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  2. RBD constraints from rules

    Hi, thank you, but how can this happen or other question how to debug and fix the centroid problem? I did not have something like this.
  3. RBD constraints from rules

    Connect a Null SOP to the Constraints outputs of your nodes and work your way through the network to visualize the constraints you are creating - it appears your center of mass is offset for fractured pieces being fed in, so your RBD Constraints From Rules nodes are connecting to a centroid out in space. You'll want to go back and ensure the centroids of your fractured geometry are being correctly defined, otherwise the motion when the pieces are being simulated are most likely going to have the wrong motion.
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  5. Sweep Control

    Here is a test scene where I set up two attempts. sweepTest_v001.hiplc
  6. RBD constraints from rules

    Hi, I simplified this project to the problem, but it is still over 300MB big. So I let the link here for download. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qw391L4bEVqrq3Zqvjd7KIireGIkL6Tq/view?usp=sharing
  7. Underwater Surface

    You will likely get help faster if you post a simple example scene for others to investigate/tweak for you
  8. RBD constraints from rules

    I would recommend posting a reduced/simplified example file that demonstrates the problem in order for people to better help you. It is understandable if you might be reluctant to share assets, etc. but try deleting the majority of your geometry down to a level you are comfortable with sharing or create alternate, simplified geometry that still exhibits the same problem for people to investigate.
  9. Obscurus of Fantastic Beasts

    Advect particle with a curl noise velocity field?
  10. Also, if you are just instancing spheres, try leveraging Redshifts render as particles instead. No geometry needed. I don't think Redshift uses a special attribute. I always used @instance and that seemed to work. If you do have a .rs file (which is recommended) then use @instancefile to target it on the disk, but don't specify both attributes. Here some code from one of my instancers. string subnet = chs("../subnet_source"); // Numbered variants inside subnet. int max = chi("../item_max"); // Variant count. float rnd_seed = ch("../rnd_seed"); // Select random item int item_num = int(fit01(rand(@ptnum+rnd_seed),1,max)); s@instance =sprintf("%s%02d",subnet,item_num); // Apply random rotations float randRot_Y = fit01(rand(@ptnum + rnd_seed+3),0,360); @orient = quaternion(maketransform(@N,@up)); vector4 rotate_Y = quaternion(radians(randRot_Y),{0,1,0}); @orient = qmultiply(@orient, rotate_Y); // Apply random size f@pscale = fit01(rand(@ptnum+rnd_seed+10),0.75,3.0)*ch("../size_mult");
  11. How to Copy Houdini's Mantra to Nuke

    just need to load rendered image. Should this python code apply to both Houdini and Nuke? I want to have the image load when I copy the mantra to Houdini and paste it into Nuke. Thank you.
  12. say i have a ocean ,i need do some deform in the ocean surface shader , transform the space from current to object ,then i did some deform work ,then transform it back to current space ,give the new surface position to shading normal , the render have this prob , i think my way is wrong , someone who familiar about it pls help me . appreciate it . i did a simple hip file show this question , you can download it ,in the shader ,put a aanoise plus with object position ,you can switch it between normal and wrong . you can regenerate you ocean spectrum . thanks ! deformOcean.hip
  13. UVs and connectivity

    I figured so, thanks. I guess Houdini also has primitive groups to solve the ambiguities that could arise out of it, but it's interesting that depending on how your uvs move or unfold, random uv points could end up sticking together because they happen to be on top of each other.
  14. I haven't worked with instances in a version newer than 18.0 Redshift and Houdini, however the last time I tried I was under the impression that Mantra and Redshift used different instancing attribute names. One used instancepath and one used instancefile, I think Mantra uses instancepath and Redshift uses instancefile. Could this be of any use? Because I would have thought that the final point count after instancing would matter a lot less if they are all instanced since it just reads the same file from disk. Also just to have asked, are you trying to instance a .rs file or a .bgeo file? Because I believe that Redshift prefers to instance .rs files over .bgeo files.
  15. I am a Houdini learner,How to eliminate the initial vorticity of the sea surface ?
  16. Sweep Control

    hard to comment on what you are missin without seeing what you did, but yeah essentially looks like a specific profile shape swept along curve and rendered with rough refractive material and absorption
  17. i am trying to add geometry into a DOP simulation in progress. but in the sop solver i cant seem to import the current simulated mesh, process it and create new geo and adding it back to the sim. i know i have the setup sorta working, because i can create arbitrary geo, and it seems to work. but when i try to access the current state of the DOP object and then create a geometry, it doesnt work... which kinda tells me i am not importing the simulated geo correctly. incase you need a file > sideFx.hipnc
  18. Houdini Artists | Animal Logic

