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  2. importing fbx/obj files correctly with textures

    wow that is quite a nice tip, the other tools from labs also look amazing. I tried the quick material node, and it was almost a one-click solution. I selected the screen-image (the typical app-screen) as base color texture, and it fit perfectly. However, the edges of the screen wrapped around the model, resulting in a incorrect looking back/sides. which makes sense. I expected (just a feeling) the ability to select groups for each texture, but there are none. but i am determined to make this work! Attached are screenshots of the folder with UV Maps, and the folder with the textures (i used the screen-texture which i described) Maybe that shines a little light on the situation. I know it's alot to ask, but i would really appreciate some kind of demonstration (which is of course impossible with just these screenshots), as i just cannot find any tutorial/source of information which really suits this particular model.
  3. HDCycles (Cycles for Houdini) ?

    @schwungsau Ah gotcha. I initially thought Cycles for Houdini was like a "standalone" plugin like Redshift and Arnold. I guess its implemention needs Solaris knowledge
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  5. Animation offset on an Lsystem

    Here you have those Files or just provide your File with frozen Input of Geo https://www.houdinikitchen.net/2019/12/23/l-systems-node/
  6. @Masoud Maybe this One gonna give you Some Tricks how to Export Those Values and Use those to Solve your issues ,I think, ( I'm More into Visual Question Sorry if I Misunderstood).. You just need to Dive inside and Change Hm something .Have Fun and Check this Tools and you have on Cg world Japan Files for Combining and Learning https://github.com/ShoheiOkazaki/Nagamochi VelEnVVV.hipnc
  7. Hi guys. In a smoke simulation, I want to use a thin deforming geometry (a sheet) as the collision object, but instead of creating a Volume, I want to use "Point Velocity For Collisions". Is it possible? Thanks for helping. Smoke_CollisionPoints.hip
  8. Random Y extrusion on individual faces (elements)

    @Rival Consoles just some Idea ,if you Combine maybe you can make Your Final Idea ..."Transform Pieces" TransSPy.hiplc
  9. Reading .env file from a centralized directory

    Thanks Andrii When you say in each Houdini folder you mean on each machine? I don't really know much about using a wrapper but I'll look into that as I'm trying to avoid maintaining all the machines' packages separately.
  10. Random Y extrusion on individual faces (elements)

    OK, I was able to make the animated extrusion on the Y axis happen for each face within the zscale area but now the minimum value also gets animated. I mean the whole grid including the faces outside the zscale attribute area. Any tips on how to keep the lower extrusion values out of the animation? Updated file is attached. Random_Y_Extrusion_1.hip
  11. Hi there, I'm going through a somewhat simple exercise in Houdini where I'm using a primitive, sphere in this case, to control the extrusion of a grid through the zscale attribute. However, after achieving the extrusion effect I would like to animate each extruded face randomly in the Y axis. Kinda slow up and down animation on each extruded face. I thought about using the for-each number loop sop but I'm having a hard time achieving the "animated random extrusion in Y effect on each face". How could I go about this in Houdini? I also tried using the primitive vop sop to add a noise to the zscale attribute but by doing that the extrusion becomes exponential and the faces get extruded to the infinite once the animation is running. My idea is to have the faces moving up and down within the area where the faces are extruded. I'm attaching an image of where I have landed so far and also the file. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Random_Y_Extrusion.hip
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  13. Constraint to deforming static objects!

