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  2. There is no patterns section in Houdini 17.5, but you can add a principled shader and right click: allow editing of contents, and add a pattern within this
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  4. Houdini "proxy"

    Thank you davpe! I optimized my setup and using Pack Prim again, the response is a lot better, thank you! About using the flag for displaying and rendering, it works but it doesn't when I need to scatter that object around. Would you mind to let me know what other technical ways to do it?
  5. This is what I'm looking for--the actual "Patterns" section on the material palette (mine actually doesn't have a patterns section at all, much less the checkerboard):
  6. Yup--these are just a straight-off-the-shelf grid and sphere with a straight-out-of-the-tab-key uvunrwap on each:
  7. It sounds like you don't have good Uv mapping. Check your uv view to see if you have a shape other than just a line or nothing.
  8. I had found that, but it only gives me grey: (I did throw a quick UVUnwrap on the grid an sphere before applying it.) What am I doing wrong there? I don't remember where it was, but the recent H17 tutorial I found had the person actually grabbing the checkerboard from the palette, so I'm guessing they didn't just get rid of something so common to replace it with something that takes three more steps now, right? presetsAreSometimesPractical.hipnc
  9. So a few older tutorials I have been following have people dragging the Checkerboard from the Material palette onto an object. I thought maybe the checkerboard just was no more since the material system changed, but I recently saw a Houdini 17+ tutorial where someone did the same thing. My material palette has no Checkerboard pattern on it. Where can I find it? Is it something I have to opunhide?
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  11. Can't Get Field Force To Work

    You have to bind it to your data, to the left, and be sure to set "set always" and not "set initial", Cheers, Field_Force_fixed.hip
  12. I am rendering an image that takes about an hour and a half on a Imac 2017 and it has more grain than I would like (see attachment). How would I improve this without significantly increasing render time? My current Mantra render settings are: Mantra tile size 48 Reflection limit 4 Refraction limit 4 Diffuse limit 0 Color limit 3 Ray tracing Bias 0.001 Sampling pixel sample 5x5 Gamma 2.2 Min ray samples 2 max ray samples 8 noise level 0.001 Global quality 2 Diffuse quality 1 Render 16 bit integer Tiff with gamma 2.2, 2500x2000 px
  13. Can't Get Field Force To Work

    Hi everyone, I'm doing some testing for a shot, it's my first time using the Field Force DOP and I can't seem to get it to work. I think I followed the help documentation exactly, but something's going wrong. I have a basic RBD setup in SOPS (see the red area in the attached photo), as well as some geo to act as a field (see the green area). As you can see, this geo has an attribute VOP where the points are assigned velocity values. In the DOP network, I can actually see the force vectors drawn in the viewport, and they match the velocities I applied in SOPS, indicating that the values are indeed being properly read. However, when I kick off the simulation, nothing happens. I tried kicking up the Scale Force attribute way up, but this still didn't help. I've attached the file itself, if anyone feels like giving it a look. I'd appreciate any advice you may have! Thanks Field Force.hip
  14. Hi Noob rigging question. I have a low poly rigged fbx (attached), brought it in to houdini, added a sub div to increase the poly count and re exported with defaults. Problem is when brought into the game engine, the bones aren't connected to the mesh anymore. I'm adding the SubDiv just before the BoneDeform SOP to bring into T-pose. What step(s) am I missing? Neo.fbx
  15. use batch rop before pluging into merge. also you can use switch + null combination to exclude rops from rendering, something like this (z[] - switches, zz[] - batches):
  16. Thank you "dgani", but my question was in general, I mean if you import a 3d model from other software, then you will have no copy point to use "pscale". (As you can see in my uploaded picture, I blured image of copy point nodes...).
  17. Direct Modeling HDA

    > thank you Alexey. I was confused at first. Any chance of tutorials on this? I am still somewhat new to Houdini. Anyway it is my fault Currently working on a few new simple features for 2.0. Next step is adding new videos
  18. Direct Modeling HDA

    thank you Alexey. I was confused at first. Any chance of tutorials on this? I am still somewhat new to Houdini.
  19. How does align SOP work ?

    I keep on reading the doc and looking at the examples, but I don't understand this: "Aligns a group of primitives to each other or to an auxiliary input." The schematics is confusing to me, and so is documentation. What does it mean "align a primitive to [another] " ? Can someone provide an example of a non aligned group of primitives, and an aligned group of primitives ?
  20. Fully procedural, destruction ready building.

    Is it not allowed ? I did share it, because I feel like there's not too many 3d models that are actually prepared for destruction task.
  21. Fully procedural, destruction ready building.

    Technically an advertisement though.
  22. Thanks for your quick reply Andrea! I’ll try it later today and post the result. Update: thank you for the fixed scene. I just dived into it. As far as I noticed you added a DOP network and then somehow configured it to work with vellum. It'd be really helpful if you could explain why you did it that way, even in a few words )). Anyway, thank you very much man!
  23. Pro tips for flip meshing?

    What it does is simulating the forces of attraction that are between molecules of water. This is particularly visible in small scale/macro water simulations, where you can clearly see that the water tries to stay together. A great CG example is this https://vimeo.com/336861798 . It doesn't look bad to me. I would listen to the advices of the guys before and maybe try to reduce and randomize the pscale of the particles that are flying by their velocity maybe or by the droplet attribute. It coul help
  24. Color Twisting

    Thats works! Thanks!!
  25. Ocean Spectrum Heigh Map

    Sorry can't understand what you need to do. What do you mean by the deepest map? Filtering the ocean spectrum based on the frequencies?
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