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  2. Hi! does someone know a way to manipulate the 'make breakable setup' (voronoifractureconfigureobject) so it conintous keep fracturering till the pieces reach a certain size threshold?
  3. Thank you for the answer..:)
  4. Boat explosion

    Some more progress, a quick ld render to look at the global motion of things https://streamable.com/br2ki9 Cheers,
  5. Camera grids

    In C4D there is a grid function for the camera and I'm wondering if Houdini camera have also this function to display golden ratio, grids, etc?
  6. Hello communities, I hope you are well ? And let 3D run on computers !! My concern for the day is quite simple, I am making a layout for a future project. I assure you the movement will be much prettier and better composed thereafter. I impose a limit on doing all of the ship and camera animation in Houdini. Without doing it before in Maya. Currently I use a basic technique which I do not like at all. The simple method of I lock the camera I move in time, I move the camera with the mouse and I key ... Simple but the rendering is not terrible because there are front / rear visually unpleasant. I don't want to put the camera on a spline because it's too linear and soft The Layout test 1 : youtube.com/watch?v=hPxC-DUwXqQ I thought of a draw system with 3 levels one for the translate, one for the rotate, and pivot? Is it achievable? Do you have techniques for me to improve? Thank you very much in advance for your feedback. Nodalception
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  8. Python drag and drop

    I'm pretty sure it's not possible to do this for now, you have to create your ui into a python panel to be able to use the drag n drop feature. What you may do to solve this is to create a button where you can call the selected node and add it into your line parameter. You can get the current selected node path with : nodes = hou.selectedNodes() selected_node = nodes[0].path() Cheers,
  9. Python drag and drop

    Sorry for the lack of explanation. I want to drag the node to the UI I created. (Path will go in.. ex- /obj/phantom ) Thanks for the answer.
  10. houdini pytho pyqt4 button event

    Thank you for your support!!!!
  11. houdini pytho pyqt4 button event

    Please display your code using the insert code, would be much easier to read. The hou.ui.displayMessage function returns the id for the button clicked (i.e 0 for the 1st button, 1 for the second...) so I assume you can do something like this : mybuttons = ["cam1", "cam2", "cam3", "cancel"] returned_button = hou.ui.displayMessage("my message", buttons = mybuttons, close_choice = (len(my_buttons) -1)) if returned_button == (len(mybuttons) - 1): #don't forget to subtract one of your list length to get the right index, otherwise you'll get the wrong one do something do something else Cheers,
  12. Hi Im gonna find a way to tear struts object like cloth tearing but I dont know how to do it. I tried using edge fracture, vellum cloth, vellum weld points, vellum pin to target and set breaking available. But object don't have enough constraints so not keeping shape but collapsing to the floor. So I set the pin points on whole object except area which collide object's path. And then, object shape could maintain but that's too stiff so it's unnatural. How to keep the object's shape and teared naturally? Here is my hip file. Thanks in advance guys. tear_cloth_softbody.hip
  13. Python drag and drop

    I don't understand what you're trying to do. You want to create a shelf tool to drag and drop a node, but where ? And what's the purpose of doing that ? Have a look here it may help : https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/state_dragdrop.html
  14. When I create a button event in Houdini pyqt4, I want to create another event from that selected button. example . . . def btn1_clicked(self): camList = [] globj = hou.node('/obj/') for child in globj.children(): nameOrder = list(child.type().namespaceOrder()) if 'gl_Camera_' in nameOrder: camList.append(child.path()+'/fx_renderCam') elif 'cam' in nameOrder: camList.append(child.path()) camCount = len(camList) if camCount == 0: choiceCamPath = 'None' sh_render = hou.node('/out').createNode('gl_Mantra_','RENDER_shadow') sh_render.moveToGoodPosition() #sh_render.setColor(hou.color((1,2,3))) sh_mat = hou.node('/mat').createNode('shadowmatte') sh_mat.moveToGoodPosition() sh_render.parm('camera').set('None') hou.ui.displayMessage('no cam.') elif camCount > 1: camList.append('Cancel') choiceCam = hou.ui.displayMessage('choice cam.', buttons=camList , severity=hou.severityType.Message, close_choice=camCount) <- If 'cancel' is clicked, the node is not created at the out level and the message window is turned off. choiceCamPath = camList[choiceCam] # if buttons==camCount: # self.close() else: sh_render = hou.node('/out').createNode('gl_Mantra_','RENDER_shadow') sh_render.moveToGoodPosition() #sh_render.setColor(hou.color((1,2,3))) sh_mat = hou.node('/mat').createNode('shadowmatte') sh_mat.moveToGoodPosition() sh_render.parm('camera').set(choiceCamPath) This is part of the script to automatically create the shadow mat I am creating. Thank you for your help.
  15. Pyro Sim For Uni Project

    .abc files are alembic files, which I presume contain your bowling pins. Your source for your pyro is coming from an object merge (/obj/geo1/object_merge1) which is referencing a number of different alembic sops, which in turn are referencing alembic files on disk. These path are hard coded to path outside of the zip file you uploaded (for example C:/Users/Liam/Desktop/Juggling_Loop/Juggling_Loop/cache/alembic/Pins.abc). If we don't have these files we can't help you.
  16. Python drag and drop

    Thanks for your answer. But I don't think that's what I want. It is not the Python sop node. I want to use the drag and drop function That doesn't work. I want to do it like the one at the address below. But when I load that, it works only in the "python panel" If I copy and paste that into the shelf tool, it does not work. -> https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/examples/python_panels/dragdrop.html (The shelf tool I'm talking about is at the top of Houdini.)
  17. trying a subway tunnel

    @Librarian, Quite an interesting example, I can take a few good ideas from it. Thanks. @Atom, Thanks, Awesome advice, and the thread! Will post updates upon getting some progress @Noobini, I guess that I'm the FX-department as well, so If I want to blow something up I have to build it first:)
  18. Modeler 1.0

    you are wrong. update from DM1.0 and DM 1.5 to Modeler 1.0 costs $70. But now, during quarantine, it costs $30
  19. Abstract -Colors-Copy

    @Valent Thank You ..that its exact what I need
  20. How find "Cracked Edge" ?

    Hi, Group SOP, Group Type - edges, -> Include by Edges, Shared Edges. Then color group as you like.
  21. Pyro Sim For Uni Project

    yep, no alembic
  22. yes they do bounce against each other (ONE line of VEX) (and don't assume I'm a VEX guru...infact completely opposite)
  23. so anyone know if the old DOP has the new SOP guided sim equivalent ?
  24. HI My extended ocean have very high specular and I couldn't reduce it or ged rid of it. My lighting rig is Sky Light light, rendering in Mantra using the default ocean surface shader. I tried everything i know the specular is still there, even when when lights are off , I have turn off the "reflect lights" option, the specular is gone but I end up with a flatten not nice look.. Attaching frame example Thank you!
  25. Particles not emitting from Painted Attribute

    I said I got it working. Thanks for the help.
  26. c'mon, popnet in SOP...took me all of 5 secs to setup
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