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  2. So what you are expierincing is not gimble lock. you have to move the pole vector foreward in order for ik to evaluate propperly. The pole vector indicates in which direction the knee is facing, if you dont move the knee(pole vector) it will flip.
  3. rbd object ignores velicity past first frame

    As far as I know, there is only one valid case where you actually need to use the Hero RBD object. That case is if you want to have the object float upon the flip surface. If you can work with packed objects, you might want to go with that. I agree with your observation, though. I can't find any way to alter the velocity beyond the initial velocity.
  4. Thanks. I was able to get what I need using MOPs, but your solution works too!
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  6. I've been trying to find a solution myself, however i am not having much luck string group []= detailintrinsic(0,"windowgoup"); i@curvelength = npoints(1); v@fronthouse = getbbox_max(2,"windowgroup"); if (i@curvelength < 1){ @P = v@fronthouse; } any help would be much appreciated
  7. Packed geo motion blur

    I got motion blur with instancing method, not sure how should it done with regular rbd destruction though
  8. Hey there, reworked a little bit of the setup. It works without a bounding box now. Hope this is what you are looking for. Kind Regards Pirmin ap_netflix_logo_2013_reworked.hiplc
  9. Hello, Why do rbd objects ignore velocity past the first frame? Please note I am NOT talking about packed rbd objects. Those work fine. I specifically mean rbd objects. Why can't I add point velocities past the first frame? Thanks
  10. Can anyone explain to me why I cant see the waves in my wavetank_fluid_extended? In the tutorial course that I'm doing it says that if I cache the bake spectra it should appear, but it doesn't. the .hip is just the wavetank, really simple and fast to load so u can check it out , PLEASEEEEEE The picture is for the full project, I delete everything and I leave just the wavetank. untitled.hip
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  12. Houdini 20 Wishlist

    Statistically improbable until you factor in a pandemic! Houdini 19 is coming out this Halloween season! TM data analysis says it should have been here this summer based on years of old... I have to say I awoke from a long slumber for this release. So I am looking forward to seeing what good offerings there are in this issue. My only wish is for SideFX to still keep on being independent and carving its own path. Trying to get folks to understand the heart of Houdini is no small feat. As always, this is a non-official wish list. So please submit BUGs, RFEs, and Questions directly to support. Also for anecdotal questions and rants branch them to another thread. People will more likely help you in a dedicated thread. -Cera
  13. Hi, you can extract one point per each class and generate random attributes on the points. After you've applied sort on the points you can map the result back onto the classes. random_class_sort.hipnc
  14. If I've got a list of objects which ill called boxes and each box has a connectivity attribute on it so box 1 has 6 prims each with a attribute 'class' and value '0', box 2 has value '1' and so forth like normal. My question is how can I shuffle these parameters in a random way, by which I mean mix the values in the list that so box 1 may now have a 'class' value of '1' on every one of its prims and box 2 now has value '0', I need this to be random. I've tried using the sort SOP but that didn't get me very far as it created random values for every primitive when I need to retain the connectivity different. I also tried shuffling the values by creating a primitive wrangle to create a random number, fit it between 0-#objects and assign that value back to the 'class' value but then i get repeating values where box 1 has a value of '0' but then box 4 also has a value of '0'. I am thinking next of trying to do an uniqueval function, randomize that then remap to geometry but I am not sure of how I can randomize/sort detail attribute values so if anyone has any idea I would greatly appreciate it.
  15. Hi Magicians, I'm trying to solve an issue, need to get Yeti grooming on Houdini, but seems Yeti only export guides as curves, not the full grooming. Tried with the curves as input for houdini grooming guides, but I can't get the exact result so far, so wondering if anybody knows a pipeline for this. Saw Vray for houdini got a node for importing yeti caches, but I'm on redshift. Thank you!
  16. I made a setup where I'm wedging a flip simulation and generating one flipbook per simulation. In the end I combine them using imagemagick. I'd like to know if it is possible to wait for each wedge to end generating the flipbook in order to start the next simulation and only when it is all done generate the mosaic with imagemagick? As it is now, TOPs calculate 4 simulations simultaneosly then creates 4 flipbooks also simultaneosly and only in the end it joins all the flipbooks together. My problem with this method is that sometimes I run out of memory...
  17. Hi, I have a fractured simulated object that is colliding with other object and I want to make some of the pieces to stick to the collider for rest of the simulation. I am not sure if I should do it with constraints or if there is any other way. I found this example video which is pretty much what I am looking for - Sticky RBD sim. I will be really grateful for any advice or example file. Thank you.
  18. How is it that easy thanks
  19. @makah21803 to color an input dot of a hda, colour the inputs inside that hda:
  20. I think what he means is not how to colour a node, but how to colour an input dot of a hda. Ive seen it done in some custom made assets, and I assume it is a like of python code in the right place, but I cant find what to put where :/
  21. Each file is only around 2mb. I am deleting all attributes except pscale and v before caching. the sim only has about 100k points, it's not even the final, I just wanted to save it to disk. The file format was bgeo.sc. I initially saved it to my HDD, I tried my SSD (which id rather not save caches to), but it did not save any noticeably faster anyway.
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  23. Build list of a certain type of parameter on a node.

    Just what i was looking for! How can you remove parameters??
  24. i am using python to create a file SOP assign a path and import a bgeo file. After that i am creating some more nodes in my graph and i need a primitive name attribute from that bgeo. From primitive 0 prim = filenode.prim(0) #get first primitive of node filenode name = prim.attribValue("name") #get primitive attribute name This throws an error ----> AttributeError: 'SopNode' object has no attribute 'prim' Is it possible to read the attribute?
  25. @flcc @Librarian Thank you v much guys!
  26. Houdini Hotkeys

    Houdini hotkeys? Well there are over 2,500 possible in the app. Here is just a little over 70 common, not so common, and even hidden hotkeys that can be helpful. Not a complete showing by far, but a start. Houdini Hotkeys video For clickable chapter links use watch on Vimeo: Houdini Hotkeys [clickable chapter links]
  27. Hey buddy! @vinyvince Thanks for the match function, will give that a go! Regarding the background color I ended making a if/else on a wrangle and "I think" I got it, gotta test it on the setup xD Of course! feel free to drop me a line with any questions, this particular project is for a client, but I'll do mine after this, like you, for a break of clients! All those hard surface experiments on your linked in look AMAZING! already told you, love your progress and all those stuff you are working on! keep going my friend Cheers!
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