface nodes. Populate those fields with attributes you want to pull out of the simulation.
  5. target position for particles

    If you need a super fast morph with no wiggle can you not just use a blend shape or mix?
  6. target position for particles

    hmm, it seems like grains are more stable when it comes to targetP than regular pops : ( The problem is it needs to morph really fast and not keep wiggling. Anyway thanks, I figure out something : )
  7. So I have one digital asset, which has one parameter (a string), and contains a DOP. The idea would be to replicate this asset on a grid, and vary the string parameter. However, I don't understand how to access that parameter, as it exists at Scene level. When I import the DA at geo level with Object Merge, I don't have the interface for that asset, so I can't set that text value. Can I somehow create a parameter on the Object Merge at geo level that would be linked to the parameter of the digital asset at scene level ?
  8. Bumping with the recordings : EPC2018 - Innes McKendrick - Working With Change (Hello Games: No Man’s Sky) EPC2018 - Anastasia Opara - Proceduralism and Deep Learning (EA: SEED) EPC2018 - Oskar Stalberg - Wave Function Collapse in Bad North EPC2018 - Twan de Graaf and Pierre Villette - Procedural Content Generation at Ubisoft Paris
  9. Hay everyone, Hope you are well. This is Probably a really silly question but I am still new to Houdini and FX and I am not sure what to do. So what I am trying to do Is transfer all the Colors from the text Below into the Flip Fluid Particles of their respective Text Shapes. I would then like that to show up in the Materials for rendering as well which I'm guessing I can pull the Color from the FLIP Particles ? Here is the Random Text. Here are the Particles And here is my DOP Network.
  10. target position for particles

    Here are just some various ways. You can see the difference between normalising the direction vector or not, adding to force or vel, etc. Plus the normal Pop Attract. test_particles_02.hip
  11. Color in FLIP sims - milk pour into tea

    I think there are many ways to work with collision volumes but the way I find the most straight forward is to create a vdb volume in sops and then use this as a proxy volume in the static object. If you turn on the deforming object checkbox it will pick up any animation at the sops level. If you have particles travelling thru the collision volume then I think it means the particles are travelling too fast in one sub step (time frame?) for the solver to calculate whether or not they are colliding with the collision volume as the particle has already passed thru it. You can remedy this by increasing the size of your collision volume, make it fatter, and/or increase the solver sub steps.
  12. FEM flesh rip

    Hi " cudarsjanis " ; I have same problem. Could you please post you hip file (related to your posted image above), here? Thanks
  13. You can add a point for each voxel you have by typping in a volumewrangle this: if (f@density>0) addpoint(0, @P);
  14. Thanks that seems to work.
  15. Hi, I have a grid of packed prims where I create hard constraints between them. This works well. But now I want to create hard constrains on the outer pieces to be fixed in space using hard constraints. I did this too, where one point of these hard constraints refer to the piece, while other's name attribute is set to "". In DOPs, I see that the constraint links for these pieces start at the correct place but the other end is at the origin. How can I fix this? Thanks a lot
  16. I was hoping mPlay can save snapshot sequences which you can compare between multiple snapshot sequences ?
  17. Particles avoiding objects

    Hi Matt, That's a very sweet and simple setup thanks for sharing, but just wondering what if one needs to avoid the actual scene geometry ? Can we convert them into to metaballs ?
  18. Carve Question

    thanks mestela but i still don't understand how can i edit u,v to effect line stretch in this file ,if 3 lines are branched, using polypath will fail carve_test02.hip
  19. Particles avoiding objects

    Hi Mike, Glad it worked for you,I'm sure there must be other ways to accomplish the same effect and being a beginner myself too,I am also learning the tricks and trade of Houdini every single day and diving in Vops context feels scary at times Cheers !!
  20. Hello, I have two emitters that are emitting packed objects every frame. I want to apply a unique pop wind for each emitter to give each emitter it's own velocity direction. I have it all setup, I just need a way to get the pop forces to know which rbd packed object to apply it to. It seems as if the group option in the pop wind does not pick up on the rbdpacked object, perhaps for obvious reasons. Is there a way i can get my forces in pops to talk to the rbdpackedobject? I have a multisolver setup . I will attach my file for anyone that wants to take a look. Thank you popforces_talking_to_rbdpacked.hip
  21. Particles avoiding objects

    Yep this works as well! Thank you mestela !
  22. Edge Crumble

    Here is my SOPs solution. The only thing left to figure out is how to fade vertex color. Anybody know how to do that? edge_crumble_question_003.hip
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  24. Edge Crumble

    I've made some progress on this, but still not a full solution. Please see attached file. edge_crumble_question_001.hip
  25. Transfer HDA animation

    How to store materials if I wish to have a material library (ies) and use it (them) in render scenes? First I was thinking about storing materials in HDA but I have some concerns. According to my method of structuring materials, there could be one library for all environments and props and each character will require its own library (because of a complexity and uniqueness of character assets its easier to manage unique materials on each character). If there are many characters in a project the HDA list in Houdini will become massive, and also materials would be mixed with other asset types (characters, props, etc). Imagine Digital Assets menu will contain the same amount of assets as "All"... Maybe there is a way to structure HDA other than by using suffixes in HDA names (folders)? Or it's ok to have a huge list cos nobody will ever browse this list in the usual way and all assets creation and update will be scripted?
  26. Issue with digital assets in 16.5.496

    I'm a total noob, but I think what you want to do is right-click on the specific node you want to assetize. That should make a different menu pop up, with "Create Digital Asset" near the bottom. Hope this helps. :-) Jim
  27. https://i.imgur.com/Q4sBjdg.gifv Of course just after I posted i thought of a solution very easy. I've been trying to implement some of the blender boxcutter stuff, houdini can do all of this it just needs to be built from scratch... I am sure theres a big performance hit not doing it through the C++ stuff but it is what it is.
  28. In this video I'm showing how you can create a 3d visualized magnetic field using Houdini.
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