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  3. Normal Force in Dop

    Thanks a lot DonRomano
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  5. biological modelling methods

    Alternatively you could create a shader that refers back to the curves using xyzdist().
  6. biological modelling methods

    Here is one way to add UVs to those lines. It does not convert to VDB, it uses a sweep to loft the mesh along the line. If you need VDB output, you can do that at the end and use an AttributeInterpolate to transfer the UVs to your final mesh. This setup drops in an attribute VOP to add a secondary displacement map along the length of each spline. This means mesh displacement is happening prior to render, but you can still add more normal maps or bump maps to the surface when you get to adding materials. ap_uv_curly_curves_081819.hiplc
  7. biological modelling methods

    Hello! I was wondering what would be the best strategy to get a clean UV unwrap with this setup? I tried quickly to get UVs along each trail and transfer the attributes to the mesh resulting from the VDB, but without real success.
  8. How do I make sure my hip file is self contained ? For example, how to embed a jpeg file that is referenced in a shader ? (using Houdini apprentice)
  9. Hey guys, This is probably such a beginner question, but I have been trying to figure out how to render particles with Octane in Houdini, and everything works with colors and stuff, except I get this message from the Houdini console on every frame when I press play, after applying my material and ticking off the "render as sphere particles"? Anybody else experienced this and maybe have a solution? All the best and have a great sunday out there
  10. Hey there, first poster speaking So i have a id map of a landscape (an example is in the attachments) and i wanna get terrain masks defined by each color (green for grass, blue for water and so on). so i somehow need to transfer the textures's Cds to the heightfield to sample them, but i cant figure out how... :S in the end i would like to just define a color and the wrangle spits out a mask. sounds really basic but i have no experience using volumes. did research way too long for this, for something which surley could be done in minutes :S would really appreciate any help!
  11. H17 Water Rendering Issues

    Hay there @kleer001 I think I found the issue. On the Problem frames, the Surface seems to be creating another surface inside. Check the image below where I am inside the surface, and I have circled the internal surface bubble. I am not sure what is causing this but if I then go inside that internal surface bubble, the Normals are pointing inward which is giving the volume a hard time. I have no idea how to fix this. I hope it makes sense what I wrote here.
  12. Normal Force in Dop

    Hey, your explosion range parameter in the vops was set too high so it was affecting both walls. I've added a ghetto drag so it's more accurate. Cheers, normalForce_fixed.hipnc
  13. Smoke density based on ramp

    I don't really understand what you want to achieve, but why don't you multiply the density by the color of your emission zone ? And then you can remultiply it with a constant after to control the amount of density, if you want more or less.
  14. Thank you very much. Problem is when I change camera position, the projection type reverts to it's default mode, I mean "Perspective" ! Is this a bug?
  15. Hi; What’s this button for, and what is its name? Is there any tutorial/example about how to use it? Thanks.
  16. Hi guys; 1) How can I filter display of keyframed channels on timeline? ( i.e. just show keyframes of Rotation, or Scale ). 2) Is there a way to color code main transform channels (PRS) in timeline, like other 3d software? Thanks.
  17. Hello; In a font SOP, is there any way to use "Persian" or "Arabic" fonts in Houdini? Thanks.
  18. smoke trail render

    Thanks,I will try.
  19. smoke trail render

    Could you recommend some tutorial about this?I can't find any of them.
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  21. Normal Force in Dop

    Hi i couldn't figure out how i use multiple geometry vop in dop. i have two objects which have different force direction from normals but i can't get both direction force. i need help please. normalForce.hipnc
  22. smoke trail

    Thanks Andrii
  23. Bahahah, I understand. Ive kinda given up on it and I'm still thinking about how I can solve it, just seems interesting that no one's asked it. Thank you for the huge help I'll give it a go
  24. Smoke density based on ramp

    Hi everybody, I am new to houdini and i am already scared. I know how to emit pyro from colors by using ramp than a delete node with a $CR < 0.1/.5/.8. on my emitter it work but i want to control the "density" of the emission based on the gray level of my ramp/paint node. Meaning white zone = 100% emission dark zone = 0% thanks you
  25. FOUND an OPTION to rotate the Fluid Tank. It works with *Fluid Solver *fluidconfigureobject *fluidobject Only.... Dont know how are you going to USE IT IN OCEAN. I dont even have time for that right now. But you can DO SOME RND bud. Add a "fluidobject" and add a Position Node and in the Initial Data tab "Position Data Path" plug in the path "../Position". Also Rename the position node to "Position". This way is NO LONGER USEFUL since the Flip Solver is introduced. Still dont know why I'm POSTING THIS. LOL
  26. Is my GPU no longer supported? Houdini 16 works fine on my system but no go on version 17. No crash reports generated in tmp AMD FirePro D300 OSX 10.11.1 Here is a pic of what happens each launch. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EZcH_Ea9CQ75KMTJP6wEDeYgwWc7kghX
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