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  2. Moving Liquid in Glass

    Thanks! Great tips.
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  4. Scale Dots from Pixel Value

    Hi, you can set the pscale attribute depending on your density attribute for example.
  5. Hi there, Very new to Houdini I've been working on re-creating this effect I am using a PNG image. So far I am able to Scatter points on the image and copy Spheres onto them using the Attribute From Map and the 'cd' attribute. But this is not what I'm after. How could I make the pixel value or 'uv' attribute affect the SCALE of the spheres? Many thanks in advance
  6. Random File to Point

    Packed Disk or Packed Disk Sequence primitives (or packed Alembic) are the way to go, the attributes are not lost, they are just packed inside, renderer will be able to use them for shading if you need them inside Houdini, just unpack your geo, however that can get heavy
  7. on top of simpler and faster workflow and lot's of built in features (that you'd have to assemble yourself in DOP net workflow) the big advantage is that you don't need FX license to use them, unless you want to customize the internal editable dop subnet those 2+ reasons seem more than enough for me to justify SOP level wrappers EDIT: but even if it was only for simplicity, that's already a big one, don't forget it all started with Solver SOP, how many people do you think use Dopnet with Empty Object, SOP Geometry DOP and SOP Solver DOP to achieve the same thing these days?
  8. Moving Liquid in Glass

    When rendering liquids in a container, the shape is crucial. If it's not too heavy you should make a boolean to make the corners of your liquid hard (For now ther are too soft), and make liquid overlaping the glass. But you can also do this with shader using nested dielectric. Check this page of the doc about nested dielectric : https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/render/nested.html This work in most of the renderers now. You could also place, behind the pyramide, a luminescent plane visible only by refraction.
  9. Procedural Roof

    Hi Tim, here is a tutorial on how to use the polyexpand2d--node for building roofs:
  10. Hello! I have this two models, one of them is an animated mixamo fbx of a character doing a spin-attack with a sword, and the other is a katana, the mixamo model doesn't have the sword, just the hand open like holding something. I isolated some points on the hand, got the centroid and created a point there, subtracted the position of two points in the palm and the transfered that vector as a normal to the central points where the sword will be, so its aligned to the hand, kind of. This worked for the first frame of the animation but get it comes to the spin the sowrd just keeps the same angle as in the first frame, the long of the sword is correctly oriented but the blade-side of the sword doesn't follow correctly the orientation of the hand. I'm still learning houdini and I for sure missing something and I don't know how to really look up for this anywhere else. Thanks. Here are some snaps: https://gyazo.com/f6dac5288ed223ac63a6ccea8b69fce5 https://gyazo.com/018df6bf2b990d3a9cd2cb8f2b0aff6b https://gyazo.com/0e6803c89574a2899cc7c4ecf005e8fa https://gyazo.com/1f886158016b065d9fca1400ffa4e380
  11. Procedural Roof

    not sure what you are referring to as potentially sophisticated decision making, as far as I can see he didn't make any decisions that differ from the standard procedural approach using straight skeleton (PolyExpand2D)
  12. Random File to Point

    Hey guys, new user here. I have a folder of objects built and exported from Houdini, and a bunch if random points scattered on a surface. I'd like to copy a different file to each point based on an index attr. I've gotten it to work using packed disk prims but not as full geo. The issue with packed disk prims is I loose all the existing attrs and groups in the files. Perhaps I'm going about this all wrong because it seems like there should be a simple solution. Any help you guys can give would be thrilling!
  13. Procedural Roof

    Has anyone attempted a procedural approach to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8heCLYY_8I Basically a standard hip roof generator, but with some potentially sophisticated decision making. T
  14. Hey Tomas Thanks you so much !! I can't believe it was that easy... I've been messing with this the whole week! Thank you for taking the time to look at the file.
  15. [RBD] Glue constraint on constantly spawning geometry over time

    This might be what you mean/need? Constant_Spawn_COnstraints_v002.hipnc
  16. Mass makes things interesting

    Perfect, great stuff !!! I'll take a lookm thanks very much for responding. Spot on !!!! Cheers Andy
  17. Have a bit of a challenging (for me at least) lighting and rendering challenge. My glass is in the shape of an inverted pyramid that is partially filled with liquid. The glass will be rotating back and forth to move the liquid inside. Would appreciate feedback! I know that my meshed liquid should slightly overlap the glass "walls'. Also I am assuming my fluid meshing is wrong in that the sides should be perfectly smooth, not rough as they appear in the attached. I am using a single HDR dome light. What are some other rendering and lighting tips when doing liquid in glass?
  18. Maya Camera to Houdini

    use alembicArchive node, point it to the exported camera .abc file and hit Build/Update hierarchy
  19. RBD rotation constraint

    Hi Eric, I think this page is a great introduction to the wild and wonderful world of constraint geometry: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/dop/constraintnetwork.html In the scene above the constraint primitive (a simple two point poly) is manually placed at the centroid of the packed box. One point of the primitive references the name of the packed piece, the second point references nothing. By referencing nothing that point becomes a world space anchor - the other named point is bound positionally to that anchor and becomes the de facto pivot of the packed object. That's all there is really. You can, of course, offset the constraint geometry which effectively offsets the pivot of the packed object. See scene below (the scene also contains an alternate way to handle rotation back to rest via dual constraints rather than manipulating angular velocity). rotate_back_to_rest_rbd_offsetpivot.hipnc
  20. Solaris camera

    you can still store materials with assets and then import them with sceneImport LOP. i think the general material workflow in LOPs is very convenient.
  21. Maya Camera to Houdini

    You have to import your alembic with.... -File - Import - Alembic Scene. Also make sure to check WorldSpace when exporting your camera in Maya
  22. I run a test with karma,It's working well in the viewport,if I press button which named "save to disk",it told me "<b style='color: red;'>Unable to create Denoise-Optix image filter plugin</b>",Could someone know this and give me some help?
  23. Vellum cloth scatter issues

    Thanks HowardM, That solution works if I am generating a single cloth object. However if multiple objects over time only the first instance gets scattered points. If you change Vellum Source to continuous you can see this occurs. Can this solution be used for multiple objects or is a workaround required? I don't know yet how to process multiple objects from a DOP sim - would this be a case where loops are required?
  24. Making tidal wave

    thanks a lot for your help cheers
  25. Maya Camera to Houdini

    Hi, I'm trying to export camera from the Maya to Houdini, I removed all the dependencies and kept outside without grouping, I'm trying to export in alembic formate, but still, the alembic node in Houdini is unable to load the camera in Houdini... Any ideas for doing this? Thanks
  26. Thank you despite is not extactly what I want, as trigger node does triggering, that is cool, but it's an ADSR enveloppe. it triggers itself in a way. I really need a keyframed clip or a ramp. i tried to make it to trigger a channel node but no succes for now. but thanks for the clue. This help. I still keep looking, and may be using animated instanced objects could be a solution.
  27. in vex use setprimintrinsic() and change the 'unexpandedfilename' attribute to a packed-disk primitive path on disk
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