    I was trying to attach a static active objects to a deforming object but I cannot get it to work it seems my constraint update their position wrong any help with that
  14. Procedural Lightning Tool | Gumroad

    To do that you will need to modify it a bit, if you allow editing of contents and then find the 3 noise attribute VOPs inside the for loop then add these two nodes and change the divide constant amount to change the speed it changes edit: you will also need to turn lift to zero
  15. Universal dynamic car rig

    3 years later and I am still looking at it, any updates?
  16. Procedural Lightning Tool | Gumroad

    Hi Vexosaur, I was them to remain completely stationary for a few frames at a time. Instead of changing position every frame, it should change every 3rd of 4th frame. Thanks! Regards, Shiv
  17. Procedural Lightning Tool | Gumroad

    Hi Shiv, Thanks for the purchase, glad you are enjoying it. The resample lifetime controls how often the bolt will find a new contact point or do you want them to remain completely stationary for a few frames at a time?
  18. Reading .env file from a centralized directory

    Packages dir reads before env file, so you need to put json files in each houdini folder or use a wrapper )
  19. particles along surface: surface moves??

    That should work, try something like this instead and be sure to ever creat a wrangle with vel pointing to x only and define this in the source input. One interesting this is when using the minpos() and grain, some particules here like you could see in my stupid test are sticked to the left, struggle to find their way. only when usin grain but they follow correctly the terrains, stop . Then using attribute interpolate, previous setup same scenario but you get that second picture now... ________________________________________________________________ Vincent Thomas (VFX and Art since 1998) Senior Env and Lighting artist & Houdini generalist & Creative Concepts http://fr.linkedin.com/in/vincentthomas
  20. Do you wanna build your fluid simulating program like Houdini and Realflow someday (also called fluid solver)? Now, you can learn how to do that as simple as eating cakes, here is your start point in this long road. This series is formed of two volumes, volume 1 is about the basics of math and physics you will need. In volume 2, we will dig into the deep details of fluid solvers and how they work with sample codes. Volume 1 anasvfx25.gumroad.com/l/fsolver1 Volume 2 anasvfx25.gumroad.com/l/fsolver2 Gumroad profile www.anasvfx25.gumroad.com/ Facebook page for more tutorials free www.facebook.com/drvfx25
  21. Here is the course link... www.anasvfx25.gumroad.com/l/flipmaster1 Gumroad profile www.anasvfx25.gumroad.com/ Facebook page for more tutorials free www.facebook.com/drvfx25 Mastering WaterFX IN Houdini (A to Z): Crash Effect
  22. Inside Out Geo (again)

    Not sure i understand? So you want to reverse the normal the right selection of face isn'it? If you are not able to extract that group before reaching this point or separate and compare the 2 surface area and keep the largest one you could maybe use the intersect function. If you normal are correctly oriented, then if a ray hit another prim then the prim has to be inclluded in the inside group? ________________________________________________________________ Vincent Thomas (VFX and Art since 1998) Senior Env and Lighting artist & Houdini generalist & Creative Concepts http://fr.linkedin.com/in/vincentthomas
  23. Reading .env file from a centralized directory

    Hi Martin I wondered if you stuck with this approach or found a better way of doing it? I'm trying to figure out how to get a small number of networked machines to share package files and have been struggling with the same issues... I'll try your method above - though I'm prototyping on a single non-networked machine. Presumably shouldn't be too difficult to roll out to the others if I can get it working. Thanks!
  24. random sineblip wave help

    There are many ways, but the easiest is to sample the resulting curve using a float parameter like this: primuv("../attribwrangle1/", 0, "P", 1, ch("pos"), 0) This would be the expression you use in your parameter. Then you can control where to sample using another float parameter (normalized) called pos for example. This could be the current time also if you want, or you can animate the curve while sampling the same location on the curve.
  25. Mantra Default Rendering to Background

    "Render to MPlay" is probably what you want.
  26. Guys, I've been stupid.. I can just use modulo for this. Jeez, shame shame
  27. python date

    In case it's of use to anyone I got round this by making a null with 2 string parms, one called 'now' with an expression as above and one called 'snapshot'. I put a callback on the TOPs cook button to set 'snapshot' using the value on 'now' and reference that in my font COP. So it just gets set the once at the start of cooking and so doesn't tick up...
  28. random sineblip wave help

    this is great, thanks! how would I configure this setup to output the x value of this curve to just a single float value to be plugged into a parameter?
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