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  3. Loading Alembic camera

    thank you i'm trying to do that
  4. https://kitbash3d.com/collections/kits/products/brooklyn
  5. Bell-Shape Flower's petal detail

    Hello everyone, I'm modeling a bell-shape flower I think I got the shape about 80% but i need some suggestions to get the detail wave on the petal Do you think my current method is somehow impossible to get to the goal? Thank you for your time Ask_Flower.hip
  6. Houdini Unreal Engine USD export animation sequence

    Hi krishna Thanks for the tip Do you mean you are able to export alembic along with with textures out of houdini because I thought Alembic is not capable of carrying textures Do you have a workflow you can share with me on how to export alembic with the textures in Unreal Thank you
  7. @Lampay links 1 sidefx tut 0 2 sidefx tut 1 3 everything that you need to model ...+ more ...bricks endless files muchoss and combine that is all that I could find . Have Fun..
  8. Hey, Yes like this. It's for transform a 2D matt painting in full 3D The référence is this plate :
  9. Houdini Unreal Engine USD export animation sequence

    CMIIW, Generally That is a one-time Job I export the first pass of the version and import in Unreal, the future versions I choose don't import materials while loading it automatically assigns for me.
  10. @Lampay like this or ?
  11. Wind Tunnel / Vector Field Masking

    Hi, I love the "wind tunnel direction" feature in the sparse solver, and I would like to find a way to mask it's effect. I know this is just a vector field node with "External Direction" set to a given value, but I don't know how to apply a mask to it (say I'm simulating a chimney with smoke rising out from the top. I wouldn't want the wind inside my chimney). I can do this inside the gas wind node or with any other force node. The problem is: none of them look nearly as good as the "External Direction" option in the vector field node! (with gas wind being the worst). I've tried using the "Sop Vector Field" node, and plugging in a sop field with the same value to what an "External Direction" value might be. It kinda works, but not quite. The result is not the same, and I noticed that the velocity field is getting incorrectly updated. (it flashes in and out of active areas when "activated") - also it's slower I hope there is a Gas DOP expert who can help me. Basically what I want, is a wind that looks as natural as the "Wind Tunnel / External Direction" but with the ability for applying masking (and other stuff if possible). Thank you so much, if you actually read this. Thank you even more, if you can help Best Regards, Asger Mortensen.
  12. additional node infos

    Hi Olly, do you mean the "Asset Bar"? I copypasted the image from this site: https://learncreategame.com/techart/houdini-digital-asset-versioning/

    Thanks, will try. =)
  14. Houdini Unreal Engine USD export animation sequence

    Hi Krishna Thank you so much I know about alembic, the problem is it will require materials and lighting to bee created all oveer agin inside Unreal I was looking for a way for unreal to accept an entire houdini file including lighting and animations right away But thanks for this information though
  15. please, where was the toggle to display additional node infos i.e. version of the node, path, etc...
  16. my heightfield erode node dont want to work. Is it possible to get a hint? A nice day and keep healthy... Railsystem_Chapter2_Clip2.hip
  17. Hello everyone I am looking for a tool, hda or even a building pack in the spirit of news york or the big American city of the 1950s. Do you have anything like that?

    Never encountered this myself but it might be negative values in your volume fields? You could try to clamping the fields that you use for shading to 0. In a volume wrangle that would look like f@myvolume = clamp(f@myvolume, 0, 10000); I'd try to clamp everything besides the "vel" volume
  19. Loading Alembic camera

    you can offset the camera using channels, I tried doing that Object merge long back, but it didn't help, As I remembered I offset camera animation using channels there is thread in sidefx which might help you https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/71882/
  20. Houdini Unreal Engine USD export animation sequence

    I doubt that USD is not totally supported in unreal yet, expecting in UE5, You can export an alembic sequence and import in unreal (sequence load in unreal is still beta),
  21. Dear Forumers, Yh the title and attachment explains all. What is this please? Thanks 5D
  22. Hi everyone . Is there any workflow on how to export from houdini a usd sequence to unreal engine Most tutorials out there all focus on exporting a single frame, so any tips on how to export an animation sequence of usd from houdini to unreal engine with all the materials/textures, lights, cameras etc.... I tried using a usd rop node with flatten alyers/flatten stage etc. nothing works in unreal. Most of the time it either imports a single frame at the start, or it imports a single frame in between but it never imports an entire USD sequence
  23. How to get a callback event on cook?

    That will be a lot coding just using Python.... So its no way to add a special "OnCook" event type to callback for it? I was able to achieved similar callback by using hou.Node.addParmCallback() to test parameter change with the expression "nprim()" or "npoint()" inside the HDA output node, it actually working great even the number of the primitives from input not change as long as the upstream is cooked.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Yeah, definitely use .rs instead of bgeo if you want to do the instancing at rendertime. (use the redshift proxy rop). I attached an old example of doing it this way, should still work. (FYI the redshift tab may not have all the latest updates though since I created this a while ago) Alternatively, I find it easier to do instancing with redshift using the packed prim workflow with the copy to points sop. Create i@variant on both sides of the copy, so no stamping is needed. Turn on "piece attribute" in copy node Turn on "pack and instance" in the copy node Up at /obj level, on the geometry object you're going to render, which contains the packed prims: Redshift Tab > instancing > tick on "instance SOP level packed prims" rs_proxy_instance.hiplc
  26. Hello everyone, Currently trying to get rbd Disconnected Faces to work over multiple packed geo that is pre-fractured. I noticed the same geo passed unpacked into the sop level Bullet solver node works and before impact the node removes inside cracks (glass) as expected and upon impact brings it back. Same geo setup as packed geometry, into a dop net, run sim (runs fine), unpack and applying rbd Disconnected Faces, just doesn't want to work. The inside cracks are there with the same threshold. I can see faceid and primdist in the spreadsheet. Just wondering if someone has seen this issue before. Screenshots attached for ref. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  27. Try promoting the Cd attribute from point or primitive to vertex and export again. Also kick out an alembic from Cinema4D and import it into Houdini. Try sending attributes the other way to see what is expected..?
  28. Control Range- Pyro solver

    @bunkerAh got it. That makes sense. Thank you Bunker !
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