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  2. No dop object specified ?

    DOP network - can be a path. Object Mask - Should be just the name of the dopobject. Not a path.
  3. No dop object specified ?

    When using the DOP Import node, I specified the DOP Object as a relative path, as well as the Import Style is set to; Fetch Geometry from DOPNetwork but the DOP Import node is returning; no dop object specified ?
  4. Yesterday
  5. It seems to me you have a very poor understanding of Houdini/Python basics which is Ok for a beginner. Houdini Docs are pretty good these days, go ahead read it and create a few tools for practice. Then read this on how to tell Houdini where to find your scripts.
  6. Hey all, I am just getting started trying to make tools for Houdini and I had a few fairly basic questions. Can Should additional packages be used outside of whatever ones Houdini includes? I mean, I am sure they *can* be used, at least locally, but if I wanted to make a tool using additional packages and then release it down the road, how exactly does that work? Does it have the ability to download required packages from a requirements file? I noticed that there are separate folders for scripts and HDAs. At first I thought HDA's were just sets of scripts that were exported in a Houdini native format, but it seems that is probably not the case if they are separated out. Do HDA's include scripts, or are they just sets of nodes configured in predefined ways? If it includes Python, does it have to be written within Houdini's editor instead of being in external files? Thanks all, -MH
  7. Hi guys Found this really interesting algorithm from the genious Keenan a while ago , wanted to share with you for those who don't know it.. I have seen Petz manage to get one, didn't commented how, and I was wondering if some of you had a chance to implement it in houdini an maybe an external python script i could use ? https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~kmcrane/Projects/DiscreteDevelopable/paper.pdf Cheers, Vincent* ________________________________________________________________ Vincent Thomas (VFX and Art since 1998) Senior Env artist & Lighting & MattePainter & Creative Concepts http://fr.linkedin.com/in/vincentthomas ~ ~ Available in Febrary 2020 ~ ~
  8. Ocean Extended problem

    Here is the result with a mantra rendering. There are also holes in the oceans and as I said earlier, the ocean is masking in the simulation zone and does not continue indefinitely
  9. River

    ....i think its not the stones textures, more the composition. its in nearly center of the image. and there is no movement happening, like big water interaction. either move it out of the center or make it regarding movement more a „rock star“....lower it, so more water could interact and splashing with the stone. maybe, you could also let the shader look more wet.
  10. Ocean Extended problem

    Hi! It’s been a while since I’ve been trying to figure out the mechanics behind the Shelf Ocean… I followed the tutorials such as: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ve-IeWo9nqY&t=703s and this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZvHqo9kA00 However, I still can’t make it out that my waves continue into infinity… I find myself constantly with a flat ocean and no wave… The problem was absolutely into the ocean extended… but, it not working for me I swear this is was a setting than i don’t have learn… Thank so much Boat_Ocean_extended.rar
  11. Is there a bug in the Assemble SOP?

    Aha, good spot. That's a tidier solution than mine, I'll give it a go. Thanks!
  12. River

    It's not the fact that there is no moss, that disturb me, it's the marble-like, or layered effect, that don't look natural IMO.
  13. Python module in Parameter

    Put your module in $HOME/houdiniX.X/scripts/python/my_module.py
  14. PyQT Window keeps reopening on initial opening of hip file

    The point of parenting. You most likely want your UI shown on-demand (i.e clicking a shell button, menu or in python panel). Parenting to the main and not expecting it to show up doesn't make much sense. Which means you have your code executed either in 123/456.py or in hou.session or in HDA's event handlers. Decide when you want this ui to be shown and call dialog.show() from there.
  15. Learning Houdini on Twitch.tv

