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  2. Thank you for all of your advice! I will do as you say, and definitely upgrade my CPU later on this year. I'm quite happy that I found this forum, and I appreciate your help immensely.
  3. This proven useful, thank you for the trick. I don't know how to use the new Constraints method in H16+ so keyframes on that Position parameter sounded easier... oh well, look like I have something to learn again (wait a min, couldn't you simply animate the circle rotation instead ? haha ^^ ) (ah but that's for a turntable, as I'm using a circle as a path path for my camera, sorry - that guy won't even see my answer anyway, the thread is old but I guess this could be useful if someone is googling about that) Edit #3: So the new Constraint method is not that hard at all. My mistake was that I was adding a Look At constraint instead of Follow Path. So in short, for a turntable camera : Enable constraint, right-click the green constraint icon then add 'Follow path', the rest is pretty straightforward; the animation will be setup automatically
  4. SimpleTree Tools

    True, a video really helps. But the provided example file already demonstrates exactly how to use it, it just doesn't advertise it, unfortunately. Nice, looking forward to the update!!! :))
  5. @karen its white because you are viewing the wrong pass. IF you look at my photo you have to view the right image plane. Open it in mplay and select diffcolor. you might need to save it as something other then jpeg for multiple channels. Just try by hitting render to mplay and to test it.
  6. SimpleTree Tools

    Thanks dude! Yes it has turned out pretty good I think! I might do a new post on version 1.5.1 since its a pretty big update. I think maybe another reason is the lack of not having like a sample video or tutorial on how it works. So I might do one of those as well in the future Glad you like it! Cheers
  7. How to create Nurbs surface from curve

    ok gonna look at this, thanks for your help
  8. How to create Nurbs surface from curve

    Hi, you can use birail, here is a modification of my birail example. You can use half circles as cross section (quite similar to sweep, the only difference is, that you have two guide curves instead of one). It is not necessarily nurbs (it can be poly aswell). test nurbs_birail.hipnc
  9. Powder splash

    Yeah!it works just perfectly!!:-)))))
  10. Powder splash

    Hey Librarian, yes exactly! i think going to use pop fluid instead of flips for this one.With point replaicate to add density...let's see:-) C.
  11. Powder splash

    https://vimeo.com/182010807 https://vimeo.com/307793103 Combine
  12. Fine control VEX modelling of Voxels with VDB Wrangle

    Hi Curt, to shape a skyline you could write something like this into a volume wrangle: vector pos = set(v@P.x, 0.0, v@P.z); float dens = rand(floor(pos * 9.99)); f@density = v@P.y < dens; voxel_buildings.hipnc
  13. Powder splash

    Hello forum! I need to create a powder splash, so the powder behave like water creating a crown. I did try a straightorward approach just converting flip particles, the look is ok but the "id" of every point change in time so the random pscale make the scale of each point change each frame. I also created extra powder emitting from fastest point some more particles. Can anybody suggest me a workaround for random pscale and maybe a more elegant overall approach to this? Thanks alot! Carlo
  14. Polygon from vdb topology problem

    Sorry my bad..didn't thank you!! Ill do it now!! Thanks alot for the tip!!
  15. When I press save to disk on the bake textures in your file, I get a blank jpeg, all white.
  16. Mother Nature's Power

    This is a universal fracture-solution that I built to give me interesting results in a more light-weight way than the material fracture. It essentially gives really natural chipping and piece detail. I developed it for the coal plant falling. Unfortunately, it sometimes lead to pieces having zero volume, causing major issues in Bullet sims, but a simple analysis and fix solves that too. @Noobini, this was the culprit. And this is the origins and the core, a looped voronoi with variable densities and iteration count. It yields really good results for structural geometry like buildings. And also a subfracture tool that I built which analyzes the pieces and fractures the ones above the average (+-percentage). Red is the selection, white are pieces eligible from size, but randomly deselected and dark grey is the pieces that are too small.
  17. @Trilec here it's maybe Iso math some examples( scroll to find)file https://forums.odforce.net/topic/44999-on-growth-and-form/?page=4
  18. Animate RBD in 2020 (Strict Follow Input-Position)

    Yes indeed. But at least analyzing the pre-built Guided Simulation gave me a clue on how to do it properly for myself. I think I'll go the route of soft constraints on the guiding geometry that's now animated. Like invisible tentacles that pull the structure down. Seems the most controllable/natural after first tests. And just to document another interesting thing with the pre-built guide feature on the Bullet SOP-Solver here: The guiding only works input geometry with primitives. I wrongly assumed it could handle it sort of like a point deform, but it just pulls the pieces apart towards the points in a weird way.
  19. Thanks Tesan, Seems the Volume Wrangle geometry node might be worth exploring, ideally I'm trying to avoid advanced mathematics but certainly there might be some tricks here that are interesting. I will need to find some some simple examples using this node to get a better understanding. I assume this means there's no direct manipulation of voxels as in VDB only volume voxels.. or are these the same? thanks again.
  20. Bullet Pieces stuck in air as inactive (SOP-Solver)

    Yes!! This is the point, thank you! I must have searched really poorly to not have found anything on this before - at least it's documented in one more way now. The pre-fractured geo was indeed sliced up by "funny buggers" a custom fracturing process with multiple voronois over the same geometry (I love the fracturing result though), and it apparently caused certain pieces to have no volume at all. All this also translated through the simplification-setup which placed spheres with the same volume as the fractured piece at the centroid. *Facepalm* I wish I could buy you a beer! Thank you so much.
  21. maybe It Helps Nice examples with Files. http://wordpress.discretization.de/houdini/
  22. Hi Superior brains, as I approach modelling methodologies, I've turn my attention towards VDB's In the below example I've used a grid (but this would be an arbitrary shape Convex/concave "2Shape") with a noise pattern to create heights for a later extrude; I then convert to VDB to "cleanup the geo" My question: is it possible to directly manipulate the VDB via VEX to do something similar without having to go through the conversion process (poly to VDB) One reason behind this is the shape I wish to extrude can be fairly complex and dense thus making the conversion process slow, so perhaps adding voxels or extruding/expanding/manipulating voxels is possible in some way? ( VDB Wrangle?), feels like this is not possible but never hurts to ask... unless its physical...;)
  23. How to create Nurbs surface from curve

    here You have nice approach from @Aizatulin https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/55277/?page=1#post-248446
  24. How to create Nurbs surface from curve

    I'm trying to model this plane with three curves, like I did in Maya, is there a way to create the surface wiith Houdini ? I'be tryied Skin, loft with no success Thanks for your help test nurbs.hiplc
  25. lakes and ocean for terrain

    good day. i have a terrain on which i would like apply lakes and an ocean. i have a draw mask indicating where i would prefer my lakes and ocean. how can i use the mask to create a depression in the terrain - basically an extrude in the negative? after i create the depression - i would then add the erosion hydro node - would that make sense? or should i apply the mask before the erosion node itself?
  26. That's what I would call non-legitimate option form VFX. Don't bother. Good thinking. Download free version of Renderman for Houdini or/AND free version of 3Delight (free for commercial use too btw), mix it with Mantra and you're more than OK. Being flexible about rendering is essential for VFX. Unlike animation, VFX tends to play on many drums. and yet you've chosen great Houdin's forum!
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