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  2. Have you tried the Intersection Analysis SOP?
  3. Mass in General

    Hi people, I'm trying out Vellum in Houdini and I was wondering how mass works. I noticed that the mass is a point attribute. That said, if I want to know the total mass of the object, do I need calculate the sum of all the points ? Thank you.
  4. Mass in General

    Hi people, I'm trying out Vellum in Houdini and I was wondering how mass works. I noticed that the mass is a point attribute. That said, if I want to know the total mass of the object, do I need calculate the sum of all the points ? Thank you.
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  6. Here I have a triangle made from rayed points from a box to a grid. scattered some points and used connect adjacent pieces to connect them as shown. I would like to add points where the lines intersect so I can add UVs to each line between the points. I hope that makes sense. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Retime Fluid Mesh

    Hi Zinogino, What you are trying to do will never work. The fluid mesh is an arbitrary mesh and the point numbers will be in different and in different places every frame, as far as Houdini is concerned it might as well be completely different shapes so there is nothing to interpolate. That is why you have to transfer velocity from points as well. If you want to retime the simulation you will have to do it before you mesh the fluid. Hope that helps. Z
  8. [SOLVED] Is there a way to animate Vellum constraint properties?

    Yes! This is exactly what I needed! I saw you could dive into the SOP Vellum solver, but wasn't certain what you were supposed to do in there. It seems to me at the moment that the SOP level Vellum nodes are kind of like an all or nothing deal, but I could be wrong. In the future I think I'll go the DOP route, but right now I just want this shot done, haha. I found a work around to prevent it from sticking immediately using a delete and switch SOP. If the collision geo input is empty until you need it, the attach to geo constraint won't trigger. Hooking up the switch to the geo attach activation parameter to make things a little less cumbersome. vu_vellumsticky_SOP-haveahapydayEdit.hipnc

    Hey ! So I made a particle simulation in houdini, from a base mesh then I convert the particles to VDB and then back to polygon with the the convertVDB node. I exported a frame in OBJ en opened in Maya, next to my original base mesh. I apply the same arnold volume texture to both, and I got 2 totally different looks. How is this possible ? They are both polygons ? (The one in T-pose is the original base mesh).
  10. Houdini Pyro Collision

    you need to add substeps. Your source is very close to the collision object and the vel field pushes the smoke to a point beyond your collider within one timestep.
  11. Hello! I'm trying to control frequency of Cellular noise with distance from the middle of the UV map. There is some weird distortion on the noise, and I'm quite sure now my whole approach to this is wrong. Any ideas how this could be achieved? Thanks in advance cell_noise_freq_by_rad.hiplc
  12. Is there a easy way to set a "speed limit", like we can do on packed, in DOP's? The velocity data is not available at pre- or post solve, and it's not possible to use a wrangle after the RBD solver (or is it?), so what would be a good solution here?
  13. Houdini Pyro Collision

    Is the file not working ?
  14. Houdini Pyro Collision

  15. Houdini Pyro Collision

    Alright cool so I just had a thought, what if me not unpacking and converting to polys from the alembic first, then fracturing and packing it up was the issue in the first place ? I am going to do a test with it now to see if that Fixes my issue, in the mean time I have another file below with the newly Unpacked --> Converted --> Cached Geo of the house. As for the Correct collision and Extrapolate into Geo, I actually had those turned on and was getting the issue as well which is why I turned them off to see if I got a different result. Also I tested with them on and it still is not working so I will try my solution above and see if it fixes it Also with my Fractures (If you want to use my Geo) The fractures are split into a two vertical columns (Using the network Box), Use the top ones as it is just basic Voronoi fractures for testing. House_Destruction_1058.hiplc House_Destruction_1058.hiplc
  16. Houdini Pyro Collision

    just did a simple test in your scene where my basic boxes acting as ceilings were 0.1 (=10cm) thick/thin. Smoke passed through. Had a look at the pyrosolver, 'correct collisions' was turned off. Any reason why you did that? Turing it back on fixed it. If that does not help with your house geo, you might want to turn on Relationships -> Collisions -> Extrapolate into collisions and see if that does the trick.
  17. higher frequency waves [solved]

    for those who are wondering: I found out I need to adjust the speed. Lower winds create higher frequency waves. It seems to look much better than adjusting the grid size, you do not see all that tiling in the texture.
  18. Houdini Pyro Collision

    because it comes in as packed alembic (which is represented as points) and just stores a path to the geo on them. the new cache is also just packed alembic. what we need is alembic1 - transform1 - unpack - convert - filecache (locked)
  19. Houdini Pyro Collision

    Ahh that' s good to know, I didn't know that about Alembic files, do you know why that is ? Below is the version with the house Cached and Locked. House_Destruction_1049.hiplc
  20. One thing which is very uncomfortable for me in Houdini is to add lights or geometry to a scene with a long take list. Usually I want these items only be visible/active in a few takes. Right now I click on each take and include/not include these items manually. This takes a lot of time and is prone to errors. I wonder whether there is a workflow to it which is not known to me. If I just add a light for instance, it will light all takes set up so far. Very annoying. Actually I'd like to be able to activate all takes and include/exclude the items once, then pick the one take where I need them and click the visibility properties I need there. How do you work with takes if it comes up to adding stuff? Cheers Tom
  21. Houdini Pyro Collision

    locking a default alembic node doesn't work would be nice if you could filecache out a single frame of the complete house and lock or stash that Edit: or just unpack + convert after the alembic and lock that - might be easier with the way u set up the sim. or upload that thing to somewhere
  22. Houdini Pyro Collision

    So here is the Scene file if you would like to see what I am doing. Let me know if you need anything else. House_Destruction_1045.hiplc
  23. Houdini Pyro Collision

    i am trying
  24. Houdini Pyro Collision

    Wow those where some Quick Reply's. So @sunchao360 I can share the file with you Shortly, My internet is really slow. @3dome that was at a max Axis of 150, I am trying a quick one at 600 but a 300 test gave me the same results. The results for the 600 Res where the same, Here is a screen shot from above and below As you can see from the Bottom view below (Excuse the Pun) you can see that it is traveling along the ceiling though I cannot tell whey it is going through at the start of the explosion and the Explosion is within the collisions for sure.
  25. Houdini Pyro Collision

    just a guess from the pictures: your collision is pretty thin and the resolution of the pyro looks pretty coarse. increase pyro resolution and see if it still happens
  26. Houdini Pyro Collision

    Can you file to me?
  27. @3dome That is so True. I Try to figure out everything I possible can, when I have sat for a couple days and still make no progress, I then give in to ask a question on here but I put up all the Findings and methods I have tried. Perhaps someone knows a better way to do the it or my approach missed one Ingredient. I believe that Failure is not a reason to give up, but rather a lesson to learn from. I have this weird thing where No matter what I will find a way ! my A.D.D helps with this as even while I am trying to sleep I am thinking of solutions and sometimes have dreams of solutions that help in some way. Enough of my ranting. I thank you for those Kind words and have a Great day !
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