    Hello! I'm starting a twitch dot television channel and will be streaming Houdini training content. I've worked at several large VFX and advertising studios as well as taught Houdini classes at Academy of Art university. I'm hoping I can reach a larger audience through Twitch as well as the idea that people viewing the stream can participate by asking questions and providing feedback in real time. This is my channel: https://www.twitch.tv/johnkunz My first stream will be starting on Sunday (Jan 26th) @ 1pm PST. If you follow my channel (it's free ), you'll get an email notification whenever I start a stream. I'll be going over this project I recently finished https://www.behance.net/gallery/90705071/Geometric-Landscapes showing how I built things (VOPs, packed prims, Redshift render) and why I set things up the way I did. Some of the images I made are shown below. Please come by this Sunday with any questions or ideas you might have!
  16. River

    Thank you ! Thank's ! I thought it was more realistic to have a rock without moss as it receives more water splashes.. I may change it if I re-render it someday !
  17. Is there a bug in the Assemble SOP?

    it looks like a bug with Unpack SOP seems like it is always transferring groups from packed to unpacked therefore overriding the original ones so maybe you can also just delete the groups on your packed pieces before unpacking at the end, instead of breaking into RBD Configure to not transfer them
  18. Houdini Pop Grain issue

    Hi Terry, Do you have an example of what you are trying to make? Yeah the focus of that tutorial was about meshing. The nature of those constraints means that as soon as they can they will snap back to their @restlength distance. You can update the restlength as they stretch but you will have to store an extra initial rest length attribute to compare against. Also updating the restlength will affect strain which is tested for breaking constraints so if it rest length grows you constraints might not break. So you might have to setup a custom constraint breaking setup or trick the solver some other way. I hacky way to slow the snapping back to rest down is using acceleration limit and a speed limit and a bit of velocity blending. If you have access to vellum I think you have a better chance of controlling that motion if you move your setup over there as there are more controls you can use than with grains. Have a look at the hip file attached setting a high damping ratio help slowing the constraint down after they break. hope that helps. zj_vellum_grain_damping_ratio.hiplc
  19. River

    Super nice Just the texture of the central rock, a bit strange or not coherent with others stone, disturbs me a little.
  20. Vellum properties for different groups

    how about two or more 'Constrain property' nodes inside Solver, related to different groups?
  21. hey guys, I have a pyQT window that is parented to the main Houdini Window but every time I reopen the scene it's opens the PyQT window again. class Manager(QtWidgets.QDialog): def __init__(self, parent=None): super(Manager, self).__init__(parent) self.setWindowTitle('Manager') self.setFixedSize(700, 450) dialog = Manager() dialog.setParent(hou.ui.mainQtWindow(), QtCore.Qt.Window) dialog.show() According to the docs I need to unparent it in the close event which I have done but it still seems to open. What am I missing? def closeEvent(self, event): self.setParent(None) self.close()
  22. You don't need the op: prefix. That is only required if the parameter expects to a filename.
  23. I'm not sure if my workflow is incorrect but I have found something a little odd with transferring groups with the Assemble SOP. I was doing a sim and needed to use the rbdconfigure to set the active area. After that node however, some of my primitive groups I use to texture were either empty or had the wrong amount of primitives in them. I googled around and found that most solutions were to make sure the Assemble SOP was transferring the groups. However the only thing that got it to work was to make sure the Transfer Groups field was completely empty... I had to unlock the rbdconfigure HDA and clear the fields. Now I have all my groups and everything is working fine... As I said, not sure if I did something wrong further up the chain but maybe this is a bit of a PSA for anyone finding a similar issue.
  24. River

  25. River

    Hey guys, here's a river I made and rendered with Redshift ! Tell me your thoughts about it ! I didn't followed Knipping tutorial cuz I can't afford it but I tried my best. I got a problem with some flicker in the refraction pass, somehow whitewater particles were disappearing and reappearing randomly, and I solved it by increasing the refraction max trace depth. Cheers,
  26. - setup 'cloth' say...for one group (or better to say object)..call it stiff, adjust whatever, vellum pack - setup 'cloth' say...for next group (object ?)..call it stretchy, adjust whatever, vellum pack - merge the 2 above - vellum unpack - feed that into vellum solver
  27. Hi everyone, I hope this is a simple one. How do you set different constraint properties for different groups that are being fed into the same vellum solver? Basically I'd like to create some objects that are stretchier than others int he same sim. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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