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  2. RBD- attribute transfer vs if statement

    Hey Maze! I got it. Just update the attribcreate1 for integer type, you're using float. This will fix it!
  3. RBD- attribute transfer vs if statement

    I don't know why attribute transfer isn't working as expected. Because you are overwriting the geometry on each frame using active attrib. Anyway, I'm attaching a hipfile with similar approach, but instead attrib transfer animated, it will transfer from a bunch of points from a box animated. I hope it helps! bullet_active_overtime.hip
  4. Hi everyone. I was playing around with the new Retime Sop which works amazing on pyro sims, so I was trying to slow down a flip fluid cache but not luck. if I turn on the interpolation method, the point position blows out, which seems logical since there is no way to found the correct ID for each point, and if I turn the interpolation off, it does exactly as they say, no interpolation. correct me if I am wrong, but seems like we have to follow the common method of "no reseeding" anyway right?. I thought there would be some new magical recipe, retiming the velocity field and advecting position or something wow like that. thanks guys!
  5. I am asking because of this text in documentation (https://www.sidefx.com/docs/hdk/_h_d_k__intro__compiling.html#HDK_Intro_Compiling_CustomAllocators):
  6. Direct Modeling HDA

    @Alexey Vanzhula Hello, I recently bought DM a few days ago. And I have a few questions: My DM menu is very small (I work on a 4k monitor) is there a way to make it bigger? Any ETA on DM 2.0? or giving owners of DM 1.0 early access? 11 Months ago you posted this video that shows DM 1.0.1, but I cannot find the "Flow Loop" command in the DM menu nor the DM shelf, is DM 1.0.1 not the release you get from your Gumroad? I seem to be missing some commands in my DM Menu seen here: https://postimg.cc/mz5QtMmR, I see the commands in the DM shelf but how do I get them into the menu? This happens in H16.5 and H17 (Win10) Missing the following: Delete Nodes Clean History Bake History Flatten H Flatten V Bridge Std thanks, z
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  8. You can copy packed disk sequences and set the "frame" primitive intrinsic after the fact, or with Alembics you can set the "abcframe" primitive intrinsic, via the setprimintrinsic() VEX function. You could easily base the attribute value on a remapped @nage, or some other point attribute on the particles.
  9. Houdini + ZBrush

    Sorry. Please try again
  10. Houdini + ZBrush

    Sorry, we couldn’t find that page
  11. You need to promote parameters you want to animate in this context.
  12. Houdini + ZBrush

    ZBrush live link: https://vimeo.com/306682275
  13. i made a test,using that, using an turbulent noise. i use an expression with $F and also bazeir both cases didnt animated =(. i really apprecited an exemple
  14. Hi guys! I have a particle sim meshed as vdb that i would like to copy in every particle when it birth. I've seen people doing this with a copy stamp/timeshift method that feels really old and slow. Is there any newish method to copy and start the alembic/cached animation onto particles birth? Im attaching a file with just the sim and a copy to points, let's see if you have any tip to start the anim from frame 1 when the particle is emitted. Thanks! test01.hip
  15. hey everyone my brain is spinning a little on this one. I am trying to understand how to control the active attribute for my rbd pieces. when I use an if statement to activate the pieces like this: if(@Frame>10){ i@active=1; } else{ i@active=0; } It works perfectly ...BUT if I were to animate a simple attribute transfer of the same active attribute then it will stay static !! Someone please enlighten me on this I can't find anything in the help . I will show you my scene . Thank you ! attrib_transfer_vs_if_statement_active.hipnc
  16. Oh seems the pack edit cause the problem... thank you! You made my day
  17. Houdini 17.0.382 work good with your scene, Houdini 16.0.884 crashes. Use unpack node instead of packedit
  18. transform pieces question

    thank you 3dome this is a great solution !
  19. Hello folks! I'm trying to make a wood fracture with a bullet sim. I fracture the object with boolean then set-up a basic bullet solver. Everything goes perfectly until I add glue constraints. I use connect adjacent pieces as usual, then when I load it with glue constraint relationship and play the simulation, Houdini crashes. Without the constraints, Houdini doesn't crash... My Houdini is 16.0.736 (stable version as Houdini official), Here's the source file... Thanks! Marco Wood_Fracture.Bug.hipnc
  20. How do I get out as an image the texture I created with heightfield quickshade?
  21. Control PolyExtrude Local Attributes with Falloff SOP (H17)

    So simple! For some reason, I completely overlooked that SOP while hunting through the Attributes menu. Thank you very much.
  22. Control PolyExtrude Local Attributes with Falloff SOP (H17)

    promote the pt attrib to prim ? can't remember how i exactly did this but look here, footprint fx:
  23. Hi there, I'm quite new to Houdini, coming in from Cinema 4D, and I'm just about coming to terms with how Houdini operates. Please be gentle. I understand that the PolyExtrude local attributes are primitive attributes, and that the new Falloff SOP works on point attributes. My question is thus: how do I use the distance attribute information from the Falloff SOP to drive the local attributes on a PolyExtrude node? I want to be able to control both Distance Scale and Inset Scale with a falloff. Thank you.
  24. Direct Modeling HDA

    A cheap version of DM 1.0: https://gumroad.com/products/mJKKJ/edit This version has no possibility of updating to the DM 2.0
  25. Surface Position in Shading [solved]

    this never happened... I hate it when I finally write a post after searching for solutions only to find the solution right after making the post..... I see there is an option to change vector space in custom input, I had it set to the wrong type : )
  26. Hey! Could someone help me understand this? I have noise going into the vector displacement of a principled shader. Why do I have change the amplitude of the noise in z-axis to affect the y (up/down) position? If I do the same at sop level I can just adjust the amplitude in the y value. I tried messing around with the transform vop, but I didn't get anything working. Thanks displace.hiplc
  27. Hey! You can have two materials going into a layer mix then use noise in the alpha just like you said. If you need to give an example just let me know. hope this helps
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