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  3. Very close to getting it working, but in my test I'm getting a weird wedge of high density. Maybe somebody smarter can tell me what I missed? volume_fall_off_test_v1.hip
  4. Every week shaping Ernest Hackel

    Ah well, you are getting closer. We were starting to get impatient
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  6. Scatter without selfpenetration

    The UV layout node can do this for meshes, eg. from top. pack_2D.hip
  7. Tutorial HIP Library

    Another Mikael Pettersen setup that demonstrates how to project your packed RBD sim onto an alternate ground plane (with the same point count) without having to resimulate. ap_mp_fix_bad_rbd_collision_surface_052022.hiplc
  8. Scatter without selfpenetration

    Yes..Well I kinda found a solution. link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5K-0wqEJsU&ab_channel=Entagma Work like charm, but in order to prevent pigs from rolling and tipping , I had to make bases "warhammer style". Also I had to turn off RTX features, bc I dont have RTX card. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/news/19/vellum.html Shape match constraints require the latest driver for NVIDIA Ampere series cards. This is version 456.38 on Windows [www.nvidia.com] and version 450.80.02 on Linux [www.nvidia.com]. If you don’t update your driver, you can alternatively set the following environment variable to disable this feature: HOUDINI_OCL_FEATURE_DISABLE=CL_DEVICE_DEVICE_ENQUEUE_SUPPORT. For more information, see environment variables. [www.sidefx.com] The problem is, that it is now simulation based and I was askes to make a sequence of 10K frames in Alembic. Is there any way to make a script (aka. "action" in photoshop) reset simulation, wait 20 frames, write alebic, change seed, repeat... ?
  9. Fun! My dog would love it... tetherball_v01.hiplc
  10. Tutorial HIP Library

    I worked through a tutorial where Mikael Pettersen demonstrates the emission of vellum sticky balls. ap_mp_emit_vellum_sticky_balls_052022.hiplc
  11. Maybe check out the volumefeather node..?
  12. Thanks for the links. After some testing, they work, but the falloff created is not linear (for the shape I'm using). I would like the density to be highest on the outside of the box shape and fade towards the "center". What I'm currently getting is: dense, less dense, than dense again (see image). RED text from 0-1 is what I would like. See .hip file and image below. Thanks. density_box_fade.hiplc
  13. Thanks for the insight!!
  14. And from there you could path deform the flat resulting paint stroke along a helix path.
  15. TOPS crashes and corrupts HIP?

    Cheers, edited H version. Cheers but the other post is just about corrupted headers from recovered files, but for us its happening when baking some IFDS through TOPS, H crashes and the hip is dead.
  16. I would have removed the gpus atleast. The hdds doesnt have that mutch room to move around i guess and your case is solid enough to keep them in place. You could setup an rbd sim an check out how things fly around inside the case
  17. Every week shaping Ernest Hackel

    volumes with chops and spiral
  18. link linkk maybe it helps
  19. Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to decrease a volume's density based on some value (say a point's position in space). Say you have a sphere converted into a volume and a point at the center of that volume. How do you go about calculating the volume's distance from that point and modifying the density based on that? I would like the density to decrease the closer it is to the point. I've tried volumesample(), volume gradient VOP node, and a few others...but I'm missing something. Either VEX or VOP solution is fine. Density decreases closer to the center... Thanks!
  20. This tutorial from Entagma shows how to create a brush stroke.
  21. I think you could do this with Vellum and use the Vellum Shape Match Constraint for the 'rigid' body, and then use Vellum string for the string, with an Attach to Geometry constraint to join the string and ball.
  22. Making rings around a sphere

    Or you could use a polygon mesh sphere and then set connectivity to Rows, use Ends SOP to create curves (unroll with shared points). As usual in Houdini, there are around 100 ways to do any one task!
  23. TOPS crashes and corrupts HIP?

    Might be related: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/82674/ including your Houdini version would help.
  24. Last week
  25. Straight Angle Noise

    Thank you Tesan, this looks great! I'll check out that topic as well.
  26. I have a video editor friend who travels with his mac pro. He uses a soft case and the airline treats it as luggage. I think I'd leave all the parts in place and buy whatever insurance the flight might offer.
  27. Hey guys, I'm moving to US in a couple months, and I'm wondering what would be the best way to take my computer, first thing I thought is using some styrofoam / cloth to cover th case, and drop it in a suitcase, probably taking off the GPUs, processor and RAM to be safer. Idea is to travel every 3 or 6 months, so trying to figure out the best way to handle my machine, any thoughts? I also thought about getting a good laptop, but never worked with laptops before and I know they will never be as potent as a desktop machine. My pc specs (gonna change soon, but want to take it to US for the first months) AMD Threadripper 2990wx 128 GB Ram 2 GeForce GTX 2080Ti Hybrid Also got a 34 curved monitor, but probably better to leave this at my country and buy a new one there. Any tips / thoughts will be super helpful Thank you!
  28. Houdini Composite GridWarp?

    Hey Guys, is there a way to grid warp in houdini comp, like i can in nuke with the grid warp node ?
  29. Alphas and flipbooks

    I was running into a similar issue a while ago and found a way to pu my sim over my image plate without any sort of compositing. Can't share the file at the moment but here are the steps I used. UV Texture node on the objects you want to make "invisible". For "texture type" put "Perspective From Camera" and drop your camera into the camera field. Create a material with a roughness of 1, no reflectivity, and use your image plate as the base color texture. Now you've got a camera projection on top of any foreground objects that need to be treated as matte objects for your sim.
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