    Animal Logic is looking for strong Houdini Artists to join our team! Check out the following postings for more info: Houdini Character FX Artist Senior FX Artist Crowd Artist Animal Logic is recognised as one of the world’s leading independent creative digital studios, producing award winning design, visual effects and animation for 30 years. With creative studios in Sydney and Vancouver and offices for the company’s development arm, Animal Logic Entertainment and Truant Pictures, in Sydney and Los Angeles, Animal Logic continues to forge new partnerships and collaborations with leading studios and filmmakers to develop and produce stories that resonate with a global audience. Animal Logic is currently in production on Super Pets, The Shrinking of the Treehorns and The Magician's Elephant. Recent releases include Peter Rabbit 2, The LEGO Movie 2 and Captain Marvel. If you want to create GREAT WORK with GREAT PEOPLE then come and join us at Animal Logic!
  19. Sweep Control

    Happy Friday, I'm trying to re-create this work in Houdini... I was trying to achieve with a sweep and custom curve but wasn't able to get the variation like on the example attached. It just looked like a repeated pattern. Can anyone provide a push in the right direction. I'm sure it's a simple step Thanks,
  20. UVs and connectivity

    this however you can get island id's using Connectivity SOP in uv connectivity mode
  21. Yesterday
  22. Hi all, First of all, please let me know if somebody else asked this question and got an answer, I looked for an answer here and didn't find any, someone has asked on SideFX forum but nobody answered. anyway, I have a scene with hundreds of thousands of points in it that I wanna render as instances. It works fine when I render with Mantra, the @instancepath attrib works just fine, and it does work with Redshift too but it's very slow and it just freezes when the number of points goes up, even 1000 points would take forever to render with RS. So I was wondering if I'm missing something. Thank you, E
  23. Hello! I've been trying to create an underwater scene with some fish swimming about, but I can't seem to get the surface correct. Right now I'm just using a small ocean, and have the camera underneath. I created a box and used uniform volume to fill the underneath. Using the ocean shader that's default on the small ocean but it doesn't look correct. The direct light (Sun) and Sky should show through the surface seen from below... but it's all black (except the volumetric rays show). Is there a better way to go about this to get that typical underwater surface look with the sun showing through as you look up from the deep blue? Thanks! Photo of the look I'm trying to achieve with Mantra only... I really want to avoid compositing at this point. I can do this in Maya, Vue & 3dsmax, but I can't figure this out in Houdini!
  24. UVs and connectivity

    Is there any "real" attribute in a mesh that defines how vertex UVs are connected together? Or is it only implicit, so if two vertex UVs have the same position, they are considered merged? For contrast, in Maya a UV set is considered its own pseudo mesh, with the same UV point connecting to multiple face vertices, its own distinct topology buffers etc.
  25. Does Houdini support geforce GTX 16 series GPU

    I'm not aware of any drawback for increasing the TDR delay, so you might as well give it a try. What do the logs say? Are you sure it is your graphics card? One simple test is to leave the Materials icon for the 3D viewport OFF (save as viewport default D-KEY). This will prevent additional features from being applied, features your card might not have. Maybe force a chkdsk on the drive where you have installed Houdini?
  26. Hi Tomas, Thanks a lot for you explanation. I get it now. Spare inputs does look easier. Thanks for the tip.
  27. Hello, nice to meet you, I starting my journey with Houdini, and I really excited! I explore basics with attribute wrangle and also with vex, but I want to do something and still confused because I still don't know how to do it. Please, can some expertise can look at my idea of what I want to do? I will appreciate that a lot! Firstly I want to do some custom connected points where is a node but I want to set the points that can joint only with 3 lines (picture name: "3 LINES"). Secondly, I want to connect then with the second scattered surface but with one condition: Only to join between surface (no to connect point on the surface, meaning no adding more points on surface (picture name: "3") And what it shouldn't look like (picture name: "2") Thanks! CCAP.hip
  28. Volume source random activation

    Is possible to have my particles from the volume source activated at different frames? i am using a noise that i remap to frames to control which parts of my geo get activated when
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