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  2. I don't have the project files. Otherwise I'd have figured out the method till now. I followed these three videos. The final one is in the one which they've done the majority of growth settings. https://drive.google.com/file/d/18N74Bm9JDYMHubSgYWgQVxFJOAs9mbPq/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/19E1piUUh4oPyqtiUVuksyQN6v10KW87h/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jz6jHadaIdweX7NH8E0u8xEj3VP-cejf/view?usp=sharing
  3. dealing with open geometry

    Just curious, can you post your issue screenshot here? I would want to see that mesh. If possible.
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  5. @Aizatulin - That was it! addpoint() is exactly what I needed. Thank you.

    Thanx Asia Students. Breaking and endless possibility .. Dot_PictureTOPNET.hipnc
  7. Python Genetic Grid in Houdini

    here you have Codes and Links
  8. Python Genetic Grid in Houdini

    Hello Guys, Is there someone who understand python in houdini? Because i don't I wanna trying remake this > Video I read one interview where Albert Omoss talking he rebuild this code from Processing to Python in Houdini, but i dont find any tips how to make it or how i can rebuilt GeneticGrid.mp4
  9. Noise based growth not happening

    Please provide original File from Entagma Volumes 101 . @archz2 NFT or NTF same s....t
  10. Thanks a lot. I studied the script that you sent me and could only figure out changes in only two places. 1. The bounding box sizes. 2. The graphs. What other changes have you made? I applied the above changes that you did but all I could get was a blank volume in the simulation. Moreover, how to grow the volume uniformly in all directions? Sell by NTF? I don't understand. What is NTF?
  11. dealing with open geometry

    Thanks all for the answers
  12. dealing with open geometry

    @ejr32123 or maybe you can build you Own systems and somehow go a Round, just idea . SdfF.hiplc
  13. Report it as a bug. Did you install the Python 3 version of Houdini? You may want to uncheck that option on the SideFX download page, and pull down the non-python 3 version to see if that's the problem.
  14. dealing with open geometry

    Try polyfill with a fill mode of Single Polygon. Also, I've use polyextrude to add thickness to walls of open game meshes. Extrude inward, not outward to preserve shape.
  15. Pyro bake volume node isnt working

    Hello, I am trying to do a simple explosion, but when I am adding the "pyro bake volume" node, and then I am clicking in the scatter or fire tab on "enable fire/scatter", normaly it should add the fire to the explosion. But today somehow its suddently not working... I have do it a few times when Houdini 18,5 came out and it has worked without any problems. But now somehow it isn't working anymore... :/ there are some screenshots attached and the hip file... I have looked everywhere but somehow I've made everything right... explosion_problem.hipnc
  16. Subsequently animating boxes to target position

    Found a solution with popSteerSeek. Here is the scene, maybe it can be usefull to someone. C. fragmets_to original_P.hip
  17. dealing with open geometry

    Did you create vdb topology ? Its purpose to create the vdb along only on surface so technical you have an object similar image above. Is that what you want ?
  18. direction of arrow follow surface normal

    @MusiHm IF we can just take that first Hit and some how make to Stick in First Frame Hm ..maybe You can investigate More on this solver .. CfirstHIT.hiplc
  19. The metaball not only interpolates the location of the centers of the points where you instantiate the metaball, but also the color of those points. The documentation doesn't seem seem to mention it, but any attributes on points are also interpolated on the surface of the metaball. Documentation seems to be a bit dated though Here are a few pictures to explain it better, and why it's not a bug, but a feature: The spheres are just spheres copied to points with a Cd attribute The metaballs are metaballs created from the same points. Notice how a single connected metaball captures several points of different color Then you can see the cross section of said ( converted to polygon ) metaballs which now explains why there are several colors for each polygon. Each circle is in fact a n-gon with colors set a its points. At some point, the display driver (OpenGl) has to triangulate it because it can only display triangles (citation needed...) Note than the triangulation is not exposed to you, in case you actually like the streak effect If you like the multicolored version but you want to have some control on it, you have to somehow do the triangulation yourself. For example, scatter some points in it, merge them with the n-gon, triangulate / Edges=* / Flood from CHB / then attribute Blur Cd is what I did. EDIT ( There is another layer of color.. Boolean also somehow use the color information from BOTH inputs in the output. I don't really understand how he's using the information on the surface (in the case solid INTER surface) to compute the color attribute on the output, but you can use this feature at your advantage by setting a color beforehand, otherwise it will set it to White for you inside the Boolean SOP. I think this tells the whole story. Not sure what the use case would be for setting a color on inputs in Boolean, as it will be a mess anyway
  20. direction of arrow follow surface normal

    That's right, but I want to have multiple collision geo.
  21. Output Geo AND point cloud for instancing in Unity

    Take a look at this thread https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/79426/?page=1#post-341151 be sure to download the latest houdini build https://www.sidefx.com/download/daily-builds/?daily=true&python3=true
  22. Noise based growth not happening

    PlayGrowth.hiplc @archz2 If you have problems with Paid Tutorials By Entagma which you want to sell BY NTF then try to contact directly Entagma Dudes ...Just TIP
  23. I'm not getting much growth except for this. I'm watching video 11 Adding Forces To Our Solver from Entagma's Volumes 101 course. I played with noise setting but not something significant I'd get. One more thing. Reducing the voxel size is not improving the quality of the mesh. What is that so? Play (1).hiplc
  24. Point normals with Vertex normals

    I managed to work around this. My fix was to use vertex normals for the generated geometry and covert the @N to @orient before merging the instancing point with the geo. The Vex for the wrangle looks like: matrix3 m = maketransform(@N,@up); @orient = quaternion(m); Which came from the article on here Convert_N_and_Up_to_Orient
  25. direction of arrow follow surface normal

    Thanks reply. Maybe, I described it complicated. I just want arrows to rotate with the box, not on the ground. Even if there are more arrows.
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