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  3. Evenly Distributed Hexagons On A Object

    Hi Melis, how about combining these two methods: Hexagon patterns: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/49509/?page=1#post-276316 Pattern projection: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/60740/?page=1#post-272057
  4. Ideally what I wanted to achieve is the normals to be pointing at some scattered points, what I have right now is the normals pointing at a point position of 0,0,0 normals_direction_v001.hip
  5. Hi all, I was watching this video about pcfind, my question is what if you have more points to sample instead of just 1 point, can we still use the pcfind method? I would love to learn more about the usage of pcfind.
  6. Evenly Distributed Hexagons On A Object

    Here is a cool trick that will work just for hexagons. Use a remesh node to turn your mesh into nice even triangles, then use the divide node with "compute dual" checked. Instant hexagons! Edit: Well, never mind. I guess that makes some pentagons too. Oh well...
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  8. enter this in a Blast / Delete SOP group field : 0 `npoints(opinputpath(".",0)-1` .cheers
  9. Intersection stitch with vex

    coincidence ?! lol . i too was dealing _exactly_ with this today ; building trees ( not with Polywire SOP ) and what makes my situation really desperate is the fact that i'am doing it in Hou14/15 (Hahaha!) . so , i am using the old Cookie SOP not the modern Boolean SOP . so .. i was starting to think the VEX might help me . i have one or two theoretical solutions in my head but a few hints would be really useful . so thank you in advance for any help ! .. and when i say 'hints' i mean a list of vex-function names which deal mostly with projections , intersections, etc.. just more focus . vex reference in docs is huge fortunately but their names arent `so direct` ( esp. if Math wasnt interested in me =) in high school ) .cheers
  10. air stream?

    noisy textures of color and alpha on a surface or stream of particles, very transparent in comp
  11. Collaboration with hdbp.io

    Well, there's a patreon page: patreon.com/hdbp
  12. Collaboration with hdbp.io

    I talked to Marc from odforce the other day. I am currently developing a plugin for the editor, so people can upload their files via hdbp.io. It will propably take me some time, but it's in the works. Thanks everyone.
  13. Collaboration with hdbp.io

    Fantastic initiative. Deserve more support IMO.
  14. Image Planes with Toon Shader?

    Like, why doesn't the shadow matte appear here? shadowMatte2.hip
  15. Specular Reflection

    Try PBRrefract instead of PBRreflect.
  16. Intersection stitch with vex

    not everything is faster nor easier with VEX, I'd stick with intersection stitch
  17. How to connect geo to multiple paths

    Hi Davor, An easy way to do this is to use the "copytopoints" node to copy the arrows to points on the curve. You can create these with the carve node. You have to create an "N" and "up" attribute to give the arrows the correct rotation. I've made the changes to your hip file. If you have further questions let me know All the best, Luca arrows2Fixed.hiplc
  18. Oh wow! That works perfectly! Thanks for all the explanations!
  19. Hello and greetings! I have a large amount of curves(branches part of a tree). I then use a polywire to create the thickness of the tree based on some attributes. I am currently using the intersection stitch sop and then a fuse sop to combine my curves into one by fusing the intersecting points. I then put down a resample sop and get a nice even looking geometry. However this process takes about 2 seconds, which isn't too much but I assume I can get this done faster by using vex, but alas I am not very good at vexing. My question is; how would I merge intersecting curves with vex?
  20. VEX: Point rotate around curve axis

    Hi Julien, you need to first transform the point to its local coordinate space before applying the rotation. This is done via (@P-hit_P), then you apply the matrix and finally restore the transform to the world position by adding hit_P again. vector @P; // Get the nearest hit attributes int hit_prim_id = -1; vector hit_prim_uv; xyzdist(1,@P,hit_prim_id,hit_prim_uv); vector hit_P = primuv(1,"P",hit_prim_id,hit_prim_uv); vector hit_N = normalize(primuv(1,"N",hit_prim_id,hit_prim_uv)); // Rotate around the nearest hit point matrix m = ident(); float angle = radians(ch('amount')); rotate(m, angle, hit_N); @P = (@P-hit_P) * m + hit_P; I've gone ahead and updated your file. I've also switched to the xyzdist() instead of nearpoint() function to always get a smoothly interpolated Position and Normal. If you have further questions let me know Cheers, Luca Vex_pointRotateAroundCurveAxisFixed.hiplc
  21. Hi everyone, With VEX, I try to rotate a point around the closest point of a curve. It seems to work for the rotation but the axis is off! I have no idea how to fix that. here is the file Vex_pointRotateAroundCurveAxis.hiplc
  22. I am trying to make arrows to play from source points to target points. I did make paths where the arrows should move Animation works when I have one path. How to connect it to more than one path? Thank you for any help or advice how to solve this arrow.fbx arrows2.hiplc
  23. Specular Reflection

    I'm having some difficulty as I can't get specular reflection on the object. I know PBR rendering unlike in the past which one would use a PBR Specular VOP it is now conjoined with PBR Reflect VOP but I don't see any specular reflection ? This is my material network, hopefully one can see where it is not working.
  24. Run Maya Standalone from Houdini

    in python subprocess.Popen will get you maya open something like this subprocess.Popen(["path_to_maya.exe", r"scenefile.mb"])
  25. POP_Stream Smooth Transition?

    hi, POP_Stream creates other stream by expression. but the rotation is changed in one frame.(at 48f) the attachment file,this is simple scene. the particles go to from Outer Tube goto Inner tube at 48f. ”goto” stream with VOP. How can I make a smooth transition? thanks. POP_Smooth_Transition_v001.001.hipnc
  26. Probably an odd question but due to how my works pipeline is a lot of assets tend to be broken with the default conversion done for Houdini(usually the camera) and requires a manual export of certain assets from Maya. I'd like to be able to press a button on my shelf in Houdini that will run Maya standalone and run a python script in said Maya.
  27. Efficient point rendering

    I'm rendering a big point cloud from a BGEO file. The only thing that changes is the camera animation. If I use the interactive renderer then the scene updates super quick and renders at about 10-20 secs a frame. If I render using a mantra ROP it takes about a 60-70 seconds. I'm assuming it reloads the geometry every frame (or something!?). Is there a way to get something like the interactive render speeds in Mantra? I've tried using delayed load and disk primitives and also various renderers in Mantra (e.g. micropoly, physical) without much success. There is no lighting or any other vex or vops or anything going on. Simple constant shader. Thanks Simon
  28. air stream?

    How do I make 16 seconds? air stream?
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